My Time at Sandrock Update Patch Notes – June 2, 2022


My Time at Sandrock update is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official My Time at Sandrock patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes and adjustments.

Recently, a hotfix was released with some minor tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the launch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s My Time at Sandrock patch 1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


My Time at Sandrock Patch Notes

Adjusted & Optimized:

  • Adjusted the rules evaluation in Hazardous Ruins to make it easier for players to reach higher ratings
  • Adjusted some Hugo, Ri-an, and Dan-bi’s behaviors, so they have fewer sleep actions and sleep behavior can now be interrupted immediately
  • Adjusted the large storage boxes to have 40 spots (Note: This change doesn’t apply to previous boxes)
  • Adjusted the difficulty of sand-fishing in the Part-Time quest
  • Adjusted the default volume for all voice actings
  • Adjusted the entrance on the third floor of the Eufala Salvage Abandoned Ruins to make it easier to find
  • Added item icon display when abandoning and splitting items
  • Adjusted the rewards after completing the quest: Builder Cruise
  • Added a walking/running mode reminder button in the lower-left corner (This only shows after players switch to walking mode)
  • Adjusted the iron spear crafting material from 1 Diamond to 2 Opals
  • Adjusted the start time and round times for Running of the Yakmel festival
  • Adjusted the selling price of animals, increased the output of animals; reduced the feces to once every two days
  • Adjusted the daily starting location of some NPCs (temporarily preventing NPCs from staying all the time indoors)
  • Adjusted some animation settings to help cutscenes load faster.
  • Adjusted item descriptions to appear in the backpack UI by default.
  • Increased the rewards for Dance off
  • Increased the range of gathering interactions
  • Optimized the layouts of the minerals in main story dungeons
  • Optimized the time of mounting/off the mount, reduced the mount’s acceleration time and inertia
  • Reduced the prices of some Festive Shop items
  • Speeding up on playing the Critters card


  • Fixes an issue in which Justice is following the player and the truss cannot be installed in the quest Belly of the Beast
  • Fixed the problem that some savegames couldn’t unlock the Ranch Store after completing the quest: Learning to Ride
  • Fixed some black screen issues in the quest: Where’s Mi-an
  • Fixed an issue where Mission: Belly of the Beast was unable to enter the dungeon after several interacts with Justice
  • Fixed the quest: Belly of the Beast can’t be progressed correctly caused of opening the door earlier.
  • Fixed the quest: Bell of the Beast shows incorrect conversation bubbles from Justice
  • Fixed the quest: Appetite for Construction can’t be progressed caused by recycling the water tank before accepting the quest
  • Fixed an issue where quest: Keep on Rockin’ CG may trigger a black screen
  • Fixed the issue where highlight circles on the ground don’t disappear in the quest: Wanted!
  • Fixed the issue where the quest: Taste of Your Own Medicine may cause abnormal stats to players
  • Fixed the issue where highlight circles on the ground don’t disappear in the quest: Taste of Your Own Medicine
  • Fixed an issue where quests: Person of Interest might not be triggered in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the fence not displaying correctly in the quest: Builder Cruise
  • Fixed an issue where autosave could not be worked correctly in some languages (other types of saves work correctly)
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of the item was altered when it was retrieved from the assembly station
  • Fixed the incorrect conversation bubble for Owen
  • Fixed the ‘New’ remindings don’t disappear correctly in the Album
  • Fixed some issues with stamina consumption in dungeons, they can normally enter dungeons now if their stamina is 120 or above
  • Fixed the gathering issues in the level 5 of Abandoned Ruins near Eufaula Salvage
  • Fixed some overlap problems in tutorials in some languages
  • Fixed an issue where controllers could not view the character buffs
  • Fixed an issue where the water bucket could be left-clicked
  • Fixed an issue where Mountain Rose can’t be planted in Summer
  • Fixed a timer issue in loading the next level in Hazardous ruins
  • Fixed some Mi-an’s abonormal behaviors
  • Fixed the issue that Voice acting can’t play correctly in cutscenes
  • Fixed the problem that the map fan effect mechanism was repeatedly triggered when saving and reading files
  • Fixed some snowing art issues with the clothes
  • Fixed an issue where historical newspapers in emails would only display current newspapers
  • Fixed an issue where the Running of the Yakmel letter isn’t delivered yearly
  • Fixed an issue where players would trigger the workshop ranking plot without registering the workshop
  • Fixed some art performance issues in some interiors
  • Fixed the sound issue of clicking the button when upgrading machines
  • Fixed an issue where Whack-a-Mole music never stops
  • Fixed some art issues with the hairstyle
  • Fixed an issue where the money consumption of workshop customization and added a reminder for insufficient goals
  • Fixed an issue where the Condenser could not be placed in the storage box
  • Fixed an issue where some items could not be used in the shortcut bar
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbars could not be reset after switching item list at the worktable
  • Fixed the update issue to the reminder in the lower-left corner
  • Fixed an issue where worktables were not properly sold and abandoned
  • Fixed the issue that achievement: Pro Gamer can’t be completed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs did not draw cards when playing Critters
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of items displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed the problem that the NPCs over-react to the character’s Panda eyes
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs behaved abnormally after the Running of the Yakemel Festival
  • Fixed an issue where the cooking station would not count items from the storage box
  • Fixed a modeling issue when player and NPC are chatting by the Oasis
  • Fixed an issue where gols aren’t updated timely in the Clivl corps commission UI
  • Fix some issues with museum rewards that may affect new saves.
  • Fixed a bald issue where the character’s make up in the barbershop
  • Fixed an issue where the face shape would change when using haircut makeup in the barbershop