My Time at Sandrock May 28 Update Patch Notes

    My Time at Sandrock update is now available to download on PC. According to the official My Time at Sandrock patch notes, the latest hotfix made some adjustments, added fixes and more.

    Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the launch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s My Time at Sandrock¬†patch 1 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    My Time at Sandrock Patch Notes – May 29, 2022

    • Adjusted the buttons for deleting the roles and deleting the saves in the UI of Save/Load
    • Temporarily removed the “your save file is broken” message window due to it erroneously appearing after a story event involving the water tank, despite the save file functioning correctly.
    • Fixed the slow loading issue after defeating the Geegler President
    • Fixed incorrect behaviors of Elise and Meerkat after completing the quest ‘Big Game Hunter’
    • Fixed an issue where Ri-an won’t wake up
    • Fixed an issue where the player behaves abnormally after the quest ‘Lost Tourist’
    • Fixed an issue where the Condenser can’t be put in the storage box
    • Added a button in the ESC menu to teleport players out of the house if the door disappeared while editing the house. Players can then revisit Construction Junction to build a new entrance by interacting with the Construction Junction Catalog on the table inside.
    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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