MSFS SIM 2020 World Update 10 Patch Notes (v1.27.9.0)


[Microsoft Flight Simulator] MSFS SIM 2020 update 10 ( details are now available for PC, Windows 10, and Xbox. According to the official MSFS patch notes, the latest MSFS SIM 2020 patch 10 brings a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously. a major update 8 added many enhancements to the region, including new aerials and elevation maps.

Today’s MSFS patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 10 Patch Notes – July 8, 2022

  1. Various improvements have been worked on for DX12 around stability, performance and memory usage while we keep working on the feature. KNOWN ISSUE: graphic artifacts prevent you from enjoying the game in VR with DX12 enabled at the moment. We’re investigating this issue. (Forum Thread)
  2. You can now add secondary windows on the left and right sides of your main window, to enlarge your field of view, especially when you use several monitors. This option can be triggered via the Experimental option menu in game. (Forum Thread)
  3. Nvidia DLSS is now available as an anti-aliasing and upscaling option on PC. (Forum Thread)
  4. We implemented a new cloud layer system that will provide more vertical precision at low altitudes to better reflect the various cloud altitudes and thickness close to the ground.
  5. We fixed several systems related to the bush trip activities including save system improvements (cross platform/cloud save + autosave from last waypoint/poi), overall progression system improvements and making sure we refuel after each leg completion. (Forum Thread 1, 2, 3)
  6. The VFR map has been updated to include a number of new quality-of-life features thanks to Working Title, as well as add compatibility for the G1000 NXi external flight plan system.
  7. The G1000 NXi is now the default G1000 in the simulator! This brings a number of features to the G1000, taking it close to the real NXi unit, including: VNAV, procedure turns, holds, arc legs, visual approaches, accurate autopilot/modes, full RNAV, and much, much more. (Forum Thread)
  8. New key mapping options are now available for the taxi and navigation ribbon visual assistances and the display of multiplayer nameplates. (Forum Thread 1, 2)
  9. All in game moving boats now have a wake effect on PC. Note that not all boats are moving in the world. (Forum Thread)
  10. Low power mode is now available for PC users via the Experimental option menu in game. While in the menu, this option now displays a blurred image instead of the hangar in the background. Other options and behaviors are available to reduce the sim’s power consumption: you can enable VSync, framerate is limited to 20FPS when you minimize the window, and it’s divided by 2 when you launch a download. (Forum Thread)
  11. The encryption of cfg files for premium and deluxe planes as been removed so the behaviour of those aircraft can be modded. (Forum Thread)
  12. A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna Citation CJ4 landing at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Due to the low cloud cover, this challenge requires the use of ILS in order to successfully land.
  13. A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the Experimental option menu in game.
  14. We now have an in-game survey link on PC that will help us collect feedback.

Important G1000 NXi Beta Notes: If you would like to test the latest G1000 NXi included with SU10 (which we strongly recommend), you will need to uninstall the G1000 NXi from the Marketplace. During this testing period, with the Marketplace NXi uninstalled, the legacy AS1000 (and not the NXi) will appear in third party planes. We will release an update to the Marketplace package concurrent with the final release of SU10 that will again allow the G1000 NXi to appear in third party planes.

WASM support on Xbox is not available in this build.


  1. Several crashes have been fixed across the title (Ex. Thread)
  2. Ongoing performance optimization work including fixes for several memory leaks
  3. Fixed a performance drop when more than 4 World update photogrammetry packages are installed
  4. Faster loading sequence after the Press any button screen
  5. Fixed a bug where Javascript WebSockets were not closed and released properly when connection failed
  6. New essential package update flow introduced on Xbox: to reduce risks of crashes, update will now occur during the boot process
  7. Fixed potential performance issue over time caused by lights on some 3rd party planes
  8. Fixed intense write operation that occurs during initial flight on Steam as the cloud save system was making too many requests (Forum Thread)
  9. Fixed ATIS reporting wind speeds in Feet per Seconds instead of Knots (Forum Thread)
  10. Simvar ON ANY RUNWAY will now work even without following ATC procedures
  11. Flight Planner will now try to keep the procedures transitions when loading an external flight plan (Forum Thread)
  12. Added interpolation out of METAR data when getting away from the METAR data (distance, altitude or time) (Forum Thread)
  13. Added gusts to live weather: Added data pipeline between live weather (meteo blue & metar) and sim for gust data so that the sim features real world gusts in live weather (Forum Thread)
  14. Added additional dynamic pressure and air density debug data
  15. Increased density calculation extreme temperature limits by 10% to allow extreme temperatures at altitude to generate correct densitie values
  16. Per feedback, turbulences & drafts have been reduced by 90% at 0kts wind speed and 50% at 1kts wind speed (no change above 3kts wind speed). Turbulences and drafts have also been reduced by 50% at high altitudes
  17. Various fixes and improvements on the weather panel (Forum Thread)
  18. Fixed potential issues during replay (glitches)
  19. Fixed loading FLT files from the cloud storage (Forum Link)
  20. Fixed countdown remaining on screen when animations are disabled in low altitude activities (Maverick) (Forum Thread)
  21. Fixed some statistics not updating
    VFR Map
  22. Added a navaid ident search bar to pull up navaid and airport data
  23. Added ability to click on navaids and airports to pull up navaid and airport data
  24. Accessing navaid and airport data will now open a pane with the following details:
    a. Intersection: Ident and location
    b. NDB: Ident, location, name, and frequency
    c. VOR: Ident, location, name, frequency, and magnetic variation
    d. Airport: Ident, name, region, location, runways with surface type and length, available COM frequencies, available ILS frequencies, METAR



  1. Camera auto exposure now adapt to a reduced area in the center of the screen in VR. This avoids too dark cockpit instruments when looking at them, or over brighten exterior when looking through the window
  2. AI Antistall no longer cuts the engine
  3. Planes will now only save in the FLT LocalVars that have been modified since loading the plane. The Behaviors debug window can also now toggle between showing all LocalVars or only those that have been modified since loading the plane
  4. Added Simvars the following simvars to read cfg parameters : SIMVAR_MAX_EGT, SIMVAR_RECIP_MAX_CHT,SIMVAR_MAX_OIL_TEMPERATURESIMVAR_TURB_MAX_ITT
  5. Corrected an issue that would sometime cause the FBW to be enabled by mistake at the start of some missions
  6. Fixed contrails no longer visible on multiplayer planes
  7. Fix ANTI_ICE_GRADUAL_SET key event to set value on all controlled engines
  8. Animation Position can now be used in the sound.xml file to trigger sounds and for RTPCs
  9. Corrected an issue that could cause a crash when a Fuel System was designed with a pump not having a correct line
  10. Added the PropellerPct parameter to the SimVarForSpawningInTheAir FLT parameters
  11. Corrected an issue that could cause the Yoke to still be interactive when hidden in VR (Forum Thread)
  12. Adding the missing FLT Parameters to set the value of Nav 3 & 4
  13. Corrected an issue that cause fuel pressure to be incorrectly reduced by junction. Also added a versioning system to the fuel system which should ensure the behavior of planes does not change unless their Version number is changed in their cfg.
  14. Changde airliners Weather Radar beam angle to be 180°
  15. Fixed OBS leg not displayed when direct to an airport
  16. Added VR support for Vcockpit rendered on screen
  17. Fixed missing cockpit interaction foleys
  18. Fixed support for negative flaps drag including the CTSL
  19. Change cursor management with GUI and ModelBehavior to fix the cursor disappearance after hovering a devmode GUI
  20. Added a new section in cameras.cfg to configure the new camera ray collision system. This system is to be able to identify when the camera ray is intersecting with configured nodes (see SDK for more info)
  21. Autopilot should no longer flyback when activating approach (Forum Thread)
  22. Improve GNS 430 & 530 navaid selection
  23. Improved parameters of existing cockpit camera physics so that the vertical camera shake at touchdown is more important
  24. Reduced ground effect on all 3 airliners from 25% to 10%
  25. Added a new parameter itt_maxcorrection to allow adjusting the maximum rate of change of the turbine itt and achieve faster itt changes when the itt_tc is high
  26. Added a new parameter to control the collision between the CFD and the ground and adjust the CFD generated ground effect
  27. Cleanup of glide slope code. Harmonized upped and lower bounds of glide slope correction to integral accumulation to avoid overflow & overshooting and make tuning easier. Added glide slope error smoothing to avoid PID bounces on turbulences
  28. Debug AP now displays glideslope PID
  29. Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control the static friction at high speeds and set how sticky the wheels should behave when rolling at higher speeds. These parameters are not used yet on any aircraft
  30. Max thrust limiter now has a TC and needs 5s to go from 100% to 0% when throttle is reduced. Bug 3748756 Fixes jet engine sound at full throttle stops too abruptly when quickly reducing power
  31. Fixed increasing/decreasing the whole nav frequency carry the decimal part
  32. Corrected an issue that would make the VNAV button of some glass cockpits not update its state when another VNAV button was pressed
  33. Fixed a bug where the Weight and Balance would be set to about a quarter of the chosen value when using Hybrid/Metric system

G1000 NXi Changelog (from current Marketplace version):

Feature additions:
72. Added weather radar to aircraft with it enabled (Forum Thread)
73. Added radio altimeter to aircraft with it enabled
74. Added RA mins option to aircraft with radio altimeter
75. Added back-course support to autopilot
76. Added the current remaining active leg distance to the FPL page for the active leg
77. Added ability to edit all flight plan altitude restrictions and not just arrival/approach procedures
78. Added support for handling NAV/COM Volume knobs
79. Added support for slew mode; instrument will pause when in slew to prevent crazy flight path drawings or erroneous advancing of legs
80. Adds support for VNAV guidance to an airport when no approach is selected (allowing users to use VNAV with VFR flights)

Bug fixes:

  1. Improved calculation of intercept legs
  2. Improved rendering performance of airspace boundaries
  3. Adjusted max bank angle for some aircraft
  4. Added LNAV vector turn anticipation to eliminate oversteer, particularly when exiting a turn
  5. The Garmin traffic map range layer will now always display ranges in nautical miles
  6. Fixed flight director not turning off in C208
  7. Fixed bug where OBS would not work on a flight plan with only origin or destination
  8. Fixed missing TOD/BOD markers on map
  9. Fixed bug where TAS/TIS did not initialize to operating mode if starting flight in air
  10. Fixed bug where default Bravo bindings would not change the selected altitude on KAP140 equipped G1000 aircraft
  11. Fixed bug with path rearming due to changes in LNAV sequencing
  12. Fixed bug where GS/GP activation would not fully deactivate vnav
  13. Fixed bug where loading a visual approach would add a disco leg to the flight plan
  14. Fixed bug causing ‘VNAV UNAVAILABLE’ message to show after the FAF
  15. Fixed truncation of frequency transfer when using 8.33kHz spacing
  16. Fixed slow response of AP pitch control to pitch inc/dec button events
  17. Fixed incomplete CDI tooltips
  18. Fixed missing NEXRAD on HSI map
  19. Fixed bug where map range compass layer could be missing heading labels after a map resize
  20. Fixed broken on-screen keyboard interaction on Xbox
  21. Fixed issue where adding duplicate legs after an intercept leg could cause the flight path to move incorrectly
  22. Removed screen flash upon entering or exiting reversionary mode based on real unit reference
  23. Fixed issue where Engine page softkeys could be missing or become stuck when entering or exiting reversionary mode on the PFD
  24. Fixed bugs with BackCourse and Approach tooltips/hardware indications
  25. Fixed bug with the visual approach preview not showing the STRGHT and FINAL legs
  26. Fixed bug where the pitch ref would decrease while executing unrelated autopilot commands
  27. Fixed bug where VNAV would sometimes not re-arm on level legs

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

  1. HMD has been added

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

  1. Corrected an issue that caused the flight officer’s Baro Knob to not make any sound when rotated

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

  1. RTO does not disable after a full stop on runway anymore
  2. Altitude callout now take landing gear in account

Airbus A320neo

  1. Corrected an issue that caused Autobrake not to properly disable after the gears are raised
  2. TRK mode is no longer changing map North reference
  3. Change handling of JS waypoint in FlightPlanManager to avoid function call on null objects that were causing freezes on Constraints mode and VFR map
  4. CDU STAR selection now defaults to NO TRANS
  5. Fixed TCAS Icons not displaying correctly

Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000

  1. Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds
  2. Added new parameters to [FLIGHT_TUNING] section to control if and at what speeds the crosswind effect is cancelled out on ground. Removed all crosswind cancellation on the aircraft
  3. Trimmed rudder 1° more to the right to fix left rolling tendency of aircraft during cruise
  4. CDIs in the Classic version are now fully independant to display GPS or VLOC source
  5. Corrected the Default AP Pitch Mode
  6. Toe brakes now animate when brakes are applied
  7. Corrected an issue that would prevent the validation of a checklist step relating to the Standby Battery state
  8. Fixed issues with NAV, VLOC, and GPS indicators on CDI lighting in incorrect conditions: indicators and flags should now match corresponding GNS CDI state


  1. Correction landing light angle
  2. Airframe paintings and textures improved. Some paintings was missing
  3. Some Wear and Tear added in the cockpit
  4. Correction Light position airframe
  5. Better cockpit lighting

Beechcraft King Air 350i

  1. Fixed glideslope PID for better glideslope following
  2. Ground Power can now visually connect (Forum Thread)
  3. Added the Ground/Fine Throttle section to ensure the plane can be setup to not move without parking brake

Daher TBM 930

  1. Fixed glideslope PID for better glideslope following
  2. Panel light knob does knot change screens brightness anymore

Cessna Citation Longitude

  1. Corrected an issue that caused the taxi light not to work when starting in apron (Forum Thread)
  2. Changed display logic of reverse transition title on EICAS display to remove flickering of the title during transition

Cub Crafter X Cub

  1. Added AP disconnect button


  1. The touch back button of the Aera doesn’t hold the Gamepad cursor anymore

Beechcraft Bonanza G36

  1. A part of the landing gear was not animated and was clipping with the fuselage (Forum Link)

Robin DR400/100 Cadet

  1. Toe brakes now animate when brakes are applied
  2. Aviat Pitts Special S2S
  3. Fixed radio knob sound not emitted


  1. Adjusted new ground collision parameters to improve ground handling in cross wind and at high speeds
  2. Fixed fuel tank selector


  1. Removed trees before runway 25R at EDDF (Forum Thread)
  2. Several small airport improvements


  1. General Marketplace Debug
  2. Fixed an issue where the cursor would act as in panel movement mode in the pause menu
  3. Fixed some input not recognised when the cursor was active
  4. Fixed deported VFR Map widget on a lateral screen couldn’t zoom
  5. Create an “Experimental” tab for experimental features – available only on PC
  6. Change framerate option description to better explain what the option actually does when the screen refresh rate is different than 60Hz
  7. Added options to customize subtitles
  8. Various improvements to Screen Narration throughout the menus, installation, onboarding, cockpit instruments and notifications during flight. For further details, see Flight Simulator – Accessibility – Microsoft Flight Simulator
  9. Added a Remove Friend option in game (Forum Thread)


  1. Fixed issues with keyboard secondary binding. (Forum Thead 1, 2)
  2. Fixed action trigged when hatswitch is used on a combination with a button
  3. Added a new “Short Keyboard” preset, aimed to support 60% keyboards
  4. Added the LED and SIP support for the TurtleBeach Velocity One on Xbox


  1. Depth Reprojection Option added to get smoother experience
  2. Adding a world scale perception option slider in the VR graphics settings (Forum Thread)
  3. Frustum Culling support for canted displays

162.5 Fixed In-game panel size (Forum Thread) 


  1. Added support for 3DSMax 2023 in glTF exporter
  2. Added a sample for custom RTC animations
  3. Added support for Visual Studio 2022 in MSFS Platform Toolset
  4. Devmode
  5. NEW FEATURE: Smart Docking System is available! The game is embedded in an ImGui window while using devmode. Default layouts for each editor will soon be made available.
  6. NanoVG is now the default rendering method (instead of GDI) for XML gauges on PC (still can be changed in devmode Options->Use NanoVG for XML Gauges)
  7. Clarified asset group Type field by renaming it to Asset Group Type
  8. Fixed console group filter UI elements overlapping with other elements
  9. WasmDebugWindow now shows dll full path instead of CRC
  10. Debug draws (e.g. “Display FPS”) now renders on top of ImGui
  11. Improved teleport window and added camcode
  12. Added Debug road vehicles
  13. Added a warning when a polygon has an invalid shape and it failed to subdivise it in the BGL compiler
  14. Teleport window: fixed teleport to EHAM
  15. Improved developer camera (orbit around target)
  16. Fixed rare crash when parsing ModelBehavior XML
  17. New window transparency option in Devmode->Manage Windows menu
  18. Reworked windows opacity system to make it more consistent
  19. Fixed no inputs after exiting devmode while scenery editor is opened
  20. Making the launch alert popup display only when loading is over
  21. Fix Icao selector not closing when clicking Cancel
  22. Saving settings upon checking/unchecking the “Don’t show again” checkbox
  23. Marketplace Data scrollers and sliders are now limited to 15 media (images) each
  24. Marketplace Data backgrounds are now limited to 5 media (images) each
  25. Fixed ellipse rendering issue when using NanoVG or GDI+ over NanoVG
  26. Default aircraft project now includes a thumbnail with correct dimensions
  27. Removed ContentInfo and MarketplaceData from the available types when creating a new Asset Group
  28. Fixed the Project Editor “Save As” option
  29. Fixed super cells positioning when creating Weather Preset in SDK
  30. Fixed occasional crashes when deleting materials through the Material Editor
  31. Making the console dockable while using the devmode, and also make it respect devmode windows opacity setting
  32. Fixed invalid warning messages about alpha values for invisible collision materials
  33. Removed Camera Editor tool. Camera are now to be edited with the Aircraft Editor
  34. Display message groups names when hovered in the console
  35. Rework the way scenery packages are ordered, the content.xml will no longer store the list of all packages. It will now allow to set priorities to some packages. The user can edit these priorities via a new tool available in experimental menu
  36. Fix screenshot tools soft-locking the game when an HDR screen was connected & HDR was activated inside the OS
  37. Fixed crash upon closing an ImGui window from Windows taskbar
  38. Fixed reloading of libraries in Material Manager
  39. Improvement of the rendering of XML Gauges when using NanoVG:
    a. Image mask now works as they should
    b. Elliptical drawings (arcs and pies) fixed
    c. String formatting is supported (\t, {md}, {lsp}, etc)
    d. String overall rendering improved to better match GDI rendering

Visual Effects Editor

  1. Properties of the GraphParameter node have shorter names in the graph
  2. Fixed a crash when opening an effect in the editor after deleting another effect
  3. UX improvements to editor popups (Create, Clone, Rename and Delete effect): Enter and Escape keys can be used to cancel/validate the popups and text fields automatically grab focus
  4. Fixed SetScale node always displaying unknown input type
  5. Fixed GetParticleAttribute & GetGroundAttribute & Color nodes not displaying the right output type
  6. Plugging a graph to an effect wide property no longer causes static invalid values to be cached for particle specific computations (see Strange VFX problem in SU8 – MSFS DevSupport)
  7. Fixed double vertical scroll bar in the SimVar units drop-down menu
  8. Material Diffuse & Emissive colors are now available on the particle Output block. They replace AfterBurnerColor1 & 2 for the StaticMesh block
  9. Properties related to specific material codes are hidden when the material used does not match
  10. Fixed occasional glitches in ribbon-based FXs rendering
  11. Fixed a crash when plugging a graph using a GetInstanceAttribute node into a StaticMesh block input


  1. Added SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition to build a facilityDataDefinition and SimConnect_RequestFacilityData to request it
  2. SimConnnect_Close now cleans events, unbound inputs…
  3. SIMCONNECT_STATE_OFF now disables event
  4. SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_FLAGS can now be removed
  5. Added SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent_EX1 function which can trigger Key_Event with multiple arguments
  6. VR: headset view now recentered when writing 1 to CAMERA_REQUEST_ACTION simvar
  7. Fixed issue where NAV GSI NEEDLE would report lateral instead of vertical deviation when in GPS DRIVES NAV1
    JS API
  8. Fixed issue with VOR/NDB name not being returned from facility lookup
  9. Added SET_NEAREST_EXTENDED_AIRPORT_FILTERS call to enable ability to filter airports by surface type, runway length, approach type, and towered/untowered
  10. Terrain and weather map APIs updated to match new WASM map APIs, including extended color definitions and breakpoints
    Scenery editor
  11. Airports now correctly update after hiding them
  12. When unhiding an object, it now unhides its parents as well
  13. Made the Hide/Lock by type window sorted alphabetically
  14. Object list and filter by type list are now sorted alphabetically
  15. Added a cylinder to visualize control tower positions + allow pickup for towers without scenery
  16. Link runways and runway-taxipaths automatically
  17. Only one gate type and ramp type for taxi parkings
  18. Easily use default sceneries for jetways
  19. Fixed snap on ground for control tower without scenery
  20. Fixed carparks can be moved in the air
  21. Fixed custom display name for vectorplacement produce corrupted xml
  22. Added “adjust scaling along path” for vector placement
  23. Fixed mesh heading in light rows
  24. Fixed conflict between polygons and aprons for vegetation exclusion
  25. Added default taxi edge and taxi center light for light rows
  26. Fixed car parking update
  27. Taxi sign: Reduce emissive by 50%
  28. Added “exclude projected mesh” to exclusion rectangles
  29. Removed taxisigns exclusion from exclusion rectangles
  30. Rename deleteAllBlastFences to deleteAllVectorPlacement
  31. Fixed vegetation update after loading a package that contain a materialLib or biome files
  32. Fixed framerate drop due to offline air traffic
  33. Added spacing parameter for PAPI
  34. SimObjects can now be hidden
  35. Fixed airport not loading when an independent projected mesh is close
  36. Fixed Sim Objects not taking their given scale into account
  37. Fixed inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects
  38. Hiding/Locking jetways and taxiway parkings now applies the same operation on their children
  39. Scenery objects (scenery/simobjects/worldscripts/fx/etc) that are children of a projected mesh/control tower/jetway are now ignored by the filter by type and the hide/lock by type options to avoid confusion with other scenery objects
  40. Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy
  41. Remove irrelevant “Draw before” option from independent projected meshes
  42. Fixed runway length edition that doesn’t move runway starts
  43. Fixed runway warning “heading mismatch”
  44. Fixed undo/redo apron flip UV
  45. Improved undo/redo command
  46. Added ability to create a path between parking and a taxi point
  47. Fixed vector placement elevation
  48. Fixed POI landmark that are moved when going back to main menu
  49. FX object are deprecated, can’t place new
  50. Fixed editor wasn’t correctly showing element from other packages (aprons, painted lines, control towers…)
  51. Optimized scene tree for large airport
  52. Real time edition for exclusion rectangles
  53. Fixed bugs with polygon point altitudes
  54. Fixed polygon with material rendering when the material is not loaded yet
  55. Fixed object focus
  56. Fixed jetway links that disapear during edition
  57. Fixed TIN color correction not correctly applied during edition
  58. Fixed “add a jetway” button that create invalid jetway
  59. Fixed car parking update & optimze vehicle rendering
  60. Fixed buildings that never come back when editing jetways
  61. Fixed car parking add point and resume edition
    Aircraft editor
  62. Creation of a new Aircraft Editor with better handling of cfg files and a complete list of parameters (links to doc once available)
  63. Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under “Options/Debug Drawing/Aircraft/”

Project editor

  1. Fixed airport reloading after building a package
  2. Force reload of gameplay airports after building BGL package
  3. No longer copy source .loc files from SimObject folders to built package


  1. Added a new sample about how using Terrain/Weather API
  2. Implemented Terrain/Weather API
  3. [Beta] Added a Visual Studio Debugger Extension which improves Wasm Debugging (Especially inspecting callbacks)
  4. Implemented trigger_key_event_EX1 to trigger key events with mutilple arguments (See documentation for more information)
  5. Fixed reloading of standalone WASM modules after sign-out / sign-in

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