MSFS SIM 2020 Update 7 Patch Notes ( – January 6, 2022

    [Microsoft Flight Simulator] MSFS SIM 2020 update 7 ( is now available to download on PC, Windows 10, and Xbox. According to the official MSFS patch notes, the latest MSFS SIM 2020 patch 7 added various stability fixes, weather, and VR improvements.

    Previously. a major update 6 added many enhancements to the region, including new aerials and elevation maps. Apart from this, MSFS patch 6 also includes new photogrammetry cities, 4 hand-crafted airports, nearly 100 POIs and new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips.

    Today’s MSFS patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    What is new in Microsoft Flight Simulator update – January 6, 2022


    • Several crashes have been fixed across the title.


    • Improved management of high proximity METARs to avoid hard weather transitions.
    • Fixed abnormal temperatures above FL450.
    • Fixed custom weather preset save data.
    • Live Weather clouds on ground should now be displayed as fog.
    • Rain and fog now correctly receive shadows from clouds above.
    • Fixed “10SM” metar visibility.
    • Fixed live weather refering to AMSL instead of AGL.


    • MSFS update 7 fixed the issue that prevented interactions with the toolbar in VR.
    • Added some of the VR controller specific controls (e.g. switch between proxi and raycast modes) that were not available in the binding menu.
    • Fixed the rotate and drag buttons that did not respond well with WMR VR controllers.
    • VR controllers are now working when using Legacy cockpit interaction system.


    • TrackIR support has been fixed.
    • Fixed unable to pan / drag WorldMap using a custom mouse profile. Add a slot in Control Menu.


    • Fixed HUD shader support for for 3rd party planes.
    • MSFS 2020 update 7 fixed Reverse Throttle.
    • Fixed livery overriding mechanism for WASM modules.
    • Fixed glass cockpit remains off when starting from cold & dark for the Volocity.
    • Fixed white rendering of the Copilot HUD in the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.


    • Fixed an issue where roads could blink.
    • Fixed color banding introduced in Sim update 5.


    • Performance optimization for Reno multiplayer races.
    • Reno stands are no longer misplaced during RTC.
    • Fixed “Too high” notification when starting a time trial.


    • Assistances preferences should no longer be set to Easy without user’s input.
    • Localization update across all supported languages.


    • Fixed crash when loading a project.
    • Fixed aircraft no longer compiles because of glTF errors.
    • Fixed game crashing when trying to add a PaintedHatchedArea in the Scenery editor.
    • Changed “Parking not linked to the main graph” to warning.
    • Fixed disabled interactions with the sim when Aircraft Editor is open.
    • Ignore null-size flags file (avoids invalid materials).
    • Fixed newly created project XML file path in PackageBuilder.


    • New AIRAC cycle 2113 is now available.

    Download free Microsoft Flight Simulator update 7 on PC and Xbox One.

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