Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Update Patch Notes (April 24, 2020)

    Mount & Blade II Bannerlord update (April 24, 2020) is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord patch notes, the latest patch added various tweaks and bug fixes to the game. Apart from this, there is also stability and performance improvements.

    Recently, a minor update was released with minor gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord update is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Update Patch Notes (April 24, 2020)

    Latest Changes

    Multiplayer Crashes

    • Fixed several bugs that caused the player state to be incorrect. Those are some of the issues that prevented players from logging in.
    • Fixed a crash on clients that happened while joining a crowded server (Siege).
    • Secured a code on the dedicated servers to possibly prevent a crash when a weapon is dropped from an agent (Siege).
    • Fixed a rare server crash.

    Multiplayer Design & Balance

    Troop Balance


    • Clan Warrior Troop Count Increased 20 > 21.
    • Savage Troop Count Increased 17 > 18.
    • Wildling Troop Count Increased 16 > 17.
    • Mounted Warrior Armor Increased 8 > 16.
    • Mounted Warrior Troop Count Increased 9 > 16.
    • Oathsworn Armor Increased 40 > 43.


    • Courser Price Increased 130 > 140.
    • Palatine Guard Menavlion Perk equips correct Menavlion now.
    • Recruit Speed Increased 78 > 80.


    • Sergeant Armor Decreased 41 > 37.
    • Knight Price Increased 180 > 190.


    • Brigand Speed Increased 75 > 79.
    • Varyag Price Increased 140 > 150.
    • Berserker Armor Decreased 15 > 6.
    • Berserker Troop Count Decreased 18 > 17.
    • Raider Troop Count Increased 7 > 9.
    • Druzhinnik Price Increased 170 > 180.


    • Skirmisher Speed Increased 78 > 80.

    Weapon Balance

    • Menavlion Length Decreased 200 > 179.
    • Menavlion Damage Decreased 147 > 129.
    • Heavy Menavlion Damage Decreased 177 > 166.
    • Long Menavlion Damage Decreased 149 > 137.

    Previous Beta Hotfixes

    • AI is more likely to block when equipped with a shield. Common troops now generally have higher weapon skills.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when the player was a faction ruler and ended a contract with a mercenary or minor faction and refused to settle their debt.
    • Pregnancy chance has been lowered.
    • An AI bug that reduced performance is fixed.
    • Agents no longer block ally attacks in the shield wall formation.
    • Multiplayer client crash fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused extra guards to spawn when entering a lord’s hall more than once.
    • Better warning before crashing for systems with low memory available.
    • Lower chance of crashing the game while trying to load a save file with a mismatched version.
    • Fixed the crash that occurred after the player sends the Family Feud Issue Quest’s companion to another Issue’s alternative solution.
    • Caravans start selling prisoners they captured.
    • AI combat effectiveness has been increased.
    • Towns were going bankrupt in one week. This problem was fixed.

    Initial Beta Changelog



    • A crash that was caused by accessing the rider of a mount while the mount was changed was fixed.
    • Fixed a crash occurred when executing prisoner heroes.


    • VRAM usage was reduced by solving some memory leaks in the UI.
    • Fixed some of the spikes in missions.
    • Minor GPU memory usage reduction for the world map.

    Save & Load

    • Skill Level is preserved when loading old version savegames.


    • Added traditional Chinese.
    • Some grammar mistakes are corrected and some typos fixed.
    • Improvements, additions and corrections for Turkish and Simplified Chinese translations.


    • Fleeing points for AI were added to battle terrains.
    • Fixed misplaced textures and added better-looking elements to the shop stands.
    • Fixed some visual issues in one of the Aserai villages.
    • Fixed Vlandian Vanguard shield banner issue.
    • Fixed certain visual glitches that appear when rendering blood on flora.
    • Added three new items for crafting – one scabbard for swords and two blades for spears.
    • Fixed some problems on crafting items.


    • Fixed a bug where map notifications were sometimes lost without being shown to the player.

    Battles and Sieges

    • When looting enemies, it is now possible for the system to provide an item with a modifier if the default value of the item is too low or too high.
    • Missiles can now pass through between siege ladders’ steps.
    • Fixed that corpses and thrown boulders were not being erased after the entity below them was destroyed.

    Combat AI

    • A critical bug that caused AI in sieges to act unexpectedly and possibly cause crashes, if the player was aiding a side (being a separate ally team during the siege mission), was fixed.
    • A critical bug that caused AI pathfinding to almost always reset its path when moving from static to dynamic navmeshes and vice versa, which caused performance issues and agents not being able to climb siege towers correctly, was fixed.
    • Incorrect ordering of mission behaviours caused a team’s general to be unset at the “choosing formation to lead” stage of army sieges. This was fixed.
    • AI that should’ve attacked the inner gate after breaking the outer gate with the ram in a siege tried to run into the castle over ladders because they chose the reverse side of the gate to stand and wait for reinforcing those that attacked the gate due to a bug. This was fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that occurred especially when armies were far away from each other and caused agents to run towards the enemy when given the order to retreat.
    • Removed unnecessary pathfinding calls by the AI that caused performance issues especially in sieges without impact on the decisions they were trying to make.

    Character Development System

    • Changed Skill XP increase formula to 10 + skill level.
    • Fixed an issue in character creation where switching to female from male and back would reset all beard and other male-only properties.

    Clan and Party

    • Companions now come with cheap items with modifiers, so they are easier to recruit.

    Economy and Trade

    • Higher tier armours are now produced in towns and can sometimes be found in the marketplace.


    • Fixed a bug where crafted items could have different stats then shown during creation.
    • Fixed a bug where crafted items lost changes to stats when loaded from a savegame.

    Settlement Actions

    • Boosting construction now adds 50 construction rather than x2 construction speed.
    • Fixed an issue with asking companions to look for themselves or asking villagers to look for our companions near us.
    • Fixed a bug that made the settlement project’s completion time negative.

    Quests & Issues

    • Family Feud quest related fixes/improvements.


    • Fixed a bug that causes quest dialogues to disappear after Save&Load.
    • Fixed a bug that causes a quest NPC to not spawn in the target village.


    • Added/Changed some dialogue texts.
    • Added/Changed some log entries.
    • If the player dismisses the quest NPC from their party, the quest will fail.
    • The Spy Among Us (The Spy Party) quest related fixes/improvements.


    • Quest title is changed to “The Spy Among Us”.
    • From now on, players can activate the quest even if the quest giver is inside an army.


    • Fixed a bug that changes face keys of spy candidates.
    • Fixed a bug that causes the UI health bar to show wrong values for the player when duelling with the spy.
    • Fixed a bug that causes spy candidates to disappear when saving & loading the game inside the involved settlement.


    • The spy will scale up according to the player’s skills.
    • Added better battle equipment for the spy.
    • Added/Changed some dialogue texts.
    • The randomization parameter for townspeople to give player clues was adjusted to prevent problematic situations.
    • Added visual trackers for the spy candidates (Default: “Alt” key).
    • Issue duration was changed from 35 days to 5 days.
    • Lord Needs A Tutor quest related fixes/improvements.


    • Fixed a bug that caused the quest NPC to disappear after the player was taken as a prisoner.
    • Fixed a bug that causes the quest giver and the quest NPC to be the same person.


    • Added/Changed some log entries.
    • If the player and the quest NPC are somehow separated, the player will be able to track and find the quest NPC via the quest log and can thus continue progressing the quest.
    • Lord Wants Rival Captured quest related fixes/improvements.


    • Fixed a bug that causes the quest to get stuck if the quest giver has no fiefs.
    • Fixed a bug that causes duplicate/empty log entries.


    • Added a dialogue option that allows the player to deliver the target NPC to the quest giver.
    • Minor fixes for Headman Needs Grain issue.
    • Further issue quest dialogue improvements.
    • Persuasion parameters fixed in Army of Poachers, Family Feud and other quests.


    • Overhauled equipment of minor factions to better fit their characteristics.
    • When we entered a town scene for the second time, guards were missing. This was fixed.
    • Fixed the colour of the player’s companion portrait when entering a hostile settlement.
    • Made the player’s brother a bit younger.
    • Fixed a bug that caused prisoners to become governors.



    • Added notification shouts to certain events (like the distant shout when someone captures a flag).

    Server & Network

    • Fixed issues related to requesting to join a custom game that is ending.
    • Fixed issues caused by multiple party members requesting to join a game at the same time.
    • Fixed some rare cases of disconnections from the Lobby.



    • Major CPU performance improvements on both field and siege battles.
    • Minor performance improvements on multi-core usage.


    • Fixed beards protruding from helmets.


    • Minor improvement on sounds playing delayed on slower HDDs.
    • Audio performance improvements for older CPUs.
    • Removed clicks and pops from boulder impact sounds.
    • Some volume changes for ambient sounds.

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