Mortal Online 2 Update Patch Notes – January 12, 2022

    Mortal Online update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Mortal Online patch notes, the latest update added gameplay optimizations, bug fixes, and adjustments.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Mortal Online patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new in Mortal Online January 12 Update Today?


    • Added a dock to the north coast that has been overrun by bandits.
    • Added a rescue mission task to the Tindrem task vendor.
    • Added Walking Dead Generals to the Myrland Graveyards.
    • Added a new pickable to the Jungle.


    • New characters no longer start at level 10 Clade Gifts.
    • Poleswords now drain less stamina.
    • Poleswords now have a slightly faster swing speed.
    • Decoration mode now automatically exits if you leave the house that you are decorating.
    • Modified the Haven tutorial start message.
    • In character creation, players now get 25 attribute points to allocate. Additionally Str, Dex and Con is set to a minimum of 50.
    • Players no longer re-enter combat mode automatically when swapping weapons or shields.


    • Fixed issue with moving items from a bank or in bags, resulting in an item copy being left behind.
    • Updated a lot of the decoration icons so that they don’t all use the exact same icon.
    • Updated tool tips for decoration chests.
    • Fixed issue that made it possible to place guild chests in houses when they should have only been placable in keeps.
    • Fixed issue with the fancy chest that made it impossible to use.
    • Fixed bad tooltips for hints.
    • Improved loading times of decorations. This will fix the issue with decorations not appearing in very crowded areas.
    • Fixed issue where you could buy a pet on the broker but wouldn’t get the pet.
    • Fixed walkable rivers.
    • Capes and Khurite Banners should no longer flicker when at the border of the screen. The bounds check is slightly more expensive but necessary.
    • Fixed issue where trying to dominate a tamable pet the ‘hold CTRL for other option’ was using the ‘Walk’ keybind instead of CTRL as intended.
    • Fixed issue where spells would target yourself when holding the ‘Thrust modifier’ key, even though there’s a keybind for self casting.
    • Fixed situations where you could place decorations halfway into certain walls inside of Strongholds and Keeps.
    • More fixes have been made to the aggro system.
    • Fixed issues with stacking not updating icons correctly.
    • Fixed bug where buff timers would get stuck at a very high number.
    • Fixed bug where hovering pet skills would sometimes use the skills.
    • Fixed message when getting healed.
    • Fixed bug causing buff borders to sometimes be too large.
    • Fixed bug where players and other humanoids would sometimes not grab their weapon after entering combat mode causing them to fight empty handed.
    • Clade gift ‘Alvarin Sight’ now displays the whole character including equipment.


    • Removed deprecated feet-down detection in character animation that were only wasting cycles.
    • Multiple optimizations in character animation logic, such as reducing complexity based on character mesh LOD and distance checks.
    • Player and creature body physics (the jiggly stuff) are now handled separately from the main animation graph and are removed completely beyond a set distance instead of being paused. Physics is also removed when equipping armor parts instead of being paused.
    • Replaced expensive character bone lookup with cheaper version when requesting positions.
    • Replaced look-at animation nodes in the engine with brand new better performing ones.
    • Improved look-at search logic for characters (how characters find what to look at). Behavior is now on the animation thread instead of the main thread.
    • Reduced UI overhead when updating tooltips and text for frequent changes like stamina, mana and health updates.
    • Reduced UI overhead when updating crosshair target information and color.
    • Reduced the update cost of armor props next to the vendor in Meduli.
    • Reduced the update cost of armor crafting benches. Visible armor parts computed their own render bounds instead of using the bench render bounds.
    • Multiple adjustments to character mesh updates to reduce overhead.
    • Fixed issue with armor parts and other “lesser” animated objects being based on an unnecessary costly animation update path instead of having their own path.
    • Fixed issue with bows ticking their animation even when not used. The bow animation performance when ticking has also been improved.
    • Reduced the transform overhead on character audio components (used when playing voice sounds like grunts or greetings).
    • Reduced cost of spawning and removing weather effects and finding their spawn locations in the world.
    • Improved female soft body physics performance.
    • Character fur now uses the render bounds of the body.
    • Pet equipment now uses the same optimizations as the player equipment does.
    • Removed deprecated dynamic shadow adjustment on characters.
    • Improve undead animation performance slightly.
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