Mordhau Update 25 Patch Notes (New Map) – June 23, 2022


Mordhau update 25 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Mordhau patch notes, the Eastern Invasion update added a new large Invasion/Frontline map called Arid, which is also the first night-time map.

Previously, a big update was released which added Eastern Invasion update added Noria (a new large Invasion/Frontline map) and various bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Today’s Mordhau patch 25 will fix a few of these issues.


Read more details below.

Mordhau Patch 25 Notes – June 23, 2022


  • Added new map: Arid
  • New Armory UI
  • Team selection becomes available two minutes after player joins the server
  • Added servers for novice players
  • Merged Invasion and Frontline official servers
  • Pressing Team select button hides team select
  • Team select menu can now be closed by spectators
  • Fixed team select player count not updating correctly
  • Added self-restocking throwables to player controlled Nobles that did not have any ranged weapons before
  • Added View Steam Profile to options if available
  • Fix chat context menu not closing on Escape
  • Added various words to chat box filter
  • Fixed UI sounds for certain areas
  • Fixed horse not accelerating in certain scenarios
  • Fixed potential rare crash related to chambering
  • Fixed Nubian face LOD
  • Killfeed CPU optimizations
  • Slight GPU performance improvement by changing the way GPU handles overdraw
  • Fix for stealing voices by reducing concurrency of Chicken and Goat sounds
  • Increased sound priority for Cronch and hit indicator
  • Lowered sound priority on various weapon thuds, equip and some foley sounds
  • Increased concurrent voice lines from 4 to 8
  • Attenuation fix for Generic Animal and Turd
  • Made the GiveCata command use the IsAllowed method so server owners can opt tiered admins out of it and added it to the Admin Actions webhook
  • Polished various Frontline objectives
  • Added a few new emblems
  • Added camels instead of horses on eastern maps
  • Added Continental Voice Pack DLC set containing 4 voices:
    • Slavic
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish



  • Added Visored Greathelm Raised
  • Added Visored Greathelm
  • Added Turban
  • Added Turban with Veil
  • Added Turban Helmet
  • Added Turban Helmet With Nasal Guard
  • Added Rus Conical
  • Added Mail Skullcap
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif With Mouth Piece
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut
  • Added Crusader Mail Coif Square Cut & Mouth Piece
  • Added Plated Mail
  • Added Bishop’s Ailettes
  • Added Early Coat of Plates
  • Added Monk Hood
  • Added Monk Robes
  • Added Monk Sleeves
  • Added Butcher’s Skirt
  • Added Leg Wraps
  • Added Basic Leather Shoes
  • Added Mail Shoes with Spurs
  • Added Adarga skin for Heater Shield
  • Added Calipha Sword skin for Arming Sword
  • Added Calipha Dagger skin for Dagger
  • Added Crusader Glaive skin for Bardiche
  • Added Eastern skin for War Axe
  • Fixed Jester Shoes feet alignment
  • Renamed default Falchion skin to “Default” instead of “Falchion”


  • Increase sweep distance interaction to make items easier to pick up on downward slope
  • Scimitar:
    • Slowed down windup for strike and stab by 25ms
    • Reduced stab damage against Tier 0 and 1 armor types
  • Footsteps and armor sound distance reduced
  • Reduced stab feint lockout slightly, now on par with swings. Reduces double parries.
  • Updated CombatTest riposte animations

Weapons & Equipment

  • Fixed part name categories being inconsistent between skins on some weapons (This will affect loadouts):
  • Shuffled Handle and Head on Warhammer Skin to match default
  • Shuffled Spike to Part3 slot on Maul.
  • Changed Shawm action prompt from “Strum Lute” to “Play Shawm”
  • Fixed toolbox placement on equipment/projectiles
  • Fixed physics assets for:
    • Rapier swords
    • Polearms
    • Bardiche


  • Castello:
    • Fixed spawn clipping on Invasion
    • Removed spawn protection on bridge
    • Added additional spawn protection area for bombing portculis objective
    • Added wind noise
    • Collision changes
  • Camp:
    • Adjusted cart push speed on Invasion to favor attackers more
    • Fixed an issue with floating dummy and a minor stuck spot
  • Cortile:
    • Disabled lens flare effect
  • Contraband
    • Improved performance by reducing overlapping reflections
    • Moved TDM spawns into the accessible playspace
  • Feitoria:
    • Rebalanced Invasion which now favors attackers
    • Brawl updated based on player feedback
    • Fixed Random equipment spawning a BR RecurveBow instead of a normal bow
    • Added missing collisions on buildings
    • Fixed peasant being spawned inside the table
    • Fixed collision on some bushes
  • Grad:
    • Rebalanced objective completion time bonus and some spawns on INV_Grad_1
    • Trebuchet progress on INV_Grad_1 now follows capture point logic, meaning that it is no longer possible to stop/start progress when outnumbered
    • Turned off complex collision on some bushes
  • Noria:
    • Fixed buildables not deploying on certain spots
    • Replaced horses with camels
    • Fixed unintended climb spots
    • Fixed a firepot exploit on the last Invasion objective
    • Minor Spawn point adjustments on Frontline and Invasion
    • Removed some braziers to make second objective a little harder for attackers
  • Mountain Peak:
    • Fix attempt for players getting stuck in the self-building ram on INV
    • Fixed up spawn protection for moved spawn
    • Moved torch spawners closer to the corpse piles, but increased the amount of torch throws needed on Invasion
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Fix a visible hole on the rocks
    • Fixed bushes which prevented deployable spawn points from being destroyed
  • Taiga:
    • Rebalanced Invasion by adjusting timers and some spawn positions
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Fixed stuck spot on the goblin cart
  • Truce:
    • Merged some sandbags so the shadows cull more evenly
    • Adjusted spawn protection in TDM
  • Crossroads:
    • Ballista fix attempt
    • Tree exploit fix
    • Draw call performance improvement by splitting and merging HISMs
    • Collision fixes
  • Grad:
    • Adjusted out of bounds on Invasion
    • Restricted toolbox placement in some areas
    • Reworked FFA and TDM gameplay area to be smaller and more contained


  • Horde extended to wave 25
  • Added The Pit Horde
  • Rebalanced enemy spawning, timings and difficulty values
  • Rebalanced enemy composition per wave
  • Added harder version of minibosses
  • Rebalanced gold income
  • Tweaked damage and difficulty increase with multiple players in the team
  • Lowered amount of gold players get if joining after the start by 10%
  • Horde flow:
    • Stronger groups can now spawn up to wave 25, instead of 21
    • Nerfed health gained on kill
    • Less peasants are now spawned after 15th wave
    • Noble upgrades defenses every 4th wave (instead of 3), so it’s more suitable for 25 waves
  • Enemies:
    • Default ogre now has clothes with light colors and deals less damage
    • Added tougher version of Ogre and Juggernaut with more variations
    • Ranged units now spawn in smaller groups and are scattered around more
    • Minibosses now destroy spikes quicker
  • Skills:
    • Buffed Lever Action, Adrenaline and Vanish
    • Slightly nerfed Haymaker, Finesse and Leech
    • Extended the length of Vanish
  • Horde now ends in defeat when last player leaves the server
  • Cross is now hidden after revive window passes
  • Added instruments to Horde gamemode and placed them on all maps
  • Fixed Black Fire Bomb not being discounted with Merchant skill
  • Fix attempts for stuck AI spots on Camp, Castello, Grad, Crossroads
  • Fixed a bug where Seymour could spawn before last wave

Download free Mordhau patch 25 on PC.