Mordhau Update 24 Patch Notes (Eastern Invasion) – Dec 21, 2021

Mordhau update 24 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Mordhau patch notes, the latest Eastern Invasion update added Noria (a new large Invasion/Frontline map) and various bug fixes.


Previously, a big update was released with a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Today’s Mordhau patch 24 will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Mordhau Patch 24 Notes? – December 21, 2021


  • Enabled Christmas event
  • Revamped Horde
  • Added new Frontline and Invasion map: Noria
  • Added new Brawl map: Cortile
  • Upgraded Unreal Engine to 4.26
  • Players can no longer select which team to join, ensuring more balanced teams. Party members will be grouped together whenever possible.


  • Added Nubian character with new hair, beards & eyebrows available for the rest of the characters
  • Added skullcaps, kipchaks, greathelms, nasal helmet, rus spectacle helmet
  • Added new aventails for some helmets
  • Added sultan set
  • Added scale tunic
  • Added mail surcoat and damaged surcoat
  • Added leather pads set
  • Added ailettes
  • Added new mail limbs
  • Added crusader arming sword set
  • Added new Maciejowski chopper executioner sword skin
  • Added Grotesque DLC Set, including armor & items for every slot and the Grotesque mace for the evening star.
  • Added Lion DLC Set including armor & items for every slot and the Trident skin for the partisan


  • Initiating a throw no longer slows players movement speed down as much
  • Fixed riposte kick being too fast & jump kick windup now 25ms faster

Weapons & Equipment

  • Added Scimitar – a new one handed weapon
  • When players spawn without toolbox, deployable spawn and firepit now destroy like other toolbox placeables
  • Deployable spawn is now more fragile and no longer grants spawn protection
  • Fixed toolbox being able to build on pushables
  • Shawm point cost reduced to 6
  • Partisan 25ms faster stab & strike windup
  • Partisan miss recoveries shorter & faster throw windup, slightly higher throw damage
  • Shortspear stab 25ms faster, 50ms shorter miss recoveries & increased stab damage
  • Shortspear throw windup slightly faster
  • Added new Fire Urn to CombatTest
  • Maps
  • Noria map added (INV, FL, HRD, FFA, TDM, SKM)
  • Cortile map added (FFA, TDM, SKM, DU, TF)
  • Various map optimizations
  • Fixed Feitoria under the map exploit
  • Castello collision fixes & map layout improvements
  • Deleted spawn camp ballista on Camp INV, extended spawn protection on FL to extend over the same problem ballista
  • Removed various toolbox exploits


  • Players now have to defend their AI commander and prevent him from dying until the end
  • Players can now level up & distribute skill points into 52 different skills arranged into 4 trees, which grant passive bonuses as well as active (ultimate) abilities
  • Players can now respawn during waves and get revived
  • Updated maps
  • Greatly improved pacing
  • Reworked economy, equipment balance and attributes
  • Added makeshift bow, light crossbow, and a black fire bomb
  • Throwable weapons replenish their ammo over time
  • Added Goblin merchant and the ability to sell equipment
  • Improved gameplay to be less frustrating and kiting centric
  • Improved and updated enemy behaviour and added some new enemies
  • Added skin variations to several bots like peasants, rangers, militia, and ogres
  • Change behaviour or few weapons and shields in horde mode
  • Added new sounds and UI
  • Lots of other improvements and additions


  • Reduced heartbeat length to 3 seconds
  • New Eastern voice set
  • Shawm sound replaced


  • Fixed issue with spawn screen where deployable spawn points would overlap default spawn points
  • Added UI to objective floaters that indicates whether it’s above or below the player

Download free Mordhau patch 24 on PC.