Monster Train Update 2.2 Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 7, 2021

    Monster Train update 2.2 (12905) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Monster Train patch notes, the latest resolves issues related to Concealed Caverns, incorrect spawn locations, and much more.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Monster Train patch 2.2 will address a few of these errors.

    Read full details below.

    Monster Train Patch 2.2 Notes – Oct 7, 2021

    Addressed a case where the second of two Concealed Caverns follow-up events triggering at the same time could be skipped if the player clicked the mouse quickly as the second event starts.

    • Mark of a Champion now ignores Sap when it calculates its bonus. One place that came up is while facing Seraph the Temperant.
    • Fixed incorrect spawn locations sometimes being chosen for Remnant Host, Legion of Wax, Bog Chrysalis, etc. The incorrect situations came up when 2 or more units in the room died on the same turn.
    • For The Greater Good can no longer be cast in the Pyre room.
    • Fixed Cheater’s Hand softlock when zero cards are drawn. This is an extremely rare situation.
    • Fixed a rare softlock with Bog Chrysalis’ synthesis effect in certain situations.
    • Cards no longer get stuck on the screen when going back to the main menu during card animations like Rector Flicker’s reform ability.
    • Fixed rare issue where visual effect particles were bright pink.
    • Fixed keyboard/controller input issues when you resume straight into post-battle victory from the main menu.


    Changed The Last Divinity’s Purify text to say: “Removes all damaging debuffs from this unit at the end of turn.” This more accurately describes how it works.

    Fixed two cards with the same name in German – Fortify / Reinforce. Fortify became “RĂ¼sten.”

    Fixed German mistranslation of “imp” on description text for Imp-in-a-box. Now “kobold.”


    Fixed a variety of memory leaks when going in and out of battle.

    Changed how certain types of data load so that there isn’t a long load time if you resume a run on the map and then immediately open a unit banner. Or when you resume a run into the victory UI at the end of battle and then open a unit card pack. Now this data loads during the black load screen instead of just before it’s needed.

    Download free SCUM update 2.2 for PC (Steam).

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