Monster Sanctuary Update 1.05 Patch Notes (v1.2.1) – Sep 2, 2021


Monster Sanctuary Legendary Keeper update 1.05 (1.2) (Sep 2, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One. According to the official Monster Sanctuary patch notes, the latest update addressed freezing and lag issues.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game.

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Monster Sanctuary 1.05 Patch Notes (Sep 2, 2021)

  • The game freezes when skipping through the last end credits screen quickly
  • The game freezes when a player has the Buff Info menu open in PvP while their opponent disconnects
  • Combining Poison Eater skill with Power Healing passive for the spectral toad, makes the skill not selectable in combat
  • When switching the active monsters in Combat with L/R while having the confirm popup open if you want to retreat from Combat using a Smoke Bomb would leave the popup open while also setting the Combat Menu active for the switched monster.
  • ‘Energize’ and ‘Shock Charging’ auras now no longer work if the Monster having the Aura is dead.
  • It was possible to stack multiple ‘Shock Charging’ auras despite it being marked as ‘Unique Aura’