Monopoly Go Reef Rush Rewards and Milestones List

Monopoly GO has launched an exciting new 24-hour tournament event called Reef Rush running from March 4th to March 5th. This beach-themed event offers players the chance to earn over 280 Peg-E tokens and a coveted Wildcard Sticker by completing milestones along the 30-step track.

With lucrative rewards like nearly 3,000 Dice rolls up for grabs, Reef Rush is a paradise no Monopoly GO player can pass up! Let’s dive into the details.

Here are all Monopoly Go Reef Rush rewards and milestones list.

What is the Reef Rush Tournament in Monopoly GO?

Reef Rush is a limited-time leaderboard tournament where players compete to rack up points and be the first to reach milestones. Hit targets to unlock awesome prizes like:

  • Massive Dice roll bundles up to 1,300 rolls
  • Stacks of Cash
  • Powerful boosts like High Roller and Rent Frenzy
  • Premium Sticker Packs from 1-star to 4-star rarity
  • And the grand prize – a Wild Sticker to redeem any card!

Earn points by strategically landing on Railroad tiles and winning mini-games like Bank Heist and Shutdown. With such a narrow 24-hour window, you’ll need to move fast!

How to Earn Reef Rush Rewards in Monopoly Go?

To earn points fast and claim those milestones, keep these pro tips in mind:

⭐ Focus on landing Railroad tiles to trigger lucrative Bank Heist and Shutdown mini-games.

⭐ Use Dice roll multipliers before these events to amplify your point payouts.

⭐ Buy Point Boosters in the Event Shop for cumulative milestone benefits.

⭐ Watch optional ad videos whenever available for extra Dice rolls to keep rolling!

⭐ Join a crew to collaborate and share rewards with friends for faster progress.

Swim Fast to Reach the Reef!

With its massive 1,300 Dice roll grand prize and the coveted Wild Sticker reward, Reef Rush is a prime opportunity for Monopoly GO players looking to get ahead.

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Monopoly Go Reef Rush Rewards and Milestones – May 13, 2024

Here’s a table summarizing all the rewards and milestones for the Monopoly Go Reef Rush 1 day event:

Monopoly Go Reef Rush event
Monopoly Go Reef Rush event
Milestone Points Required Rewards
1 75 35 free rolls
2 55 10 minutes rent frenzy
3 140 Cash
4 180 85 free rolls
5 160 green sticker pack
6 250 5 minutes high roller
7 380 170 free rolls
8 450 Cash
9 420 200 free rolls
10 550 yellow sticker pack
11 650 Cash
12 725 pink sticker pack
13 800 350 free rolls
14 775 Cash
15 850 blue sticker pack
16 900 350 free rolls
17 1,000 15 minutes cash grab
18 1,100 Cash
19 1,300 500 free rolls
20 1,500 blue sticker pack
21 1,800 Cash
22 2,000 Cash
23 2,300 900 free rolls
24 2,600 20 minutes high roller
25 3,000 Cash
26 3,300 1,200 free rolls
27 3,500 Cash
28 4,000 1,400 free rolls
29 5,000 Cash
30 5,500 1,800 free rolls

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