MLB The Show 24 Update 1.10 Patch Notes (1.010)

MLB The Show 24 update 1.10 (version 1.010) is available to download on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. According to the official MLB The Show 24 1.10 patch notes, the latest update adds St. Louis Cardinals City Connect uniform. Apart from this, today’s MLB 24 patch 1.10 (1.010) also includes various gameplay changes and fixes.

Recently, the MLB game update 4 added minor tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing various issues with the game. Today’s MLB The Show 24 version 1.10 (1.010.000) will address a few of these issues.

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MLB 24 Update 1.10 Patch Notes – May 23, 2024

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Version Numbers

PS4: 1.10
PS5: 1.010
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:
Nintendo Switch: 1.10

  • General Updates:
    • Addition of St. Louis Cardinals City Connect uniform.
    • Fixed a bug where baserunners would disappear after using quick manage to simulate a hit.
  • Diamond Dynasty Updates:
    • Users can now access drop rates for items contained in a pack when buying a pack.
  • Road to the Show Updates:
    • Fixed a bug where pitchers’ throw buttons were incorrect when picking off base runners with throw mapping set to “fielder”.
  • Storylines Updates:
    • Fixed an issue where new Storylines tiles would disappear after being completed.
  • Miscellaneous Updates:
    • Various commentary and presentation updates.

Download free MLB 24 update 1.10 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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