Patch Notes

MLB The Show 18 Update 1.11 Patch Notes, Read What’s New


MLB The Show 18 update 1.11 is now available on PlayStation 4. According to the official MLB The Show 18 1.11 patch notes, the new update comes with the various quality of life and misc changes. In addition, MLB The Show 18 version 1.11 also includes stability and performance improvements. Check out more details below.

Recently, update 1.10 was released with a big list of changes. The update had made adjustments to the range of PCI movement outside of the strike zone. The players now no longer penalized for quickly re-entering the pause menu in BR games.

MLB The Show 18 update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Good PCI placement is rewarded more. Specifically, the left/right placement of the PCI is more important now for hit types. Above the PCI will still be a fly ball and below the PCI will still be a groundball, but lining up the PCI accurately left/right will expand the cutoff between a fly ball or a popup more than before. This bonus mainly affects balls directly above or below the center of the PCI. Likewise, it will be much harder to generate a line drive on the extreme left or right of the PCI.
  • Fixed an issue with outfielders jogging after balls coming to a rest. This usually occurred when the ball was hit in the gap or after a miss where the outfielder had to chase it down near the wall.
  • Double play urgency improvements.

Other Notes

  • Further corrections to HR/Ground Rule Double calls when balls were hit to very specific locations within certain stadiums, mostly near or around foul poles.
  • Improved 1B efficiency on throws to home.
  • Added quality of life and misc changes.
  • MLB The Show 18 1.11 added crashing fixes and improvements.

Check your game update and download the latest MLB The Show 18 update 1.11.