MK1 Brutalities Not Working: How to Fix

Players may encounter issues with MK1 brutalities not working properly or executing during a match. Thankfully, there are a few troubleshooting techniques to try out when MK1 brutalities don’t seem to be working.

How to Fix MK1 Brutalities Not Working Issue

Incorrect Button Combo Timing

The most common reason for MK1 brutalities not activating is that the button combination was entered incorrectly or at the wrong time. Brutality combos must be input precisely during the hit that will finish the opponent. The combo should be entered quickly as the finishing blow is about to land on the opponent. Pressing the buttons too early or too late will lead to the brutality not triggering properly.

Here are some tips to ensure brutalities are activated with proper timing:

  • Practice the brutality combo in the move list to get timing down
  • Input the combo quickly right as finishing hit is about to land
  • Hold buttons down rather than tapping if required for combo
  • Use visual and audio cues to recognize finishing blow opportunity

With some practice and focus on timing, players should begin landing brutalities more consistently. Slowing down and methodically inputting the button combinations during the correct windows will help improve success rate.

Character-Specific MK1 Bugs and Glitches

Unfortunately, some MK1 brutalities contain bugs or glitches tied specifically to certain characters. For example, Sub-Zero’s Spine Rip brutality may not trigger correctly or animate properly when performed. Each character has a different set of brutalities that can be unlocked, so issues may arise for some over others.

If a brutality for a specific character does not seem to be working right, here are some steps to take:

  • Check online MK1 forums and communitiesto see if the brutality is known to be glitched or bugged for that character
  • Try performing the brutality with different timingto see if that fixes the issue
  • Attempt the brutality on different opponents or stagesto isolate the problem
  • Report the bugto the MK1 support team with reproduction steps

While frustrating, looking up known bugs and reporting new ones is crucial to getting character-specific brutalities fixed and working properly in future patches.

Unlocking MK1 Brutalities

An important point surrounding MK1 brutalities is that they must be unlocked before they can be performed during a match. As players gain experience levels with each character, new brutalities will be unlocked sequentially. However, the order brutalities unlock can vary per character.

If a brutality is not working, double check the following:

  • Check your fighter’s experience level in the profile– Higher levels unlock more brutalities
  • View the move listand go to the Finishers tab to see available brutalities and their inputs
  • Try leveling up the character moreto open up new brutalities
  • Browse brutality unlock requirements onlineto see the order they unlock

Once unlocked via experience grinding, brutalities should be available to activate in a match provided the proper input timing is used.

Reviewing the Move List

Whenever uncertainty arises surrounding how to perform brutalities with a particular fighter, the in-game move list should provide answers. Here are the steps to find brutalities in the move list:

  1. Pause the game and access the move list
  2. Select your fighter to see their specific special moves
  3. Go to theFinisherstab – this is where fatalities and brutalities will be located
  4. Scroll down to theBrutalitiessection underneath fatalities
  5. The brutality button combinations will be listed under the move name

Having the brutalities and their complex inputs listed in the move list is invaluable when first getting accustomed to a new character. Players can practice the input timing outside of a heated match.

Potential Impacts and When to Seek Help

Properly troubleshooting MK1 brutalities is the key to unlocking a fighter’s full potential. When ignored, the following risks arise:

  • Unable to combo into powerful brutalities
  • Missing out on visually impressive finishing moves
  • Failing to reach a character’s maximum damage output
  • Forfeiting punishing opportunities against the opponent

If the above troubleshooting tips do not resolve the brutalities from working, seeking wisdom from external sources may be necessary:

  • Consult the MK1 support teamwith details on your issue
  • Post on MK forumsdetailing the problem to reach more players
  • Watch brutality tutorial videosto compare your approach

With the variety of brutalities and unique inputs required for each character, don’t hesitate to utilize all resources available to get them functioning properly.

Conclusion – September 16, 2023

Activating Mortal Kombat 1 brutalities can be difficult, but extremely rewarding when executed properly against an opponent. By reviewing brutality combo timing, checking for character-specific bugs, ensuring brutalities are unlocked, studying the in-game move list, and seeking external help, players can troubleshoot MK1 brutalities not working. With some dedicated practice to nail down timing, Mortal Kombat 1 brutalities can become devastating weapons in a player’s arsenal.


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