MIR4 Update Patch Notes (Official) – November 30, 2021

    MIR4 update (November 30, 2021) is now available to download on PC players. According to the official Mir4 patch notes, the latest update added ‘Wayfarer Travel’ to the game. Apart from this, the latest Mir4 patch also includes a new mission scroll ‘Master: The Gathering’ to the game.

    MIR4 game servers are currently down. We will update the Mir4 server status details here.

    Previously, a major update added various new changes and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

    Today’s Mir 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

    Mir4 Patch Notes – Nov 30, 2021

    ◈In-Game Updates◈

    1. ‘Wayfarer Travel’ will be added.
    – Wayfarer Travel is a new system that enables players to transfer their characters between Servers, Worlds, and Continents.
    2. 100th Day Anniversary Event – ‘Divine Dragon Descending’ will begin.
    3. “Horyong’s Monthly Attendance Event” will begin.
    4. New Mission Scroll ‘Master: The Gathering’ will be added.
    – This new mission scroll will boost your character’s Gathering, Mining, and Meditation.
    5. 2 new spirits will be added.
    6. All Guest Account game access will be restricted.
    – Guest Accounts must first be linked with a Social Network account in order to regain access to the game.

    ◈DRACO Updates◈

    1. EXCHANGE BY DRACO(EXD) service will become live through {LINK REMOVED}
    ※ Portal / Raids will be restricted from 30 minutes before the maintenance.
    ※ Maintenance can be extended or end early depending on the progress.
    ※ You can’t access the game during maintenance.
    ※ We will open the servers in order.

    Download free MIR4 update for PC (Steam).

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