MIR4 Update Patch Notes (Official) – December 20, 2021

MIR4 update (Dec 20, 2021) is now available to download on PC players. According to the official Mir4 patch notes, the latest update added fixes, changes, and adjustments. Apart from this, the latest Mir4 patch also includes stability fixes.

MIR4 game servers are currently down. We will update the Mir4 server status details here.

Previously, a major update added various new changes and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game.

Today’s Mir 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

Mir4 Patch Notes – December 20, 2021

◈DRACO Updates◈
1. NFT website will open to enable Character Trade.
2. XDRACO items with Collectible property will be added.

◈In-Game Updates◈
1. Darksteel Shop will be added.
2. Conquest : Training Sanctum – Promotion Condition will be lowered.
3. Valid Period of NPC Shop <Joyful> Happiness of Divine Dragon’s Descending Event will be extended.
4. [Nearby Character] tab of party invite UI will be temporally disabled.

◈DRACO Updates◈

■ NFT Website Launch
● NFT Website will open to enable Character Trade.
– NFT is a new system that enables users to trade their characters in NFT through Wemix Wallet.
– The character must be Created into NFT and Sealed to be eligible for trades.
– Gold is needed to create and seal characters into NFT, and transaction fees will incur through Wemix Wallet.
– Sealed NFT characters will be excluded from the Character Selection menu and become unplayable.
– Sealed/Purchased NFT characters can be checked by clicking the ‘Load NFT’ icon on the bottom of the character selection menu or through the linked Wemix Wallet.
– Character’s Gold will be bound to the account when the character is sealed.
– Server-based Codex achievements will be bound to the sealed character.

● In-Game NFT Creation :
– Global Map > Click ‘Move Character’ on the bottom right corner > Select ‘NFT Character’

– Menu > Transfer > Click ‘NFT’


● Requirements
– Must be linked with 1 or more of Google, Apple, Facebook accounts
– Must be linked with Wemix Wallet account

● Cost
– NFT Creation : 4,000 Gold
– NFT Sealing : 1,000 Gold

● The character can be traded after Creation and Sealing is all completed.


● Requirements
– Must be linked with 1 or more of Google, Apple, Facebook accounts
– Must be linked with Wemix Wallet account

● Purchased NFT character can be checked from the Character Selection menu.

※ Refer to [Game Encyclopedia – Character NFT] for more details about requirements and precautions.

XDRACO Collectibles
● XDRACO items of Collectible property are marked with a ‘Limited’ tag.
● 3 unique features of Collectible XDRACO items
– ‘Limited’ Tag : Displays Acquired order / Total Number
– Increased Safe enhancement level : Can be enhanced safely until +6
– Cannot be sold for copper in game

◈In-Game Updates◈

Darksteel Shop
● Darksteel Shop will be added in the In-game shop category.
– Various items including Summon Tickets and Enhancement stones can be purchased in the shop.

● Promotion requirements for Training Sanctum’s Stage 17 will be lowered.
– Muscle Strength Manual to Tier 12 > Tier 11
– Nine Yin Manual to Tier 12 > Tier 11
– Nine Yang Manual to Tier 12 > Tier 11

Event – Divine Dragon’s Descending
● Deleted Event NPC <Joyful> Happiness will be replaced.
– Period : December 20th, 23:59 ~ December 27th, 23:59 (UTC+8)
※ Deleted ‘Dragon Fruit’ event items will be replaced after the scheduled maintenance.
Replaced ‘Dragon Fruit’ items can be exchanged through NPC Happiness until December 27th, 23:59.

● [Nearby Character] option in the Party Invite screen will be temporarily removed.

In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
1. Fixed an issue of texts not being displayed in Epic Enhancement Stone Treasure Chest’s Source
2. Changed the location of Server Latency option in System → Game → Convenience tab
3. Fixed an issue of item broadcasts not showing up on obtaining Mystical Piece items above epic grade from Boss Drop Box.

Download free MIR4 update for PC (Steam).

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