Mini Healer Update 0.83b Patch Notes (Official) – January 8, 2022

    Mini Healer update 0.83b is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Mini Healer patch notes, the latest update added a long list of improvements and fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Mini Healer patch 0.83b will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new in Mini Healer Patch Notes?- January 8, 2022


    • Tweaked the clickboxes of Sedok’s Dream and Reality circle
    • Sedok’s Dream and Reality debuffs now bypasses minimal particle settings


    • Reworked Stormbringer and Divine Stormbringer
    • Stormbringer and Divine Stormbringer now have a new icon
    • Hells’s Edge now stacks up to a maximum of 30 stacks
    • Decrepification Aura now has a new icon
    • Decrepification Aura now will work with Auramancer’s Stone and other aura-related items
    • Added some attributes to all runewords
    • Added 2 new runewords
    • Added Divine Lifemender
    • Added Divine Insight
    • Added Divine Purity
    • Added Divine Seism
    • Added Divine Solarflare
    • Added Divine Tempest Fury
    • Added Divine Void Chopper
    • Added Divine Divided Justice
    • Added Divine Life’s Edge
    • Added Divine Stormwalker
    • Added Divine Sprinter of the Forest
    • Added Divine Flamerunner
    • Added Divine Sunwalker
    • Added Divine Rainbow Soul
    • Added Divine Demonic Ring
    • Added Divine Equilibrium
    • Added Divine Equality
    • Added Divine Hands of Madness
    • Added Divine Impure Globe
    • Added Divine Serpent’s Blood
    • Added Divine Starlight
    • Added Divine Winds Whisper
    • Reworked Divine Enigma slightly


    • Increased Vitalize’s base damage bonus from 7% per stack to 8% per stack


    • Slightly reworked the possible augmentation/mutation UI
    • Added an info panel on what stats an item can roll
    • Ample Heal, Infused Luminosity, Wicked Bloom, Twist of Fate, and Enigma will now have an indicator on the skill bar when they proc
    • Tweaked the Negate Tutorial and Summon Tutorial

    ==Bug Fixes===

    • Fixed a bug where victory and defeat music will loop
    • Fixed a bug where Zok’s achievement title is still Clara
    • Fixed Frost Bite has a slight chance to roll more than the other attributes in amulets
    • Fixed a bug where some talent texts are not properly showing
    • Fixed regen aura not properly updating its regen when healpower changes during battle
    • Fixed some UI errors on Malevolent Chamber
    • Fixed various texts/copies


    • Added Paladin mastery achievement
    • Global cooldown system has been tweaked, it should now look and feel more smoothly
    • Added a small VFX for Stormbringer
    • Updated Japanese localization
    • Added Korean localization to the beta branch


    • Tower Chaos setting are now saved between game sessions

    ==Bug Fixes===

    • Despair will no longer show up in pairs
    • Tuned the tower chaos affixes back slightly
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