Minecraft Update 2.89 Patch Notes for PS4 (Minecraft 2.89)

Minecraft update 2.89 (Bedrock 1.21) is rolling out on PS4, Xbox One, Android, Switch and PC. According to the official Minecraft 2.89 patch notes, the latest MC Tricky Trials update brings new decorative blocks, hostile mobs, items, weapons, paintings, and the trial chambers. Apart from this, today’s Minecraft patch 2.89 also includes a long list of changes and bug fixes.

Previously, a big Minecraft update 2.87 added quality-of-life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last MC patch 2.73, players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Minecraft PS4 update 2.89 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Minecraft 2.89 Patch Notes (1.21) – June 13, 2024

A trial chamber, with some new items in item frames including an ominous key, an ominous bottle, and a splash potion of weaving

New Features:

  • Added a new underground structure called the Trial Chambers
  • Added 2 new mobs
    • Breeze
    • Bogged
  • Added a new weapon, the Mace
  • Added 3 new enchantments exclusive to the Mace
    • Density
    • Breach
    • Wind Burst
  • Added the following blocks:
    • Crafter
    • Trial Spawner
    • Ominous Trial Spawner
    • Vault
    • Ominous Vault
    • New variants in the Copper Family
    • New variants in the Tuff Family
    • Heavy Core
  • Added the following items:
    • Trial Explorer Map
    • Ominous Bottle
    • Wind Charge
    • Trial Key
    • Ominous Trial Key
    • Breeze Rod
    • 3 new Pottery Sherds
    • 2 new Banner Patterns
    • 2 new Armor Trims
    • 4 new Potions
      • Potion of Infestation
      • Potion of Oozing
      • Potion of Weaving
      • Potion of Wind Charging
    • 4 new Tipped Arrows
      • Arrow of Infestation
      • Arrow of Oozing
      • Arrow of Weaving
      • Arrow of Wind Charging
  • Added 3 new Music Discs by Aaron Cherof and Lena Raine
  • Added 20 new Paintings
    • 5 by artist Sarah Boeving
    • 15 by artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand
  • Redesigned Bad Omen to give access to Ominous Events
  • Added 6 new Status Effects
    • Infested
    • Oozing
    • Weaving
    • Wind Charged
    • Raid Omen
    • Trial Omen
  • Added 9 new music tracks by Aaron Cherof, Kumi Tanioka, and Lena Raine
  • Added 4 new achievements

Trial Chambers

  • Description: New underground structure in the Overworld.
  • Materials: Made of Copper and Tuff blocks.
  • Locations: Found in various sizes throughout the Deepslate layer, avoiding Deep Dark biomes.
  • Layout: Procedurally generated with traps, rewards, and combat areas.
  • Treasures:
    • Decorated Pots: Hold hidden treasures.
    • Supply Barrels: Provide blocks and items to help navigate trials.
    • Vaults: Contain high-level Enchanted Books and equipment, with rare Trident drops.
    • Ominous Vaults: Harder to reach, better loot, exclusive items.
  • Trial Spawners: Spawn mobs and provide rewards upon defeat.
    • Categories: Melee, Small Melee, Ranged.
    • Examples:
      • Melee: Zombie, Husk, Spider.
      • Small Melee: Slime, Cave Spider, Baby Zombie, Silverfish.
      • Ranged: Skeleton, Stray, Bogged.



  • Spawns: In Trial Chambers from certain Trial Spawners.
  • Drops: 1-2 Breeze Rods, affected by looting enchantments.
  • Behavior:
    • Moves by leaping around targets.
    • Immune to most projectiles except Wind Charges.
    • Shoots Wind Charge projectiles causing Wind Burst upon collision.
  • Interactions:
    • Affects blocks and entities with Wind Bursts.
    • Does not retaliate against certain mobs, and vice versa.


  • Variant: Skeleton.
  • Spawns: In Swamps, Mangrove Swamps, and from Trial Spawners in Trial Chambers.
  • Attributes:
    • Shoots poisonous arrows.
    • 16 health, slower attack interval (3.5 seconds).
  • Drops: Arrows of Poison, 2 mushrooms when sheared.


  • Crafting: Made with a Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
  • Base Damage: 5.
  • Special Attack: Smash attack triggered by falling more than 1.5 blocks.
    • Effects:
      • Safe Fall: Resets vertical momentum, negates fall damage.
      • Extra Damage: Increases with fall distance.
      • Great Knockback: Knocks back entities near the struck enemy.
  • Enchantments:
    • Common: Mending, Unbreaking, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, Curse of Vanishing.
    • Exclusive: Density, Breach, Wind Burst.


  • Type: Common.
  • Levels: 5.
  • Effect: Increases damage per fallen block per level.
  • Exclusivity: Mutually exclusive with Breach, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods.


  • Type: Rare.
  • Levels: 4.
  • Effect: Reduces target’s armor effectiveness per level.
  • Exclusivity: Mutually exclusive with Density, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods.

Wind Burst

  • Type: Unique, found only in Ominous Vaults.
  • Levels: 3.
  • Effect: Emits Wind Burst upon hitting an enemy, launching the attacker upward.
  • Additional: Levels increase bounce height, removes fall damage protection from landing a successful smash attack.


  • Function: Automates crafting with Redstone.
  • Crafting Recipe: 5 Iron Ingots, 2 Redstone Dust, 1 Crafting Table, 1 Dropper.
  • Interactions:
    • Ejects one crafting result at a time when powered by Redstone pulse.
    • Crafting grid and Redstone crystals indicate crafting status.
    • Can interact with Hoppers, Minecarts with Hoppers, and Droppers.
    • Items inserted based on slot availability and stack size.

Trial Spawner

  • Description: Variant of Monster Spawners, ejects rewards upon defeat.
  • Availability: Found naturally in Trial Chambers, not craftable or obtainable in Survival.
  • Mechanics:
    • Resistant to mining and explosions.
    • Challenge level increases with nearby players.
    • Limited number of mob spawns based on challenge level.
    • Cooldown period of 30 minutes after reward ejection.
    • Can be set in Creative with Spawn Eggs.


  • Description: Blocks that hold locked treasure and loot.
  • Types: Standard and Ominous Vaults.
  • Unlocking: Requires Trial Keys or Ominous Trial Keys.
  • Mechanics:
    • Found in Trial Chambers.
    • Resistant to explosions and immovable by Pistons.
    • Keyhole indicators show if nearby players have unlocked it.
    • Loot is randomized with each unlock.

Copper Family

  • New Variants: Chiseled Copper, Copper Grate, Copper Bulb, Copper Door, Copper Trapdoor.
  • Properties:
    • Copper Grate: Transparent, allows light passage, non-conductive, holds water.
    • Copper Bulb: Emits light based on oxidation level, toggles light with Redstone.
    • Copper Doors and Trapdoors: Behave like wooden doors, oxidize over time, can be waxed.
  • Crafting:
    • Chiseled Copper: 2 Cut Copper Slabs.
    • Copper Grate: 4 Copper Blocks.
    • Copper Bulb: 3 Copper Blocks, 1 Blaze Rod, 1 Redstone Dust.

Tuff Family

  • New Variants: Stairs, Slabs, Walls, Chiseled variants, Tuff Bricks, Polished Tuff.
  • Crafting: Available in the Stonecutter.

Heavy Core

  • Description: Dense block, used to craft the Mace.
  • Source: Found in Ominous Vaults.

Trial Explorer Map

  • Function: Locates nearby Trial Chambers.
  • Obtained From: Cartographer Villager trades.

Ominous Bottle

  • Effect: Grants Bad Omen for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • Variations: Five levels.
  • Obtained From: Vaults and Raid Captains defeated outside Raids.

Wind Charge

  • Function: Fires Wind Charge projectiles, launches entities.
  • Attributes: 10% more knockback than Breeze’s, smaller impact area.
  • Usage: Can be fired from Dispensers, half-second cooldown.

Trial Key

  • Function: Unlocks Vaults.
  • Obtained From: Trial Spawners.

Breeze Rod

  • Function: Used to craft Wind Charges or the Mace.
  • Obtained From: Dropped by Breezes.

Pottery Sherds, Banner Patterns, Armor Trims

  • New Additions:
    • Pottery Sherds: Flow, Guster, Scrape.
    • Banner Patterns: Flow (Vaults), Guster (Ominous Vaults).
    • Armor Trims: Bolt (Vaults), Flow (Ominous Vaults).

Music Discs

  • New Discs:
    • “Precipice”: By Aaron Cherof, found in Vaults.
    • “Creator”: By Lena Raine, found in Ominous Vaults.
    • “Creator (Music Box)”: By Lena Raine, found in Decorated Pots in Trial Chambers.


  • Artists: Sarah Boeving and Kristoffer Zetterstrand.
  • New Paintings:
    • Sarah Boeving: Baroque, Humble, Meditative, Prairie Ride, Unpacked.
    • Kristoffer Zetterstrand: Backyard, Bouquet, Cavebird, Changing, Cotan, Fern, Endboss, Finding, Lowmist, Orb, Owlemons, Passage, Pond, Sunflowers, Tides.
Status Effects

New Effects

  • Infested: 10% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish when hurt.
  • Oozing: Spawns two Slimes upon death.
  • Weaving: Spreads Cobweb blocks upon death, entities move through Cobweb at 50% speed.
  • Wind Charged: Emits Wind Burst upon death.
  • Raid Omen: Triggers Raids after a delay.
  • Trial Omen: Transforms Trial Spawners into Ominous Trial Spawners for enhanced challenges and rewards.


Ominous Events

Bad Omen

  • Expanded Functionality: Now grants access to Ominous Events.
  • New Icon: Shadowy design and unique sound when applied.
  • Acquisition: No longer obtained from defeating Raid Captains outside Raids; instead, gained by consuming Ominous Bottle.
  • Interactions:
    • Triggers Raid Omen when entering a Village, with a 30-second duration before starting a Raid.
    • Can be cleared with a Bucket of Milk.


  • Raid Omen: Transforms Bad Omen into Raid Omen, starting a Raid after 30 seconds at the location where Raid Omen was obtained.
  • Prevention: Raid Omen can be cleared before the Raid starts by drinking a Bucket of Milk.

Ominous Trials

  • New Ominous Event: Triggered by exploring Trial Chambers with an active Bad Omen.
  • Enhanced Challenges: Players face powerful Ominous Trial Spawners.

Trial Omen

  • Variant: Transforms Bad Omen into Trial Omen when near a Trial Spawner.
  • Duration: Lasts 15 minutes per level of transformed Bad Omen.
  • Effects: Surrounds players with ominous particles.

Ominous Trial Spawner

  • Enhanced Version: Activated by detecting a player with Trial Omen.
  • Features:
    • Blue glow, emits soul flames.
    • Periodically spawns potions and projectiles.
    • Spawns more powerful mobs with enchanted equipment.
    • Despawns and resets mobs when becoming Ominous.

Ominous Vault

  • Variant: Menacing appearance, emits soul flames.
  • Rewards: Contains more valuable loot than standard Vaults.
  • Unlocking: Requires Ominous Trial Key.

Ominous Trial Key

  • Acquisition: 30% chance to drop from Ominous Trial Spawners.
  • Usage: Unlocks Ominous Vaults.
Items (Continued)

Wind Charge

  • Functionality:
    • Propels entities, including players.
    • Players can launch themselves upward, negating fall damage if they land at or above launch height.

Pottery Sherds

  • New Additions: Flow, Guster, Scrape.
  • Obtained From: Breaking Decorated Pots in Trial Chambers.

Banner Patterns

  • New Patterns:
    • Flow: Found in Vaults.
    • Guster: Found in Ominous Vaults.

Armor Trims

  • New Trims:
    • Bolt: Found in Vaults, duplicated with Copper Block or Waxed Copper.
    • Flow: Found in Ominous Vaults, duplicated with Breeze Rod.
Status Effects (Continued)

Wind Charged

  • Effect: Emits Wind Burst upon death.
  • Brewing: Awkward Potion + Breeze Rod.


  • Effect: Spreads Cobweb blocks upon death, entities move through Cobwebs at 50% normal speed.
  • Brewing: Awkward Potion + Cobweb block.


  • Effect: Spawns two Slimes upon death.
  • Brewing: Awkward Potion + Slime Block.


  • Effect: 10% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish when hurt.
  • Brewing: Awkward Potion + Stone block.

Encountering Effects

  • Splash Potions, Lingering Potions, Tipped Arrows: Can be created with these effects.
  • Immunities: Slimes immune to Oozing, Silverfish immune to Infested.

New Tracks

  • Background Music:
    • “Featherfall” by Aaron Cherof: Plays in Badlands, Cherry Grove, Flower Forest, Lush Caves.
    • “Deeper” by Lena Raine: Plays in Deep Dark, Dripstone Caves.
    • “Eld Unknown” by Lena Raine: Plays in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, Stony Peaks.
    • “Endless” by Lena Raine: Plays in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, Stony Peaks.
    • “pokopoko” by Kumi Tanioka: Plays in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, Snow Slopes.
  • Overworld Music Pool:
    • “Featherfall” by Aaron Cherof.
    • “komorebi” by Kumi Tanioka.
    • “Puzzlebox” by Aaron Cherof.
    • “Watcher” by Aaron Cherof.
    • “yakusoku” by Kumi Tanioka.

New Achievements

  • ReVaulting: Unlock a Vault using an Ominous Trial Key.
  • Who Needs Rockets?: Use a Wind Charge to launch yourself upward at least 8 blocks.
  • Crafters Crafting Crafters: Be near a Crafter when it crafts a Crafter.
  • Over-Overkill: Deal 50 hearts of damage in a single hit using the Mace.
Updated Player Profile

Profile Page

  • Improved Interface: View own profile or profiles of other players.
  • Achievements View:
    • See friends’ achievements.
    • Suggested next achievements.
  • Stats View:
    • Minecraft stats: blocks broken, distance traveled, time played, mobs defeated.
    • Compare stats with friends.
  • Accessing Profile:
    • New Play Screen UI.
    • Friends Drawer.
    • Search for Players feature.
  • Known Issues: Using Trident with Riptide Enchantment during Wind Charge jump does not negate Wind Charge fall damage protection.

Fixes and Changes

Performance / Stability
  • Crash Fixes:
    • Teleporting to regions with a Piston pushing a Chest (MCPE-179440).
    • Player losing air.
    • Containers cloned over no longer keep screens open and cause crashes.
    • Loading screen getting stuck at 41% (MCPE-175550).
    • Loading worlds with some texture packs (MCPE-180918).
    • Creating worlds on new Realms and backing out at the Online Safety dialog box.
    • App/flow restart prevention when dark mode toggled on or off across Android devices.
  • Trophies and Achievements:
    • Fixed ‘Let It Go’ trophy on PlayStation®4.
    • Fixed ‘Castaway’ achievement (MCPE-118433).
  • Controller Assignment:
    • Ensured proper controller assignment for player 1 on Xbox (MCPE-163023).
  • Character Creator:
    • Fixed skins with removed eyes breaking skin texture loading (MCPE-181228).
  • Ambient Sounds:
    • Added 4 new ambient cave sounds.
  • Boats:
    • Players can now stand on Boats that float on water (MCPE-105535, MCPE-120687).
  • Sprinting:
    • No longer activated with a delay (MCPE-178858).
  • Flower Forests:
    • Now generate all expected flower types (MCPE-180417).
  • Armadillos:
    • No longer repeatedly roll and unroll when receiving damage from blocks (MCPE-180142).
  • Mob Spawning:
    • Now spawn at the center of a block (MCPE-99315).
    • Fixed mob panic behavior, restricted to specific damage causes (MCPE-167513).
  • Crafting Recipes:
    • Fixed Grindstone recipe bug with Stone Slabs and Crimson, Mangrove, or Warped Planks.
  • Cauldrons:
    • Potions now retain color when pushed by a Piston.
  • Cobwebs:
    • Added unique sounds for breaking and placing (MCPE-180109).
  • TNT Explosions:
    • Items drop by default when blocks are destroyed.
    • New game rule “tntExplosionDropDecay” to control decay of drops.
  • Usage Mechanics:
    • Release use button before using item again on entities.
  • Chemistry Items:
    • Now appear in Creative mode inventory with Education Edition toggle.
  • Tridents:
    • No longer damage the Ender Dragon when perching (MCPE-37112).
    • Fixed bug with held item loading, causing duplication.
  • Banners:
    • Obtainable via the recipe book again (MCPE-179650).
Air Bubbles
  • Oxygen Bar:
    • Disappears immediately when switching to Creative mode underwater (MCPE-139168).
    • Added empty state and wobble when player is drowning.
    • Added popping sound for air bubbles.
  • Anti-Aliasing:
    • Changed default setting from 4 to 2 for better performance.
  • Character Creator:
    • Fixed hair and headwear clipping through worn Pumpkins and Mob Heads (MCPE-128908).
  • Status Effect Particles:
    • Colors no longer blend into one.
    • Up to 8 active visible particles rendered separately.
  • Creative Mode:
    • Blocks no longer reappear after breaking with Delayed Block Breaking toggle off (REALMS-11707).
  • Realms Stories:
    • Fixed crash when opening (MCPE-178759).
    • Availability fixed for Xbox players.
    • Combined Realm Events of the same type on the same day.
    • Fixed Stories posts and Realm Events for Xbox with multiple users signed in.
  • Chat Screen:
    • Fixed Enter key not sending messages (MCPE-170890).
  • Key Binding:
    • Fixed various keys not bindable with external keyboards on mobile (MCPE-176505, MCPE-176878).
Touch Controls
  • Inventory Navigation:
    • Fixed bug preventing navigation with keyboard on touch devices.
  • Item Moving:
    • Fixed duplicated icon appearance and correct rendering for enchanted items.
  • Stack-Splitting:
    • UI no longer appears for unstackable items.
    • Items from Creative Inventory now unselectable.
    • Possible to swap identical items.
  • D-Pad:
    • Added slide-off persistence and adjusted positioning/scale.
  • Water Ascending:
    • Improved button overlap for easier staying above water (MCPE-179689).
User Interface
  • HUD Overlay:
    • Displays number of days played in a world, enabled with “Show days played” setting.
  • GUI Scale:
    • Fixed issue with modifiability after changing between handheld and docked mode on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-159959).
  • List Items:
    • Added missing indentation for better readability.
  • Hotbar Scale:
    • Removed faulty setting for Pocket UI.
  • Tooltips:
    • “Draw” and “Release” for Crossbows (MCPE-44845).
    • “Read Book” for Books on Lecterns (MCPE-44848).
    • “Place” for doors (MCPE-157688).
  • Navigation:
    • Fixed bug preventing navigation to previously sent messages with keyboard on Xbox (MCPE-174648).
  • Recipe Book:
    • Always unlocked recipes available when “dolimitedcrafting” game rule enabled (MCPE-175449).
  • Stack Splitting:
    • Aligned window with inventory slots (MCPE-173632).
  • Realms Buttons:
    • Consistent text on Create New World and Edit World screens (MCPE-179777).
  • Respawn Radius:
    • Field resets to correct default value if given invalid input (MCPE-179686).
  • Chat Caret:
    • Placed at the end of text when navigating to previous messages/commands with an external keyboard on mobile (MCPE-178574).

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