Minecraft Update 2.19 Patch Notes (Minecraft 2.19 PS4)


Minecraft update 2.19 patch notes released for PS4 players. According to the official Minecraft 2.19 PS4 patch notes, the latest Bedrock update addressed various issues related to crashing, login, and more. Apart from this, Minecraft version 2.19 also includes general stability improvements.

Previously, a big update 1.16.100 added new features and changes to the game.

Unfortunately, some players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Minecraft version 2.19 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Minecraft 2.19 Patch Notes

Addressed a crash that could occur when the player opened a Shulker Box they’re standing on after rejoining a multiplayer session.

Addressed a crash that could occur if a player joined a game in a sleeping state.

Adding tags to the Ender Dragon will no longer crash the game when reloading the world.

Fixed a crash that could occur when a stunned entity loaded into the world.

Fixed a crash that could occur when Player 1 in a split-screen session disconnected their controller.

Optimized chunk loading performance.

Added various bandwidth optimizations.

Download free Minecraft update 2.19 on PlayStation 4.