Minecraft Legends Update 1.08 Patch Notes

Minecraft Legends update 1.08 details released for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles. Accroding to the official Minecraft Legends patch notes, the latest update adds various gameplay improvements, including matchmaking lobby enhancements, sword damage adjustments, UI improvements, mob balance changes, and more. Apart from this, today’s Minecraft Legends patch 1.08 (1.008) also fixed several crashes, improved performance, added translations, and addressed localization issues.

Recently, Minecraft Legends Day One Patch adds a long list of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing various issues with the game. Today’s Minecraft Legends version 1.08 (1.008.000) will address a few of these issues.

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Minecraft Legends Update 1.08 Patch Notes – August 3, 2023

Gameplay Improvements:

Matchmaking Improvements:

  • Improvements were made to the backend lobby creation/joining tech to ensure it’s easier for players and teams to find players when signed into a Microsoft account
  • Resolved an issue where players could be listed in the wrong team on the Team list
  • Fixed an issue where player profile pictures and nicknames could be missing after joining a lobby via matchmaking on PC
  • Fixed an issue where players could be brought to the main menu’s background with no user interface after exiting a PVP match.

Hero Improvements:

  • The player’s sword attack can now deal small amounts of damage to most piglin buildings (Portals and piglin walls are exempt)
  • The sword attack can now deal damage to more enemies per swing
  • The sword attack’s knockback has been increased slightly
  • The sword attack now deals double knockback when sprinting
  • The sword attack is more effective against many piglins such as the Blaze Runt, Brute, Sporeback, and Warboar
  • The sword attack can now deal small amounts of damage to large piglin mobs like the Lava Launcher, Portal Guard, and Pigmadillo
  • The sword attack can now deal very small amounts of damage to piglin bosses

Mob Recall Improvements:

  • If mobs have been issued an order recently by another player, there is now a small delay before they can be Recalled
  • Improved VFX & SFX feedback on mobs during Recall action
  • Increased the duration of the Recall action to 8 seconds (was 2 seconds)
  • Players are now able to interrupt a Recall action being performed by another player on a specific mob or group of mobs by luring or directing those mobs before the Recall action is complete. This allows players to “hang on” to certain mobs and prevent them from getting recalled away by a teammate.

Prologue Improvements:

  • The first village the player needs to go to at the beginning of the prologue has been moved so that it is closer to the Well of Fate, and always directly ahead of the player when they begin
  • Decreased urgency for the player throughout the prologue, to allow for extra time to explore the world
  • Improved the piglin spawn banner timings and the objective text during the village defense beat of the prologue, to help indicate where piglins will attack from and when they have been successfully defeated
  • Improved animation timing of cages during the village defense to be more in sync with the action bar on screen
  • The piglin structures in the prologue are now easier to destroy with Plank Golems

Targeting Improvements:

  • Health bars have been added to enemy structures while using Banner View
  • Improvements were made to the direct and advanced direct controls so units respond to orders more reliably
  • Fixed an issue where cobblestone golems would sometimes get stuck when attacking structures and become unresponsive
  • Resolved an issue where golems could get stuck under gates and no longer attack

Mob Balance Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with the Pigmadillo roll attack so it more reliably hits enemies
  • Pigmadillos are now a much stronger counter versus plank golems and skeletons
    • Plank golems now take 125% more damage from a roll attack than before
    • Skeletons now take 40% more damage from a roll attack than before
  • Lava Launchers no longer get stun-locked by certain melee mobs

Building and Resource Improvements:

  • Increased build speed and deconstruct speed on most player structures by ~20-80% (Campaign only)
  • Increased gather speed on resources by 25-50% (Campaign only)
  • Increased Cure Netherrack speed by 30% (Campaign only)

Campaign Objectives:

  • We’ve added in-game objectives to the map screen starting right after the prologue. This new addition will guide players more effectively by highlighting high-level goals, thereby providing a clear path through the game

Player Map Improvements:

  • New Player Icon: We’ve added a distinct icon to represent players on the world map, improving navigational clarity
  • Eye-Catching Icon Effect: To ensure immediate identification, we’ve designed the player icon with an eye-catching effect that triggers upon the map opening
  • Solo Play Update: For a less cluttered experience during solo play, player name tags will no longer be displayed on the world map

Ramps and Bridges:

  • Ramp and Bridge maximum height increased from 12 to 24 blocks
  • Ramp and Bridge maximum length increased from 43 to 75 blocks
  • The user experience has also been improved to allow for easier placement of Ramps and Bridges

HUD Improvements:

  • The Songbook icon is now always present on the HUD
  • The Map icon is now always present on the HUD
  • Button hints have been added for PC players when using the toolbar menu
  • Button prompts were added to the directional toolbar
  • First golem icons are now displayed properly on the compass upon discovery of their location in the world

Difficulty Selection Improvements:

  • Players can now choose their preferred difficulty upon starting a new campaign. This improved flow allows players to more easily select the difficulty for their campaign games, as well as better understand the differences between each difficulty

Modding on PC:

We’ve released a repository of documentation for creating mods for Minecraft Legends on PC. It will help you understand how the data is laid out and how to make your own mods for the game. Watch this space as we’re planning on releasing more documentation in the future!


Performance and Stability:

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Improved performance when navigating Settings on Xbox One
  • Improved load times for Lost Legend “The Breakout” on PlayStation 4
  • Fixed an issue where players could be met with an infinite loading after pressing “link accounts” on PlayStation 5


  • Added more translations into the game for the downloadable Lost Legends content
  • Fixed various grammatical errors in game dialogue.
  • Fixed mismatched subtitles in English after a village fountain is destroyed
  • Fixed unlocalized “Switch Team” prompt in private Versus Mode games
  • Fixed incorrect punctuation in The Hunting Season description for Hebrew and Arabic localization
  • Fixed unlocalized “Fabled” difficulty string in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Resolved translation of “Prismarine” in Japanese
  • Fixed an issue where skins did not have a name after changing the game’s language settings
  • Fixed “Accessibility” tab text placement for various languages
  • Fixed various text placement for Bulgarian and Greek languages

User Interface

  • Resolved an issue where Colorblindness mode was turned off when saving and loading into a game
  • Fixed Accessibility Settings not loading in the lobby when hosting a Lost Legend
  • Fixed the second page of How to Play tutorials not playing videos
  • Fixed an issue where the game could reset controller bindings, when altered, on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
  • Improved text placement when changing between text sizes
  • Improved controller performance when navigating menus on PC
    • After entering the Rename File prompt and selecting Delete, the controller is now able to select menu elements to the right
    • Saved games list no longer scrolls automatically using a controller to select Delete in Rename prompt
  • Privacy Settings message is now narrated when viewing a friend’s player info

Download free Minecraft Legends version 1.08 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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