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Minecraft Bedrock PS4 Update 2.11 (v1.16.2) Changelog

Minecraft Bedrock PS4 update 2.11 (v1.16.2) changelog released for players. According to the official Minecraft Bedrock update 1.16.2 patch notes, the latest update added the Piglin Brute and two new accessibility settings. Apart from this, Minecraft Bedrock patch 1.16.2 also includes performance improvements.


Previously, Nether update was released with new features, bug fixes, gameplay changes and more. Recently, a minor hotfix was also released.

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What is new in today’s Minecraft Bedrock PS4 Update 2.11 (v1.16.2) Patch Notes?

New Features:

Piglin Brute

  • Piglin Brutes are stronger versions of Piglins that live in bastion remnants and protect the treasures there
  • Unlike their cowardly and greedy counterparts, the Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted by gold and aren’t afraid of anything
  • Piglin Brutes attack players on sight, no matter how the player is dressed
  • Piglin Brutes wield axes and don’t need any armor because they’re just that tough!

Crafting Interface Changes:

  • Recipe Select button prompt shows when hovering over a non-craftable recipe book item using controller
  • Recipe selected items put in crafting input grid can now be hovered over with controller to see their tooltip names
  • On controller, hovering over recipes will show them in the crafting grid when no recipe is selected
  • On controller, you can deselect a selected recipe when hovering above that selection in the recipe book. You can also clear the crafting grid by clicking the right thumbstick

Read the full changelog here.

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