Metallic Child Update Patch Notes – Official

Metallic Child patch is now available to download on Android and iOS. According to the official Metallic Child update patch notes, the latest update added new contents, features, and fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Metallic Child patch will resolve a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Metallic Child Patch Notes – March 31, 2022

Addition of Content
  • Added the “Advanced” combat setting.
  • Added the Bottomless Labs to Terminal Creed.
  • Added five new Customs.
  • Added four new weapons.
  • Added the six winning pieces of the fan-art contest.
Balance Adjustments
  • Reduced the number of levels of Terminal Karma from four to three.
  • Changed the Keepers of each level in Terminal Karma to those of the other stages.
  • Banned MC skills from use in the Virtual Missions.
  • adds Advanced Style:a skill-oriented battle mode for those who have cleared the game!
    • The Advanced combat setting will be available after clearing the main story. In the Basic setting, new enemies only arrive after all the current ones have been defeated. In the Advanced setting, reinforcements will arrive while there are enemies still left, leaving no time for players to catch their breath during battle. In return, skill attacks will increase in effectiveness.
  • adds new Weapons
  • adds new Customs
    • When all stages are cleared in the Advanced setting, the Custom,OVERTURN, will become available. WithOVERTURNequipped, the exclusive weapon, Gatling Fists, will be equipped at the start of the stage. When players obtain 2000 points or more in the Bottomless Labs, the Custom,SMASHING THE BATTLE, will become available. WithSMASHING THE BATTLEequipped, an <Emergency Repair Chip> will be in possession at the start of the stage, allowing players to be revived just once.
  • adds The Bottomless Labs: an unlimited battle mode
    • There was more to Terminal Creed to discover. In the Bottomless Labs, players will battle against an endless onrush of enemies to gain points until Rona becomes immobilized.
  • adds new Combat Settings

Download free Metallic Child update on Android and iOS.

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