Patch Notes

Metal Gear Survive update 1.03, Read What’s New and Fixed


Metal Gear Survive update 1.03 is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official changelogs, the new Metal Gear Survive 1.03 update comes with various bug fixes and improvements. In addition, Metal Gear Survive version 1.03 also adjusted how personal scores are calculated as well as improved the matchmaking. You can read more details below.

Metal Gear Survive update 1.03 Changelog (Update)

  • [New] Fixed a bug where a certain type of router would hang up when trying to connect to the server.
  • [New] Fixed an issue where Perks that shouldn’t have been made available to players.

CO-OP Mission

  • Adjusted the clear rank balance (HARD)
  • Adjusted the reward balance
  • Adjusted how personal scores are calculated
  • Improved the matchmaking

Fixes in Metal Gear Survive 1.03

  • Fixed a recipe for custom undergarments
  • Fixed a rare issue where option parts couldn’t be added to some gear
  • Adjusted the MAG POUCH capacity
  • Adjusted the firepower of shotgun type weapons
  • Adjusted the recipe for Revival Pills
  • Fided a bug where battles or canteens would disappear when preparing soup
  • Modified the time between two attacks from 12 to 24 hours during base camp dig
  • Fixed a bug where too many Support Defenders would disappear when used.

Check your game update and download the latest Metal Gear Survive update 1.03.