Melvor Idle Update 0.22 Patch Notes (Offical) – September 29, 2021


Melvor Idle update 0.22 (Sep 29, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Melvor Idle patch notes, the latest update includes reworks to Cooking and Thieving, while also rebalancing a lot of existing content and introducing new Quality of Life features to the game.

Previously, a big update added various quality of life fixes and improvements.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Melvor Idle patch 0.22 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Melvor Idle Patch Notes (September 29, 2021)

Thieving Rework

Thieving has always been one of the most lackluster Skills in the game. Providing no real benefits to the game apart from a few items, as well as having no purpose late game other than to pickpocket the Farmer was a sure enough factor to rework the Skill.

The aim of this rework is to transition the Skill into an early to mid-game Skill while providing unique bonuses and content that you cannot find anywhere else. We also wanted to ensure Thieving remained viable and somewhat important late-game by the use of consumable items you can only obtain via this Skill.

Due to the nature of this rework, it was not possible to award any Thieving Offline Progress if you were doing so when the update dropped. You will be greeted with some flavour text upon your return.
New NPCs and Unique Drops

We have introduced

15 brand new

helpless NPCs for you to pickpocket, many of which are home to

unique items

that can only be found in Thieving.

NPCs also now reside in different areas or locations (Kind of like Fishing). Alongside the unique drops from the NPC themselves, you are also able to find

unique “area” items

which only drop from NPCs within the respective location.

The Art of Stealth

This rework introduces two new mechanics known as






is a measure of how difficult an NPC is to steal from, while


is how good you are at stealing.

Your Stealth competes against an NPC’s Perception:
  • Your success rate is determined by: 100 x (100 +

    ) / (100 +


    ) %

  • Your chance to double items is increased by: 25 x (



    ) %

  • Your chance to receive an NPC’s unique item is: ((100 +

    ) /


    ) / 100 %

Stealth can be increased in a number of ways:

  • Increasing your Thieving level
  • Increasing your Mastery level
  • Filling your Thieving Mastery Pool
  • Equipping items with Stealth bonuses
  • Potions from Herblore
  • Agility Courses
Balance Changes

Thieving has been completely rebalanced. The old NPCs have had their level requirements and XP amounts readjusted. Combining this with the addition of new NPCs, leveling Thieving should now be much smoother, a lot faster to level, and make a decent amount of GP along the way.

The level requirements of NPCs have been adjusted:
  • Golbin from 10 to 8
  • Lumberjack from 20 to 61
  • Farmer from 30 to 39
  • Fisherman from 40 to 54
  • Chef from 50 to 34
  • Miner from 60 to 70
  • Knight from 75 to 88
The base xp of NPCs has been adjusted:
  • Lumberjack from 20 to 62
  • Farmer from 30 to 36
  • Fisherman from 45 to 46
  • Chef from 55 to 31
  • Miner from 65 to 73
  • Knight from 90 to 107
The maximum GP of NPCs has been adjusted:
  • Man from 20 to 100
  • Golbin from 50 to 175
  • Lumberjack from 100 to 500
  • Farmer from 120 to 400
  • Fisherman from 140 to 450
  • Chef from 160 to 300
  • Miner from 180 to 550
  • Knight from 200 to 750
The Max Hit of NPCs has been adjusted (Standard Mode numbers):
  • Man from 10 to 22
  • Golbin from 20 to 40
  • Lumberjack from 30 to 155
  • Farmer from 30 to 137
  • Fisherman from 40 to 101
  • Chef from 40 to 108
  • Miner from 40 to 180
  • Knight from 50 to 241

Furthermore, anything that used to provide bonuses to Thieving success rate or success rate cap have been changed to provide increases to Stealth or other bonuses.

For a complete list of changes, check out the full Changelog at the bottom.

Interface Overhaul

The interface for Thieving has been completely redone.

NPCs are now displayed in areas, similar to Fishing. Information, such as doubling chance and thieving interval, are now also shown, similar to Smithing or Fletching.

A “Show Drops” button has been added. This allows you to see your GP gains, as well as potential loot drops from an NPC. Drops are hidden by the use of a question mark until you find them at least once.

Thieving is Now Tick Based

Thieving has now been transitioned to be tick-based system, just like combat. This has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Thieving now has the same resistance to browser throttling that combat has
  • Offline and Online thieving are now consistent with eachother as they use the same codebase.
  • Mastery now levels up offline and provides the benefits instead of using the Addressed mastery level you had when you went offline
  • Food is now consumed while Thieving offline
  • You can now offline thieving even if your successrate isn’t 100%; however, it is now also possible to die. A warning is included in game on the Thieving Page, and must be enabled to allow for Offline Thieving.
Cooking Rework

The long awaiting Cooking Rework is here!

The aim of this rework is to provide a large rebalance to the use of Food throughout the game, while also providing more options to the Player in what they wish to produce.

Although the below changes may be disappointing to some, especially with the Farming changes, this rework was designed to fix what was initially intended from the Skill but was never achieved. It’s about ensuring the progression from a new player’s perspective is accurate to what the game was originally meant to provide. I really do apologize if the Farming changes affect you greatly. It is simply here to bring the game into what it was always meant to be.

Some much requested Quality of Life features have also been added, alongside a new “Passive Cooking” mechanic that should provide an extra pair of hands throughout your Melvor journey.

Offline Progress will be awarded for those who were Cooking Offline when the update dropped. Your Offline Progress will be subject to the changes and new mechanics listed.
Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot

Alongside the Cooking Fire, we have now introduced the Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot.

These new

Cooking Utilities

(That’s what I call them) unlock a wide range of new unique multi-ingredient products you can cook and use in Combat or Thieving.

They act the same way as the Cooking Fire does, while also providing their own unique bonuses within Cooking itself.

Each Cooking Utility is home to different types Food for you to Cook that can only be obtained by using the respective Fire, Furnace or Pot.

These are required to be purchased from within the Shop prior to being able to use them.
Active Cooking and Passive Cooking

A new mechanic you will notice straight away is the Active Cooking and Passive Cooking buttons implemented into the Cooking UI for each Cooking utility.

Active Cooking

This is your standard way to Cook Food. This will provide you with Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP and all relevant bonuses relating to the Food you are Cooking.

Only one product can be Actively Cooked at any given time.

Passive Cooking

A brand-new way to Cook Food which will assist with your progression throughout the game.

Passive Cooking is a method of food production that can be done alongside the food you are Actively Cooking, at the same time.

Any Cooking utility that is not being used can perform Passive Cooking as long as you are Actively Cooking something on a different Cooking Utility.

For example: You can be Actively Cooking Fish and can start Passively Cooking Food on the Furnace and Pot at the same time.

Passively Cooked Food is added to something called a “Stockpile”. There is one Stockpile for each Cooking Utility, and this Stockpile can only house one type of Food until it is collected by you. The game will not let you Passively Cook anything if the item sitting in the Stockpile is different from the one your are attempting to produce.

Passive Cooking comes with some very important mechanics that you need to be aware of:

  • No Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP or Bonuses are provided to Passively Cooked Food. This is solely a Food production mechanic.
  • It takes 5 times as long to Passively Cook a Product than it does to Actively Cook (subject to balance during Test).
  • Recipe costs are the same.
  • Passive Cooks do not count as an “action”, therefore they cannot roll for Pets, Mastery Tokens, or other Global Rare Items.
  • Passive Cooking does work Offline, and your Passively Cooked Food will be stored in your Stockpile. The Offline Progress notification will tell you what has been stored in the stockpile.

In the event you stop Actively Cooking something, all items you are Passively Cooking will also stop. You cannot Passively Cook until you are Actively Cooking something.

Perfect Cook

Perfect Cook is a new mechanic that produces an upgraded version of the base product you are Cooking, providing extra Food Healing values as well as a much higher base Sale Price.

Each Active Cook action has a chance to provide a Perfect product. This chance can be increased using Mastery and other means. It is possible to acquire 100% Perfect Cook chance at later stages of the game.

Perfect Cook is classed as a bonus; therefore, it is not possible to produce a Perfect product using the Passive Cook mechanic.

There is a Setting on the Cooking Page and also in the Settings Page to enable or disable Perfect Cooking. If you do not wish to receive Perfect Items, you can simply toggle it off.
Successful Cook and the removal of Burnt Items

One thing we discussed during the planning process was the use that burnt food provides to the game.

We were quick to decide that burnt products add literally no benefit to the game. This led to the decision that burnt products will no longer be obtainable as we transition to a Successful Cook mechanic.

Now, products that fail to cook will be yeeted into oblivion, providing nothing for your efforts to Cook something delicious.

For those concerned about a specific item that requires Burnt Cave Fish to obtain – take a look at the drop table for the Tentacle Monster in Sandy Shores.

This also means all Burnt Food, except the Burnt Cave Fish, is no longer required for 100% item completion (They are also worth 0 GP now).

New Shop Upgrades

Along with the rework, we have two new Shop upgrades for you to purchase.

These are Quality of Life upgrades that will help streamline your progression.

  • Cooking Upgrade 1

    – Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.

  • Cooking Upgrade 2

    – When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.

Food Source & Usage Rebalancing

Along with all the new content added within this rework, we need to address another part of the update.

This rework gave us the opportunity to look at the whole picture in terms of Food and how it is used throughout the game and come to a solution to balance this to our expectations of the game.

Here are the main points for the rebalance (Details below in changelog).:

  • Healing value for all Farming products has been nerfed quite a lot, in favour of using these products in Cooked Products.
  • The base interval for Cooking Carps, Sharks, Cave Fish, Manta Rays and Whales has been increased.
  • The base sale price for above-mentioned Fish has been increased to accommodate for the increased intervals.
  • The minimum base interval in Fishing for all Cookable Fish has been increased. Maximum base interval remains unchanged. This means on average they will take longer to catch.

It’s all well and good to address the Food itself, but we also took the opportunity to address food usage within Combat which will also provide some interesting new mechanics throughout the Combat Areas:

  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack which introduces the brand new Poison mechanic.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area, and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (Weaker than existing ones). This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragon’s Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sandbeast keeps it’s existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. All with a low chance to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Camp Dungeon has a new Special Attack.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragon’s Den also has a Special Attack now.
Food Healing Changes (Standard Mode numbers)

Decreased the healing of:

  • Seahorses from 130 to 120
  • Potatoes from 10 to 3
  • Onions from 20 to 6
  • Cabbage from 30 to 9
  • Tomatoes from 40 to 13
  • Sweetcorn from 50 to 16
  • Strawberries from 60 to 20
  • Watermelons from 70 to 36
  • Snape Grass from 80 to 40
  • Carrots from 90 to 28
Base Cooking Interval Changes

Decreased the base Cooking Interval of:

  • Shrimp from 3s to 2s
  • Sardine from 3s to 2s

Increased the base Cooking Interval of:

  • Seahorses from 3s to 4s
  • Trout from 3s to 4s
  • Salmon from 3s to 4s
  • Lobster from 3s to 5s
  • Swordfish from 3s to 5s
  • Anglerfish from 3s to 6s
  • Fanfish from 3s to 6s
  • Crab from 3s to 7s
  • Carp from 3s to 7s
  • Shark from 3s to 8s
  • Cave Fish from 3s to 9s
  • Manta Ray from 3s to 10s
  • Whale from 3s to 11s
Base Cooking Skill XP Changes

Increased the base Cooking Skill XP of:

  • Seahorses from 40 to 50
  • Trout from 25 to 33
  • Salmon from 30 to 40
  • Lobster from 40 to 66
  • Swordfish from 50 to 83
  • Anglerfish from 60 to 100
  • Fanfish from 60 to 120
  • Crab from 70 to 140
  • Carp from 75 to 150
  • Shark from 80 to 186
  • Cave Fish from 100 to 233
  • Manta Ray from 125 to 291
  • Whale from 150 to 400
Food Sale Price Changes

Increased the sale price of:

  • Seahorses from 50 to 65
  • Trout from 20 to 27
  • Salmon from 43 to 58
  • Lobster from 81 to 108
  • Swordfish from 100 to 134
  • Anglerfish from 125 to 209
  • Fanfish from 150 to 250
  • Crab from 168 to 280
  • Carp from 237 to 395
  • Shark from 337 to 674
  • Cave Fish from 269 to 538
  • Manta Ray from 812 to 1624
  • Whale from 1024 to 2048
New Agility Obstacles
  • Tier 3 – Burning Coals

    – +3% Cooking Skill XP, +5% Successful Cook Chance, -5% Damage to all Monsters.

  • Tier 5 – Rooftop Run

    – +3% Thieving Skill XP, +20% GP gained via Thieving, -0.2s Thieving Interval, +35 Stealth, -10% Damage to All Monsters.

  • Tier 8 – Sweltering Pools

    – +3% Mastery XP in Cooking, -3% Cooking Interval, +10% Healing Value for Food, +10% Auto Eat Efficiency, -20% Global Preservation Chance.

New Potion UI

The Potion UI has got a massive facelift, bringing a brand new design and functionality to help guide you through your Potion hoarding issues.

The brand new Potion UI comes equipped with:

  • Brand new UI inside of a popup that is much more pleasing to look at, with a layout that can fit more Potions on one screen.
  • You can now disable an active Potion by clicking the “Cancel” button.
  • You can now toggle “Auto Re-use Potion” on a per Skill basis from the new UI. This is no longer a Global Setting (Remember Combat is still classed as one Skill).
  • Added new filter settings to hide selected Potion Tiers. Your active Potion will always show.
Ancient Sword Rework

Something I wanted to highlight was the changes made to the Ancient Sword. It was a very lackluster Weapon, and was always overlooked in favour of other Weapon choices. This rework aims to address the issues and give it a unique place in the game.

The Ancient Sword now:

  • Provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP.
  • Has a Special Attack chance of 100%, meaning it will always proc.
  • Roughly 2 times more common to obtain from the Pirate Booty chest.
  • Has a reduced Special Attack Lifesteal bonus of 20%, down from 25%.

Hopefully these changes make the Weapon a viable choice for those around the mid-game.

(Not including food number changes listed above)
  • Added 15 new Cooking Products that can be Cooked.
  • Added a “Perfect Cook” version for all products that can be Cooked. These items have +10% HP Healing Value and +50% Item Sale Price than their originals.
  • Added 2 new Cooking Utilities – Furnace & Pot (Obtained via the Shop).
  • Added 3 New Cooking Ingredients to the Materials section of the Shop
  • Added new Farming Allotment – Cherries (And Cherry Seeds)
  • Added new Farming Tree – Apples (And Apple Tree Seeds)
  • Added 15 New Thieving NPCs
  • Added 54 New Unique Items to Thieving
  • Added 3 New Agility Obstacles listed above
  • Added 8 New Shop ugprades for Cooking
  • Added 4 New Crafting Recipes for Skilling Bags
  • Added a Fletching Recipe for Jadestone Bolts. Jadestones can be acquired via Thieving only.
  • Cooking Upgrade 1 – Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Cooking Upgrade 2 – When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.
  • The Potion UI has been reworked and updated, now giving you nicer filtering options as well as more settings for Potions.
  • You can now enable/disable Auto reuse potions from the new Potion UI for each individual Skill. This is no longer a global setting.
  • Cherry Seeds can now be obtained from the Bird Nest.
  • New Special Attack Debuff – Poison – Deal 10% of max HP as dmg over 10 seconds
  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack – Venom (25%) – Applies Poison on hit.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area, and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment – 30% chance when Enemy hits you applies Frostburn which slows you for 10% for 3 turns and deals 3% of your Current HP as damage (in addition to existing damage) for each of the turns.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (Weaker than existing ones). It also has a chance to apply Burn to you. This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragon’s Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sandbeast keeps it’s existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. Each with a 5% to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Camp Dungeon has a new Special Attack – Rapid Fire (20%) – Buffs Enemy Attack Interval by +10% for 2 turns and fires a volley doing 2 normal hits.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragon’s Den also has a Special Attack now – Burning Fireball (40%) – Shoots a fireball dealing 450 dmg and applies burns if hit, avoidable
  • Chickens now also drop up to 4 Raw Chickens (Don’t ask me how).
  • Egg Chest from the Chicken Coop Dungeon now drops up to 40 Raw Chicken (50% chance).
  • Cows now also drop up to 4 Raw Beef.
  • Added new Skilling Items to their respective Skilling Minibars
  • The mini sidebar option in the Settings is now saved
  • Added a Level 50 Thieving Mastery Bonus: -0.2s Thieving Interval
  • Added Monster -0.2s Respawn Timer to Combat Agility Pillar
  • Quantities for Item Recipes in Crafting related skills now display their exact quantity on mouse hover / tap.
  • Added a loot table to the Golbin Thieving NPC
  • The Book of Occults now also provides +20% Summoning Max Hit
  • The icons for costs within the Shop now have tooltips.
  • Added +10% Agility GP Gain to Agility Skillcape as an additional bonus to the existing one.
  • Steam Only

    – Added Zoom Levels for 110%, 120% and 130% in Settings.

  • The Setting menu has been revamped to use toggles and dropdowns
  • Improved the contrast of damage splashes, and made them appear on the hitpoints bar at the point that damage was taken
  • The Spend Mastery XP screen is now sorted for Agility, Thieving and Farming
  • Chickens now have a 50% chance to drop Feathers due to Raw Chicken drop, down from 100%
  • Chickens can now drop up to 90 Feathers, up from 45 to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Cows now have a 50% chance to drop Leather due to Beef drop, down from 100%
  • Cows can now drop up to 6 Leather, up from 3 to accommodate for the Beef drop inclusion.
  • Egg Chest now has a 50% chance to drop Feathers to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Increased Feather drops from Egg Chest to 1000, up from 400.
  • The Plant now drops up to 3 Potatoes, up from 1.
  • The Plant now has a 100% chance to drop an item on death, up from 75%.
  • Changed the bonus of Thieving Gloves to: +75 Thieving Stealth
  • The Ancient Sword now additionally provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP
  • The Ancient Sword special attack now has a 100% chance (up from 20%). The lifesteal of the attack has been decreased to 20% (down from 25%).
  • The Ancient Sword is now roughly 2 times more common from Pirate Booty
  • Changed the bonus of the Thieving Skillcape to: -0.5s Thieving Interval, +100% GP from Thieving and +150 Thieving Stealth
  • Buffed Regeneration Potions. They now provide +[30,60,100,150]% Hitpoint Regeneration (up from +[3,5,8,12]%) and have [15,25,40,60] charges (up from [5,8,10,15])
  • Changed the bonus of Gentle Hands Potions to +[15,30,50,75] Thieving Stealth
  • Changed the increased Thieving Success rate of Gloves of Silence to +50 Thieving Stealth and -0.1s Thieving Interval
  • The Thieving Game Guide has been rewritten with information on the new mechanics
  • Renamed the Farmer NPC to Bob the Farmer
  • Adjusted the loot tables of the Lumberjack, Fisherman, Chef, Miner and Knight NPCs
  • Refactored the Shop menu. It should have improved performance and now update more consistently.
  • Reduced the base GP values of all Agility obstacles by 20%
  • Changed the 10% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +30 Thieving Stealth, +3% increased Thieving XP
  • Changed the 25% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: -0.2s Decreased Thieving Interval, +3% increased Thieving Mastery XP
  • Changed the 50% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +100% increased gold from Thieving
  • Changed the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to: +100 Thieving Stealth, chance to gain unique area items from Thieving is tripled
  • Changed the level scaling Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +1 Thieving Stealth per Mastery Level, +1% GP from thieving per Mastery Level
  • Changed the level 99 Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +75 Thieving Stealth
  • Changed the drop rate of Chapeau Noir from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 20000
  • Cris, the Cooking Pet, now provides +5% chance to double items in Cooking. Nothing changed other than the wording to accommodate for the inclusion of Non-Fish Food.
  • Cooking Gloves from the Shop now provides +10% chance to successfully Cook an item, instead of “Never burn an item”.
  • Increased Bank Slot Shop purchase limit on Hardcore Characters to 88, up from 78.
  • Changed the Leprechaun Monkey Synergy to: Upon receiving a Common Drop from Thieving, automatically sell it for 1500% of its base sale price.
  • Changed the Pig Mole Synergy to: Cooking Success Rate is capped at 75%. Grants 100 Coal Ore when faling to Cook Food.
  • This list is quite small due to the amount of bugs that were hotAddressed over the last few weeks.
  • Addressed display of agility modifiers on 99 Mastery obstacles
  • Addressed skill gloves being unbuyable from the shop when lost from dying or Alt. Magic
  • Addressed issue where popups would sometimes replace the Welcome Back from Offline popup
  • Dismissing the Offline Combat Disabled message (Without enabling it) will now keep that notice dismissed on reload for that character only (You need to dismiss it once per character per device)
  • Addressed actions that intterupt your attack (e.g. Manually eating) not reseting multi-hit special attacks
  • Addressed game using wrong combat triangle in Adventure and Hardcore mode
  • Addressed global player object being reassigned when viewing equipment stats in golbin raid (this fixes a number of issues with the bank showing raid equipment, and burying bones not giving prayerpoints)
  • Fix Dragon-Minotaur Synergy removing modifiers from player when player burn DOT was removed while enemy was spawning
  • Fix DOTs not saving correctly
  • Fix Dragon-Minotaur Synergy not being applied when loading the game
  • Fix Unicorn-Wolf Synergy giving only 1% bleed lifesteal. It now provides the correct 50%.
  • Addressed bank sort order of (G) Dragon Helmet and Hard Leather Gloves
  • Addressed skilling minibar not updating when gaining an item that belongs on it
  • Addressed bones selected in bank showing that they grant 0 Prayer Points
  • Addressed Smithing Glove tooltip on Smithing Page
  • Addressed Pet Master Achievements on Steam requiring pets that don’t count for completion
  • Addressed Finn the Cat’s description on adventure mode
  • Addressed Summoning Milestones using the old images for familiars
  • Addressed Alt. Magic not highlighting in sidebar when casting Alt. Magic spells
  • Addressed Alt. Magic spells not unlocking when returning from offline progress or tabbing out
  • Addressed typo in Mole Salamander synergy (verion -> version)
  • Addressed async bugs with offline pause feature. This should fix the “null” errors that popped up frequently.
  • Addressed multiple offline progress modals from tabbing out not working correctly
  • Development Roadmap link on character selection should now work
  • IOS Only

    – Potentially Addressed issue causing App to crash on load when connected to WiFi.

  • Steam Only

    – Zoom Level from Settings will remember its value and default to it on load of a Character.