Medieval Dynasty Update 5 Patch Notes (Major Roadmap Update) – July 6, 2021

    Medieval Dynasty update 5 (Major Roadmap Update) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update added new relationships, shops, vendors, lynx, and more. Medieval Dynasty patch 5 also includes various changes and fixes.

    Previously, a minor update was released with gameplay optimizations. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s Medieval Dynasty Major Roadmap Update 5 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Medieval Dynasty Patch 5 (Major Roadmap Update) Changelog


    First new addition – relationships. There is nothing better in life than a happy and strong marriage. Unfortunately, to get there, there is a winding and bumpy road to cross called flirting. From now on, you have more verbal opportunities at your disposal to win the heart of your chosen one. A compliment, a joke, a fun fact, a gossip, or the good old power of poetry – use them all to attract the attention of your lady. To strengthen your chances a little, you can also give your chosen one something special, a gift that will steal her heart you might say. As you gain experience, more options will be available to you in the art of flirting. So don’t wait, go out and meet some people! There’s someone out there for everyone.

    If you are looking for that special gift, the exotic goods Vendors are the people with those unique and precious items which you can use as presents. Stay alert, as they will appear in random taverns at different seasons.

    Next up are Shops and Vendors. You can now set up your own Market Stall and sell goods of your choice. And if you are in need to be somewhere else, don’t worry, all you have to do is assign a villager, he or she will take care of your place, and the business keeps going.

    Also with this update we’ve added a new animal which lives in the forest – the lynx. Watch out though as this isn’t a nice kitty that you want to hang out with. He is wild and dangerous. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With a brand-new wooden crossbow at your disposal, you don’t have to be worried too much about it.

    Lynx – a little kitten that can cause a lot of trouble.

    Wooden crossbow – a new weapon for your arsenal.

    We don’t want to keep you away from your settlement, so go and enjoy the new additions! We, on the other hand, will be watching the comments to see what your thoughts are.

    If you want to find out all the details about this update, read the changelog below. And don’t forget to share your thoughts!

    • New building – Market Stall.
    • New profession – Shopkeeper.
    • New wild animal – Lynx.
    • New Flirting system.
    • New greeting dialogues.
    • New dialogues for NPCs with different ages.
    • New cutscene for the wedding.
    • 20 new items – Gifts.
    • New weapon – Wooden Crossbow.
    • A new type of traveling merchant that sells exotic items – Gifts (Appears every season in one of the villages with a tavern).
    • New feature in dialogues – Giving gifts. (One per season)
    • New feature in dialogues – Wife’s reactions to the state of the player’s character.
    • New feature in dialogues – The wife can give information to Herold on collecting enough resources to complete the challenge.
    • New feature in dialogues – The wife can pass on taxes and debts.
    • New feature in dialogues – The chance of a player’s child finding and gifting a random item.
    • New feature in dialogues – NPCs can point to the location of different vendors.
    • New feature in dialogues – NPCs can point to the location of different farm animals (to buy).
    • New feature in dialogues – Rumours. (Wife’s additional dialogue lines)
    • New feature in dialogues – NPCs do not want to talk if the character is dirty.
    • New sounds for the forest rain.
    • New feature – naming Fields, Orchards and Buildings.
    • 26 new generatable places on the map.
    • Hover effects on clickable UI elements.
    • New label in building details that allows player to check what is stored in this building.
    • Acceptation pop up when increasing skill level.
    • Boar warning animation.
    • Wolf warning animation.
    • Wolf warning sounds.
    • Warning animation for Lynx and Fox.
    • Warning animation for Wisent and Bear.
    • Boar warning sounds.
    • Bear warning sounds.
    • Fox warning sounds.
    • Giving gifts now also adds diplomacy skill points.
    • Skill progression bars in NPC details.
    • Warning animation to Wisent.
    • Wisent warning sounds.


    • If the player has only orchards, loading the game does not assign orchards to the Barn.
    • Collecting Hops by NPCs.
    • Family relationships if an NPC died or was banished from the village.
    • Family relationships when changing to an Heir.
    • If an NPC wants to leave the village while talking to the player, the NPC will leave, and the player will stay in dialogue.
    • Sometimes the NPC after getting up from the bench would stay and wait in a spot by the bench.
    • NPCs (AI) are working if there are no right tools in the building.
    • Setting the player’s wife’s affection after marriage.
    • Some texts in the buttons have the wrong colour.
    • The aquatic vegetation does not change colour according to the season.
    • Wrong colouring of condition in workplace/house slot.
    • Double clicks in some cases do not update visible inputs.
    • In assignment menus some slots are partially cropped if list is too long.
    • Incorrect labels for professions in assignment menus.
    • Some of the soups do not satisfy thirst.
    • Some of the statuses of buildings, people and animals are not displayed.
    • Removing player’s wife from the village makes children not present in the management.
    • If last NPC on the management list is removed then all NPCs are highlighted.
    • In UI there is a little invisible element that prevents clicking around the centre of the screen.
    • Inputs do not refresh when in building details tabs are changed with a mouse click.
    • “Open details” input instead of “show/hide list” when management organiser is selected.
    • “Remove” input is not visible when closing NPC details.
    • Sometimes scroll bar in building details is visible even if there is still place for adding worker to the building.
    • The change house button does not disappear once the player already owns the house.
    • Returning to previous selection in NPC assignment when selecting NPC for work results in unhighlighting preferred skill.
    • If skill is at max level the input for increase level is still visible.
    • Building status does not update on increase/decrease work intensity.
    • Marrying an NPC from player’s village has a pop up about new villager.
    • Radial menus updating constantly instead of on change. (Warning: This can result in significant fps drop e.g., during seed selection)
    • Unassigning animal or NPC from building does not refresh building status.
    • Background for acceptation and slider pop ups are not filling the whole screen.
    • Button for transferring to mount is visible even if there is no item to transfer.
    • Input for transferring stack is visible even if there is no item to transfer.
    • Selection blinking when the player is selecting dialogue option with a mouse.
    • Pressing “tab” during skill acceptation or removing/relocating NPC family results in closing the whole UI instead of accepting pop up.
    • Cursor in the radial menus jumps around when going from main section to sub sections of the menu.
    • NPC icons on map in Management window are slimmer.
    • When the production of an item is greater than 180 pieces per hour then the workers receive less skill points.
    • When the production of an item is greater than 180 pieces per hour, the less resources are collected from the stores.
    • Rabbit is changing behaviour to the incorrect when scared by the nearby player.
    • Rabbit is setting its speed incorrectly when fleeing.
    • Wolf and Boar flee too quickly when chasing the Player.
    • Bear is not hitting the player when he should during standing attack animation.
    • The Rooster is too loud and crowed too often.
    • Minor description changes and fixes.
    • Some of the animal spawners cannot be activated.
    • Names of some farm animals.
    • No snow on the mountains in the map background.
    • In the caves the models load too late resulting in visible holes in the terrain.
    • Going to bed at the end of the season triggers a double change of season.
    • Fall damage is miscalculated.
    • Toddlers sometimes walk away from the player during the conversation.
    • Pressing quickslot inputs in game menu results in changing weapon when leaving game menu.
    • Animals should now be properly slowed in water.
    • Sewing Hut and Workshop gave few technology points every time on load.
    • Issue causing wrong textures appearing on hands when taking off gloves.
    • Loop for innkeeper montages.
    • NPCs sometimes block when crossing a field or when walking close to buildings.
    • Animation of some workbenches when there is no NPC around.

    If player has no autosave or quicksave there is no “continue” button in main menu.


    • Animals will now try to warn the player before the attack, giving a chance to escape unless the player attacks them or gets too close.
    • If the player escapes into the building while being chased, the animal will disengage and return to its starting location.
    • If the player attacks an animal during disengagement the animal will attack again and follow the player into the building this time.
    • Animals will no longer attack the player in building unless provoked.
    • Changed how hit detection is handled for animals when attacking.
    • Wolf fleeing behaviour when scared by a torch.
    • Improved shader for hair.
    • Improved 3D model of a Woodshed.
    • “Numerous changes in the vegetation and shape of the shorelines of lakes and streams. “
    • Some of the generated places on the map have been moved to another location.
    • Some of the generated places on the map have new items.
    • Each village can have a maximum of 3 NPCs to recruit.
    • Improved avoidance of NPCs sitting, talking, and working at workbenches by other NPCs.
    • Player can talk with a Wife at night.
    • Player can talk with toddlers.
    • Improved NPC rotation when sitting and working at workbenches.
    • NPCs can change activities in the morning.
    • NPCs can use the sickle to cut crops in the field.
    • Farmers need tools to work in the field.
    • NPCs use tools (hold in their hands) exactly as the building took from storage.
    • NPCs in neighbouring villages die of old age.
    • In neighbouring villages, new families appear over time.
    • Reset NPCs dialogue parameters after switching to the Heir.
    • If the player’s wife’s affection drops to 0, the Wife (and no adult children) will leave the village.
    • Workbenches now lit automatically when player starts interaction with them (Stove, Forge, Grates).
    • The possibility to build outside the area of the available map has been blocked.
    • Villagers require food and wood only during working hours (8:00-18:00). (10 hours instead of 24 hours)
    • The display range of Wood values has been changed from 0 – 1 to 0 – 100.
    • Thrown Fishing Spear will now only stick into fish.
    • Projectile damage equation – damage should now be more consistent.
    • People in recruitment no longer require Approval. They only require the appropriate level of Dynasty Reputation.
    • Removed “Loyalty to the crown” challenge.
    • The name of the field and orchard visible in the interaction.
    • Improved readability of building selection in the technology list.
    • The number of objects shown on the lists in the village management window has been increased.
    • The width of the window with details of the selected object in the village management menu has been increased.
    • Production and consumption rate parameters show values per day instead of per hour.
    • The production tab in the building details now shows a summary of production and demand.
    • The display of inhabitant skills in the details window has been improved.
    • Inhabitants in the management window have the currently developed skill highlighted.
    • Display of more statuses in the village management window.
    • In field/orchard management the basic card now displays the actual field/orchard state and there is another tab for setting what NPCs should plant on the field.
    • Fields too far from the Barn have an additional warning.
    • When selecting a profession for an NPC, the required skill is shown.
    • The player icon on the map in the village management window has an additional flashing animation.
    • Visual improvements to the list of skills.
    • Visual improvements to the item list.
    • Animation of the poison level bar in the HUD and inventory.
    • Titles of some management windows have been changed.
    • Changed colouring in trading/transferring for selected item to match look of inventory tab.
    • Reordered parameters on map -> temp, hour, season, year.
    • Now production power is changed per 1% instead of 5%.
    • Holding mouse clicked on the “increase/decrease” button in building’s production tab will result in constant increasing/decreasing of production power.
    • Displaying correct storage place and price for the selected item in inventory in item’s details.
    • Displaying item’s capacity for the selected item in inventory in item’s details.
    • Better technology schemes click ability.
    • Showing count of quests on the lists in journal.
    • In dialogue UI the arrows are now indicating whether the NPC’s affection has decreased after season change and the rate of decrease.
    • During assignment if player clicks the slot from previous selection, it now returns to focus on that selection.
    • Added notifications for cases when player wants to increase skill level that is not unlocked or when the player does not have required skill point.
    • If building has no worker/inhabitant slots then the number is hidden in radial menu.
    • “No items” text is visible if there are no items in inventory or during transferring/trading.
    • Some items stats balance.
    • Item description is now blank if there is no item instead of being hidden.
    • Updated dialogue icons.
    • Changes in technology requirements.
    • Removing NPCs from village or changing house for people now displays list with details of those NPCs.
    • Double click on button on talent tree now increases selected skill level.
    • Precision to one number after comma for HP, Food and Water in player’s stats UI.
    • Wood demand depends on the season. In summer, the wood demand is 50% less and in winter 50% more.
    • Scroll for tutorial messages.
    • Items with no food value (such as flour, seeds etc.) will now be stored in resource storage instead of food storage.
    • Every NPC lose affection over time when the player does not speak with them.
    • Changed skill Likeable to Inspiring Speech in Diplomacy Tree.
    • Tax Optimalization skill name changed into Creative Accounting.
    • The way “Empathy” skill works.
    • The process of trying for a baby has been improved.
    • IK behaviour with low FPS.
    • IK updates for various animals and NPCs.
    • Movement speed and animations for rabbits, wolves and deer.
    • Russian language.
    • German language.
    • Hungarian language.
    • Japanese language.
    • Spanish language.
    • Portuguese language.
    • Polish language.
    • Production system optimizations.
    • Save file size optimizations.
    • Increased building limits.
    • Knowledge tab updated.
    • Minor changes in map key descriptions.
    • Minor changes in some crafting wheels descriptions.
    • Numerous optimizations.
    • NPCs don’t work when production is not set.
    • NPCs are cutting with sickle animation.
    • Ukrainian language.
    • Turkish language.
    • French language.
    • The field management window also shows the number of scheduled crops.
    • Hiding HUD also hides crafting progress count and all notifications.
    • Wolves now howl from time to time during idle state instead when start attacking the player.
    • Chinese language.
    • Brazilian language.
    • Swedish language.
    • Dutch language.
    • Polish language.
    • Exotic Goods vendor icon.
    • Bronze items are now more durable and cost a bit more.
    • Removed ability for teenagers to give “just like papa” quest.
    • Italian language.
    • Czech language.
    • Changed Cyrillic font.
    • New Cyrillic font is now used also for non-Cyrillic characters.
    • Hanzi font is now used also for non-Hanzi characters.
    • Some input buttons automatically scale up to fit other than default input.

    Download free Medieval Dynasty update 5 on PC.

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