Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes

A new Medieval Dynasty update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update introduces several additions, fixes, and updates aimed at enhancing user experience and resolving various issues within the game. Apart from this, Medieval Dynasty patch also includes gameplay performance improvements.

Previously, a major update added new dialogue sounds, break slots for Hunters in Hunting Lodge, new activities for NPCs, and more. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Medieval Dynasty patch will address a few of these issues.

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Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes – February 21, 2024

  • New parameter in the User Interface settings – Dynamic Inventory Avatar
  • Added arrows to the category icons in the radial menu for crafting items
  • Inhabitants consume items containing water too slowly
  • Setting locations of bandits in caves
  • When client leaves session there is [name] in house this player was assigned that blocks reassignment after rejoining session
  • In some cases NPCs that left/were thrown out of the village may still be visible in client’s management
  • If confirm input is held in building’s details while on other tab than overview or setting up production then it will open details of last selected NPC/Animal even though input is not shown at the bottom
  • Giving custom names to animals, buildings and fields doesn’t work if done by a client
  • Client sometimes becoming stuck on initialization if he has high latency and packet losses
  • Well sometimes becoming uninteractable due to empty reference when ending crafting animation
  • Not visible mood of npc in inspector mode after recruiting them to player’s village
  • Growing chickens are always brown
  • Character creator appearing when dismounting on valley map
  • Loading tip about changing hairstyles will not show up anymore.
  • Transfering items as a client to mount through interaction doesn’t update weight correctly
  • Transfering items as a client to mount through inventory doesn’t update weight correctly
  • Assigning apprentice to workplace doesn’t update management tab
  • Problems when building roads using gamepad
  • Clients getting launched at high speed when entering ragdoll state in some cases
  • No snow on one of the hay piles
  • Sometimes an NPC may get stuck in stairs, logs, village decorations, etc.
  • Some bandits’ issues
  • Unstuck and map border now reset player velocity to remove potential issues with player moving too quickly and continuing to move even after teleport
  • Players thrown outside of the map now will get teleported to the center of it
  • Boys have their eyes open while sleeping
  • Bandits have hair breaking through the hood under certain conditions
  • Keys forbidden to use during keybinding (num lock, scroll lock, windows key, menu key, F5 and F9)
  • if player is laying in bed on season skip then that player wakes up in the same bed (so if you sleep without home in another player’s house or in the starting Sedowin’s infirmiary then you won’t be teleported)
  • Failsafe logic in case player is outside playable area of the map
  • Changed prices of bucket, saddle, horseshoes and saddlebags
  • Donkeys has higher chance for offspring (26%)
  • Changed productivity of Herbalist Hut
  • Tweaked player characters ragdoll synchronization

Download free Medieval Dynasty update on PC (Steam).

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