Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes – Oct 7, 2021


Medieval Dynasty update (Oct 7, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update added a few new things, most notably the Razer Chroma system, fixing, and more. Apart from this, Medieval Dynasty patch also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added new content, a new storyline, more quests, new buildings, bandits, and updated grabbing system. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Medieval Dynasty patch will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes – October 7, 2021


  • Randomization of the number of items in random locations on the map
  • Over 30 new random places generated on the map
  • Quest tracker now also always tracks current chapter in addition to tracked quest
  • Tutorial pop up video about chapters displayed after completing first chapter
  • Razer chroma system.
  • Shadows can now be turned off
  • Brightness slider in graphics settings
  • New dialogues sounds for children and toddlers (4 new voice color): Farawell, First time greeting, greeting
  • New dialogues sounds for adult and old NPC (14 new voice color): Vendors.


  • Blood not spawning correctly from fleeing and bleeding animals
  • Villagers don’t light campfires
  • Cases where there was no castellan after loading the game and Uniegost returned after skipping season
  • Cases where Alwin is in wrong place and has wrong tasks in shooting contest
  • Cases where new castellan is named Uniegost
  • Sometimes there is no apparent reason why a building can’t be placed
  • Some animals make the sound of wood when the player hits them, now it’s the sound of meat
  • Warm-blooded achievement is not working properly on save
  • Builder’s Hut is not visible in Technology tab
  • On the player’s death, the game is not paused which may lead to timed autosave during death screen
  • Timer is displayed in Alwin’s story II
  • Alwin’s story VIII – if the player fails bear’s hunt, then the talk goal is limited by time
  • Saving issue making the player unable to save game within the same session if the player removed current save game and then started a new game
  • Bandit ragdoll when loading while they are dead and far from player
  • Fish space program defunded – fish hit by spears should be less likely to fly away
  • Iron bar gives Building Technology instead of Crafting Technology
  • Animals sometimes take up feed too slowly
  • Fall damage when mounted starts combat for the player
  • Possibility to interact with campfires, beds while on horse
  • Possibility to interact with objects while dismounting
  • Player stays on horse when dying and switching to heir
  • NPCs create empty wine bottle whenever they make wine from juice
  • Possibility for player to get stuck in falling animation when interacting with horse
  • Not being able to produce poisoned bolts
  • The recipe for “Wooden Table” is placing a “Log Table” instead
  • Not being able to ask Raimund about wild animals
  • Washing interaction is no longer quicker when holding a hammer.


  • Rendering optimizations
  • Optimization of some systems
  • Quest to pay the taxes is now marked as Challenge instead of Chapter
  • House (the biggest one) now requires 1500 technology instead of 7500
  • If the player has a black screen instead of cutscene, the cutscene will turn off when the audio finishes
  • A chapter objective to build a Barn is now moved to the next chapter so that the player has free building slots
  • Player responses in dialogue are now with scroll bar
  • Cutscenes are now skippable after 2 seconds
  • Current torch is not burning out during dialogue
  • Wild animals will roam more when not in fleeing state
  • Adjusted head collisions for various animals
  • Body collisions for deer
  • Player can throw spears in the water again but cannot use bow while in deep water
  • Bandits’ ragdoll optimization
  • Blend time for blocking animations
  • Farm Development Stage building limit increased
  • Improved shadow quality on low settings
  • Wooden vials price lowered
  • Lowered reputation requirements for hiring villagers
  • Jumping now interrupts interaction timer
  • Hungarian returned to game
  • German updated
  • Dutch updated
  • Polish updated
  • Korean updated

Download free Medieval Dynasty update on PC (Steam).