Medieval Dynasty Update Patch Notes – Sep 28, 2021


Medieval Dynasty update (Sep 28, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Medieval Dynasty patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, fixes, tweaks, and improvements. Apart from this, Medieval Dynasty patch also includes stability fixes..

Previously, a major update added new content, a new storyline, more quests, new buildings, bandits, and updated grabbing system. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Medieval Dynasty patch will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes – September 28, 2021


  • Tracker skill additionally highlights blood
  • New sounds for Planning Wood in Woodshed
  • Three new dialogues sounds for male child (1 voice color): Farewell, First time greeting, greeting


  • One of the signposts shows the wrong direction to Lesnica
  • Wrong descriptions for some items in the crafting menu
  • Some locations randomized on the map have incorrect amounts of items
  • Fish is flying out of the water after getting hit
  • NPCs eating or drinking from invisible items
  • If NPC is target of two quests and one requires items to deliver it sometimes blocks other quest from completing until required items are present
  • Empty Buckets of Water on the map
  • “Eat” text for drinking items instead of “drink”
  • Recurve bow technology mismatch
  • Technology unlocked schemes count mismatch for gates
  • Input for drink in HUD for empty waterskin
  • Affection is not visible for villagers owned by player
  • “Missing string table entry” for builder’s hut’s chest
  • The icon for “stew” shows a beet root, but there are no beet roots in the stew.
  • “Crafting” technology instead of “production” in radial menus
  • Iron spiked cudgel scheme missing in smithy III
  • Temporary fix for rare situation where tutorial videos or cutscene could freeze the game (black screen will remain but shouldn’t freeze game)
  • Player being able to use tools before finishing dismounting
  • Items in villages sometimes restore themselves.
  • Fields and orchards sometimes placed incorrectly.
  • Uniegost returns after Story Uniegost VII
  • Sometimes Alwin returns after Alwins Story IX
  • Fenenna stays in the village after she said she would leave the valley
  • If an item fell on herbalist workbench it was impossible to pick it up.
  • Sometimes after giving taxes their paid status did not save on autosave.
  • “Animal overcrowding” quest sometimes did not give rewards.
  • Strider achievement not working (if the player visited every village on their save already the achievement should unlock after going to any of them)
  • Bandits causing performance issues after getting killed
  • Alwin introducing himself as Racimir in the first dialogue of Alwin I side quest.
  • Spears do not fly through animal legs anymore; they bounce off instead.


  • Increased brightness at night
  • Hurt prey animals are now slowed down to 40% of their max speed
  • Aggresive animals are now slowed down when entering fleeing state
  • Animals will now stay still for a little bit on first hit with a projectile
  • More tracks during the search for Hugo
  • Text for objective to get crossbow for domagoj changed for better clarity
  • Domagoj’s crossbow can be a wooden crossbow in Uniegost VI
  • Removed left side hit animation from Hammer, Pickaxe, Axe and Cudgel
  • Player won’t be able to shoot underwater
  • Increased attack range for fox and badger
  • Increased attach chance for spears
  • Disabled starving hunter quest.
  • Henbane now only removes 2% alcohol but only increases poison by 2%.
  • Polish updated
  • German updated
  • French updated
  • Spears do not bounce off animals now when hit beside legs

Download free Medieval Dynasty update on PC (Steam).