MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Update 1.04 Patch Notes – Nov 24, 2021

    MechWarrior 5 update 1.04 (1.000.004) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official MW5 Mercs patch notes, the latest update new expansion pack to the game. Additionally, MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries version 1.04 also includes general gameplay fixes.

    Previously, a major update was released with various quality of life fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing problems with the game.

    Today’s MechWarrior 5 patch 1.04 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    MW5 Patch Notes – November 24, 2021

    Legend of the Kestrel Lancers features:

    Experience an Epic Linear Campaign

    – Fight in battles set during the famous Inner Sphere conflict and experience first-hand the frontlines of the 4th Succession War with 14 new campaign missions featuring unique mechanics, authored missions, and custom dialogue and cinematics.

    All-out War

    – Experience All-Out-War scenarios with large-scale expansive combat in 7 new questlines that include 10 new “battle” scenarios. Available throughout the Inner Sphere

    Megacity Urban Combat

    – Experience intense urban combat in large, all-city settings with massive destruction, procedural city blocks, featuring 5 new procedural mission variants Scorched Earth, Objective Raid, Targeted Kill, Guard Duty, and Battlefield.

    New Biomes and Garrisons

    – Battle in new Megacity, Jungle, and Tourmaline Desert biomes, and discover new Garrisons including Orbital Guns and a new ‘Mech Factory featuring MW5’s first indoor play space.

    23 New Mech Variants

    and new Patterns to collect and Customize.

    Free Game Update Features

    – These features update the base game and Hereos of the Inner Sphere and change the MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries experience.

    Melee Combat

    – New melee combat with the ability to damage enemy ‘Mechs with your ‘Mech fists. Direct your punches to different locations and Punch your enemy right…in…the…face. Great for close-quarters combat and an effective attack option when your ‘Mech is running hot.

    Mech Switching

    – New ability to switch player control to any of the AI-controlled Lance ‘Mechs. Switch to your fastest ‘Mech to scout ahead, jump into your LRM boat to provide cover fire, swap to your brawler for some intense up-close action, and then switch back to your fast ‘Mech for a quick evac.

    PS4 Bug Fixes:

    • Contracts: Confirm and tooltip button callouts disappear.
    • Removed the non-functional ‘Left-Hand Mode’ option from the general tab in Options.  This option is now in the controls tab.

    Download free MW5 patch 1.04 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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