Marvel Snap Update Patch Notes – October 3, 2023

Marvel Snap update is rolling out on PC. According to the official Marvel Snap patch notes, the latest update adds quality of life changes and new features. Apart from this, the Marvel Snap patch also includes a long list of bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added quality of life changes. Unfortunately, since the previous update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Marvel Snap patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Marvel Snap Patch Notes – October 3, 2023

New Refresh Time

Daily and Weekly Refresh Times have been adjusted in this patch. The refresh time has shifted from 3 AM UTC to 7 PM UTC, which is a significant change of +16 hours. Please note that you may experience a one-time extension on countdown timers when updating to this patch.

Card Quality Preview

When browsing cards in the Shop, including Bundles, Daily Offers, and the Token Shop, players can now preview cards at any Quality Level, such as Epic, Legendary, Ultra, and more. This feature provides a better view of the cards you intend to acquire.

Earn Rare & Super Rare Avatars

Collector’s Reserves now have the potential to reward Rare Avatars, featuring art from Rare Variants, even for Variants you don’t own yet! Once you possess all Card Variants for a Rarity (e.g., all Super Rare Variants), you’ll have the opportunity to earn those Variant Avatars from the Premium Mystery Variant. Additional methods to acquire Rare and Super Rare Avatars are planned for the future.

Location Emoji Reactions

Express your emotions about Locations just like you do with Cards using Emoji Reactions. When viewing Location details by tapping on a Location, you can choose from three options: Starry-eyed, Shocked, and Angry.

News Feed Notification Pip

A red notification “pip” will now appear on the News Feed icon in the Main Menu whenever new items are listed in the News Feed. This feature keeps you updated on the latest in-game news.


  • Added sound effects (SFX) to Morbius.

Art & Visual Effects

  • Added visual effects (VFX) to Morbius.
  • Enhanced Cable’s VFX, which now draws the card from the top of the deck rather than the bottom.

Balance Updates

Card Updates

  • Mojo:
    • [Old] 2/2 – Ongoing: If both players have 4 cards at this location, +6 Power.
    • [New] 2/2 – Ongoing: If both sides here are full, +6 Power. Developer Note: This adjustment aligns Mojo with Dazzler’s mechanic, focusing on full locations instead of a specific number of cards. Further adjustments may follow for other characters in the future.
  • Uatu:
    • [Old] 1/2 – Once this is in your hand, you can see the unrevealed locations.
    • [New] 1/1 – At the start of the game, shows the right location to you. Developer Note: To make Uatu more relevant throughout the game, this change ensures that his effect functions regardless of whether you draw him early on.
  • Mantis, Cable, and Maria Hill:
    • Various adjustments made to these cards to differentiate their effects and utility.

These changes aim to provide a more diverse and strategic card-playing experience.


Bugs from previous notes fixed in 20.x

* Using the search function in your collection should no longer clear other existing filters you've set  
  • Thanos’ card art should now display correctly after all infinity stones have been played
  • Several instances of unlocalized text have been resolved, most notably for some card variant names
  • The multi-upgrade UI is no longer briefly visible when using the Fast Upgrade system
  • Claimed credits shown on the client should no longer display incorrectly and result in a server error if at Credit cap
  • [Conquest] “NEW” should now be properly localized for non-English
  • The red pip for daily credits should now be visible when appropriate
  • Fixed and issue that would in rare circumstances cause a conquest match to crash resulting in a loss
  • [PC] Artist detail information should no longer be visible for unowned cards in your collection
  • [PC] SFX should no longer continue to play when the game is no longer in focus.

New Bug Fixes in 20.x not caught in 19.x Patch Notes

* Loki should no longer copy transformed cards such as Pig, but instead receive copies of their original forms  
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally saw the Premium Mystery Variant icon overlapping other assets and text
  • Swiping between cards should now show both credits and booster costs to upgrade
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the Infinity Split VFX persisting on-screen throughout the Collection view
  • Fixed an issue that was causing flares and finishes for split cards to appear multiple times
  • The tutorial prompt for Infinity splitting a card should properly display again for a player’s first split
  • Cleaned up a text spacing issue for “Coming Soon” that could display next to the Daily Offer Punchcard reward
  • Using Fast Upgrade should now show the proper card upgrade VFX
  • Cleaned up and removed a few instances of the SNAP Points UI displaying for non-infinite players
  • The most recently selected deck should be stored appropriately and defaulted to upon next startup
  • Playing Wong+Spider-Ham at Onslaught’s Citadel should no longer cause an exception that could crash the game
  • Playing Wong, Spider-Ham, and Mystique should also no longer cause an exception that could occasionally crash the game
  • Realigned some banners and other assets that were out of place for some bundles
  • Mobile clients should no longer occasionally see the PC landscape keyart at startup
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Incomplete Deck warning to appear in the set cardback screen
  • Cleaned up some localization issues in bundles for September and October
  • Fixed an issue that would see Lady Deathstrike fly off screen during her animation
  • Pinning cards in the shop should no longer cause the other assets to flicker
  • Cards should no longer be removed from a deck when editing and pressing the Android Back or PC ESC buttons
  • The Daily Offer Punchcard reward view should no longer display super narrow
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally result in the Shop UI breaking after purchasing multiple Premium Mystery Variants in rapid succession
  • Fixed some asset and text overlap issues for various bundles running in September while playing in some languages
  • Fixed some text overlap issues for the Spotlight Cache while playing in some languages
  • Adjusted how the UI behaves for players who complete the Daily Offer Punchcard but have not unlocked the Token Shop yet
  • Fixed an issue that caused cards with power adjustments to not show those adjustments in the card detail view
  • Clicking on the ? icon on the Medal Shop page should now show the correct information rather than the general Conquest info
  • Evolved Hulk’s VFX should now play appropriately when buffed
  • High Evolutionary’s evolved cards should now properly count towards On Reveal missions
  • Fixed an occasional issue between Hazmat and Kitty Pryde that would result in the Can’t Do text to display repeatedly once Kitty returned to hand
  • Fixed several issues where reference cards would show the wrong power and cost values
    • Howard the Duck should now show the proper cost and power of the cards he reveals
    • Fixed an issue that caused The Hood’s Demon to show with The Hood’s cost and power values
    • Daken and Muramasa Blade show each other’s power and cost when viewed in-game
  • Fixed an issue with the rarity label of Ultimate variants occasionally displaying black
  • UI elements such as costs and timers should no longer be briefly blank when transitioning between screens
  • Fixed an issue where various assets in the background would glow or illuminate when editing a deck name
  • Fixed an issue where some assets in the shop wouldn’t display properly immediately after the shop refreshed
  • In-game volume should no longer reset when swapping between audio devices

PC Specific Bug Fixes in 20.x

* Fixed an issue where Agent 13’s VFX would play off-screen  
  • Japanese players should once again be able to purchase the Season Pass in PC Widescreen
  • The text string for the mission refresh timer should no longer extend over other text in Vietnamese
  • The shop should now be accessible when clicking Gold and Credit icons from the Missions page
  • Upgrading and then Swiping in Collection should no longer cause a blank Upgrade button to appear
  • Fixed an issue with favoriting cards that was causing an Aw Snap to occur
  • Repeatedly toggling between portrait and landscape should no longer cause an aspect ratio issue to occur
  • Using Alt+Enter to toggle between windowed and fullscreen should no longer cause issues with UI background assets
  • Long deck names should no longer overlap on the Deck Edit screen
  • The game should no longer go to full screen if windowed when tapping the Sign Out button in settings
  • Fixed an issue where swiping between variants on the variant select screen would cycle between other cards instead
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally result in a softlock during the deck edit tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the health bar VFX in friendly battle and Conquest to not display correctly
  • Cleaned up an issue where the borders of some UI elements would have a gap
  • Clicking on Mission progress from the Main Menu should now take you to the appropriate section of the Mission page
  • Conquest Result screen text should no longer be overlapping when played in Simplified Chinese
  • Spamming the Pin button on items in the Token Shop may cause an Aw Snap error.


Known Issues List

New Known Issues in 20.x

* The Anime Storm variant’s frame break obscures cost and energy  
  • If you have the S3 claim reward confirmation up at the time that the card timer rolls over, the UI is no longer closable
  • Some FTUE and informational popups are displaying incorrectly for some devices with a notch
  • Some of the FTUE popups are not properly localized in all languages
  • Occasionally while viewing booster rewards the asset can be slow to load and a white block will briefly display instead
  • Attempting to claim multiple rewards from the Collection Level track simultaneously can result in an error occurring
  • The missiong reward animation fails to play when you tap to complete missions from the main menu carousel
  • Booster logos don’t always display correctly when viewed in the Conquest rewards screens
  • Sometimes newly upgraded infinity variants will have some z-fighting and other visual artifacts occur on the upgrade screen
  • The flare icon for some infinity split cards is occasionally missing its asset and displaying as a white block

PC New Known Issues in 20.x

* After toggling between portrait and landscape mode the player is occassionally brought to the Collection screen instead of the Main Menu  
  • The season missions tab isn’t properly highlighted when accessing the missions UI from the Main Menu
  • Some UI elements on the main menu are missing their hoverstate SFX
  • Hovering over the emojis in card detail view while in a match highlights the base emoji as well

Existing Known Issues

* The SOLD text after purchasing a bundle is too large in some languages  
  • Swiping while looking at a card back from the card details view can cause the card’s ability text to display mirrored
  • Occasional Z-fighting can be seen when card reveals and VFX occur while the player information panels are open
  • Evolved cards occasionally have High Evolutionary’s VFX visible before they’re revealed
  • When a card is returned to hand and then replayed at a location where it should be hidden, tapping on the card will show its detail view
  • Lady Deathstrike’s thumb is partially obscured at the base and framebreak rarity levels
  • Mysterio’s VFX are not displaying correctly on some Android devices
  • Distorted SFX can occur when scrolling through the CLTR after upgrading a card
  • Living Tribunal’s VFX can repeat if played with certain other cards
  • Card flare effects aren’t playing to full effect
  • Hulks generated by Gamma Lab show VFX for High Evolutionary but do not receive the updated ability.
  • VFX associated with High Evolutionary’s evolved cards can occasionally persist after the card or location has been destroyed
  • Friendly battle’s victory/defeat screen is missing it’s banners
  • The infinity split prompt extends out of frame in Japanese
  • The pin button persists on the token shop after you’ve claimed that card but does not function
  • Evolved Shocker’s VFX initially target nothing
  • [Conquest] Occasionally the exclusive card progress bar doesn’t update appropriately until you’ve switched screens
  • Intro animations can overlap between Thanos and High Evolutionary
  • Missions may not visually update properly when on the missions screen as the timer rolls over
  • [Conquest] Some oddities with asset layering
  • [Conquest] Sometimes when entering the conquest menu the UI isn’t centered
  • Hard restarting your app in the middle of a Fast Upgrade can cause an error to occur after you’ve restarted necessitating another restart to fix
  • The order of certain new user tutorials can change unexpectedly if that user immediately jumps into friendly battles
  • SFX do not play when retreating on turn 1
  • It can be difficult to interact with the emotes in-match on some devices.
  • If you have the Series 3 card focused when the shop rolls, the screen will be blank for a moment.
  • Banner VFX displays the wrong turn timer when Kang rewinds time.
  • It can be hard to add or delete letters in the deck name on Android.
  • Ongoing abilities delay the merge VFX for Klyntar.
  • Mysterio’s token doesn’t update appropriately in all views when a using a variant.
  • Spectrum’s VFX for indicating which cards will be impacted by her ability aren’t always displaying
  • Cards in the Fast Upgrade section occasionally show the incorrect art.
    • Quantum Realm doesn’t reduce the power of cards that have their cost and power swapped.
  • Some item names in bundles have too-small fonts or can be cut off in some languages.
  • Series 3 Token shop may show duplicate items before it’s rolled through each card..
  • [PC] Switching languages after switching between Windowed and Windowed Fullscreen can cause text elements to disappear in the UI.
  • Some elements of the splash screen may be visible across adjacent screens
  • Kang’s Rewind button no longer completely covers the End Turn button visually
  • If you own all Series 4 and 5 cards as well as all Ultimate variants then the token shop will become inaccessible for Series 3 cards as well
  • Notification pips can sometimes be visible beneath the card detail view
  • Logging out and attempting to sign in via a different method can result in a hang on the Assembling splash
  • When Scarlet Witch or Reality Stone changes a location to Project Pegasus or Tinkerer’s Workshop, this location can trigger two turns.
  • Corners of cards can appear cut off when tilted during the card detail view
  • A long delay can occur an indestructible card such as colossus is played on Murderworld
  • Infinity Stone card descriptions overlap the art assets in Korean
  • Collection Level Trophy Road assets are occasionally slow to load
  • Player and Opponent text emotes occasionally overlap on some devices
  • Upgrade button not greyed out when the player doesn’t have enough credits
  • [Conquest] Repeatedly tapping on screen as you exit Conquest may cause the UI to break and require a restart to fix
  • If a player immediately restarts the app after fast upgrading a card they may see the upgrade rollback
  • Mission packs don’t refresh if you’re looking at them (need to change screens to see them update)
  • Friendly Battle Mode results screen is empty
  • Luke Cage’s VFX play briefly every time that player plays a card

PC Specific Existing Known Issues

* [PC] Multiple tabs can be highlighted at once if using a touchscreen device  
  • [PC] The “Never Seen Before” UI can overlap the Retreat UI in Friendly Battles
  • [PC] The background assets of the Conquest UI can briefly disappear when transitioning between UI
  • [PC] Some UI artifacting can occur at different PC resolutions

Download the free Marvel Snap update on PC (Steam).

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