LOL Update 12.14 Patch Notes (lol 12.14)


[League of Legends] LOL patch 12.14 notes are now available for players. According to the official lol 12.14 patch notes, the latest patch added several healing targeted updates to bring League’s hyper healers (and their items) to justice. Apart from this, lol update 12.14 also includes some adjustments to drakes, Elder Dragon, and Rift Herald as well as a few runes and summoner spells.

Previously, a big update nerfed the staple frontliners (Ivern, Jax, Volibear), continuing to adjust Radiant Items, and making 3-star 4-costs feel as dangerous as they should be.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues with online gameplay. Today’s LOL update 12.14 will fix a few of these issues.


[League of Legends] LOL 12.14 Patch Notes – July 26, 2022



  • The “Challenges Are Here” introduction tooltip has been removed. We felt that you had been made sufficiently aware
  • You can now change the order that your Challenge Tokens are displayed in. Open the Identity Customizer, select the token slot you wish to change, and select the token you want displayed there


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to sharply turn the direction of Sion’s ultimate
  • Fixed a bug where Sion’s basic attacks would sometimes automatically cancel while in combat
  • Fixed a bug where Sion’s Q would prematurely end its charge if it was cast immediately after E
  • Fixed a bug where W would not be castable immediately after completing a Q cast
  • Fixed a bug where Sion could animation cancel his R into Q combo that made the stun duration of point blank ultimates longer than intended


  • Fixed a bug where clone champions (e.g. Shaco, LeBlanc, Neeko) would not properly display Ornn Mythic item borders in their clone’s inventory
  • Fixed a bug where opponent summoner spell’s tooltips would display certain values as 0 if viewed before said champion is seen in game
  • Fixed a bug where Yone could no longer return to his body after using his E – Soul Unbound while under effects like Camille’s R – Hextech Ultimatum or Mordekaiser’s R – Death Realm
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effects of Yone’s third Q – Mortal Steel would disappear earlier than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Qiyana’s Q > W > Q combo would deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth’s E – Royal Maelstrom would temporarily have global range when Berserked by Renata’s R – Hostile Takeover
  • Fixed a bug where casting Rek’Sai’s R – Void Rush on an enemy vessel created by Illaoi’s E – Test of Spirit would cause Rek’Sai to stop rendering
  • Fixed a bug where part of Varus’ Q – Piercing Arrow visual effects would stop rendering after casting his E – Hail of Arrows
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s Passive – Joy Unending was unintentionally proccing Fimbulwinter’s passive
  • Fixed a bug where Akali’s Passive – Weapon Mark weapon spin animation would be delayed when issuing a movement command
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s Q – Formless Blade empowered basic auto attack would last longer than intended if used during her E – Slipstream
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s Q – Formless Blade empowered basic auto attacks would damage Nilah when Berserked by Renata’s R – Hostile Takeover
  • Fixed a bug where boots would override mythic item passive move speed if placed in a lower item slot than the mythic item
  • Fixed a bug where Black Cleaver’s bonus damage tracker was not correctly tracking damage against shields
  • Fixed a bug where Lethality mythic items were not properly tracking damage
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s Champ Select lock in sound effects were playing too loudly
  • Fixed a bug where Sejuani’s Q – Bristle Arctic Assault’s visual effects were not properly showing
  • Fixed a bug where Singed’s R – Insanity Potion visual effects were not properly showing
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s W – Jubilant Veil would not gray out to reflect it is unable to be cast during her R – Apotheosis
  • Fixed a bug where Nilah’s Q – Formless Blade empowered auto attacks’ visual effects would not properly display
  • Fixed a bug where Eclipse’s damage tracker was not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Poro Snax in ARAM were not correctly displaying their beautiful flavor text
  • Fixed a bug where Luden’s effect missiles would sometimes affect other items’ tooltip damage trackers
  • Fixed a bug where the Identity Customizer would open to the wrong section on subsequent views.
  • Fixed a bug where stunned and knockup animations were not correctly playing for several champions
  • Updated the tooltip on Jarvan IV’s W so that it now displays the correct information

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