Lies of P: Respec P-Organ, Level and Legion Arm

Respec P-Organ in Lies of P is a game-changing feature that allows players to reassign their skill points. Lies of P offers a unique skill tree known as P-Organ. This skill tree enhances Pinocchio’s combat abilities and offers a range of active and passive skills. But what if you’ve made some choices you regret? That’s where the Respec P-Organ feature comes in handy.

Table: Key Features of P-Organ

Feature Description
Active Skills Enhance combat effectiveness
Passive Skills Provide various customized playstyles
Quartz Currency for unlocking skills
Nodes Slots for abilities

Why Reset P-Organ in Lies of P?

Why should you consider resetting? Well, as you progress through the game, you might find that certain abilities aren’t as useful as you thought. Or maybe you’ve discovered a new combat style that requires a different set of skills. Respeccing allows you to undo all your previous choices and start anew, giving you the freedom to experiment and find the build that suits you best.

Table: Reasons to Respec

Reason Benefit
New Combat Style Tailor your abilities to a new way of fighting
Mistakes Correct any poor choices made earlier in the game
Strategy Adapt to challenging bosses or levels

How to Respec P-Organ, Level and Legion Arm in Lies of P?

Step 1: Reach Chapter 7

Firstly, you can’t respec right away. You’ll need to reach Chapter 7 in the game. Once there, defeat the boss Champion Victor to gain access to the Grand Exhibition building.

Step 2: Find the Saintess of Mercy Statue

Inside the Grand Exhibition, navigate to the Gondola exhibition. Look for a locked door on the left. Use the key obtained from Champion Victor to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find the Saintess of Mercy Statue.

Step 3: Use Gold Coin Fruit

To respec, you’ll need a special currency called Gold Coin Fruit. The first respec costs 10 Gold Coin Fruits. You can find these fruits at Hotel Krat, available after completing Chapter 5.

Table: Respec Costs

Item Needed First Time Cost Subsequent Cost
Gold Coin Fruit 10 Increases

Step 4: Make Your Choices

Interact with the statue and choose the option to respec P-Organ. This will reset all your skill points, allowing you to allocate them anew.

How to Respec P-Organ, Level and Legion Arm in Lies of P?
How to Respec P-Organ, Level and Legion Arm in Lies of P?

How to respec your character in lies of p

In Lies of P, you can also respec other aspects like your Legion Arm Calibre and level. The process is similar to that of P-Organ, and it also uses Gold Coin Fruits as currency.

Table: Other Respec Options

Aspect Description
Legion Arm Calibre Refunds any upgrades you’ve made to your Legion Arm
Level Refunds each level up and consequent stat point

Tips and Tricks

Respeccing isn’t just about correcting mistakes; it’s also about strategy. For example, some players find it beneficial to respec before a tough boss fight to optimize their abilities for that specific challenge. So, don’t hesitate to use this feature to your advantage.

Note: The cost for respeccing increases each time, so make sure you’re committed to your new build before taking the plunge.

There you have it! Now you know how to respec P-Organ in Lies of P, giving you the freedom to experiment and optimize your gameplay. Happy gaming!


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