Let’s Fight June 10 Update Patch Notes


Let’s Fight update is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Let’s Fight patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Let’s Fight patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Let’s Fight Game Patch Notes – June 10, 2022

Features and Changes

  • Use /me in chat for emote


  • Fixed a bug on NPC stores
  • Fixed Stone Workshop color
  • Fixed the bug on temporary lost weapon after a companion upgrade.
  • Fixed a targeting issue with adjacent targets during a fight with summons.

Content Changes

  • Season 3
  • Solo and heroic version adjusted for new season.
  • Army of darkness heroic version.
  • Mo’gul heroic version.
  • All rifts now train mist skill correctly.
  • New tabard and cape from cities to raise the quantity of wearable emblems to 4, up from 2.
  • All the new capes have a special ability.
  • Badge effigy quantity requirement lowered to 1 down from 10.
  • Insignia effigy quantity requirement lowered to 3 down from 30.
  • Many shirts and pants now gives magic defense and special protections.
  • The quantity of monsters in Garrun’gol has been slightly reduced.
  • The Great Fear event has been changed so that it should be a little bit easier.
  • Magic Barrier now has a CD of 4 turn, down from 5.
  • Total dodge chance capped at 35%, except for the Evasion talent, which is not capped.
  • Storm base damage is now 20. Up from 15.
  • Cyclone hit count is now 6. Up from 4.
  • Fireball 2 base damage is now 30. Down from 40.
  • Tornado 2 base damage is now 30. Down from 40.
  • Dancing Slice buff is now for 1 turn only, instead of 2.
  • Light Flash chances to hit reduction lowered to 12% down from 15%.
  • Luminous Veil chances to be hit lowered to 12% down from 15%.
  • Runesculptor Hammer dodge chances lowered to 20% down from 30%.
  • All heroic and solo version bosses, including Mo’gul, Ash and Cyclotus, now have a 30% magic damage protection.