Lethal Company Update 55 Patch Notes

Lethal Company update 55 is available to download on PC. According to the official Lethal Company patch notes, the update addresses desync issues, weapon damage consistency, object positioning, weight logic, and terminal access, enhancing overall gameplay stability and balance. Apart from this, Lethal Company patch 55 also includes stability fixes.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing some issues with the game. Today’s Lethal Company version 55 will fix a few of these issues.

Read Street Fighter Patch details below.

Lethal Company Update 55 Patch Notes – July 6, 2024

Desync and Positioning
  • Fixed desync problems with the position of nutcrackers and mechs.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of a breaker box in the factory and vent spawn in the manor.
Weapon Damage
  • Fixed inconsistent damage numbers when attacking creatures with weapons.
  • Fixed inconsistent damage numbers when hitting other players with weapons.
  • Increased damage when hitting other players from 10% to 20% to maintain balance.
Gameplay Mechanics
  • Fixed the logic for weight to prevent unintended speed increases.
  • Fixed an issue where two players could access the terminal simultaneously, preventing a softlock.
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