Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense Update 8.00 (Season 8) Patch Notes – July 21, 2021


Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense update 8.00 (Season 8) is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Legion TD 2 patch notes, the latest update added progression improvements, balancing, and more. Apart from this, Legion TD 2 patch 8.00 (Season 8) also includes various bug fixes.

Previously, a minor update was with tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense patch 0.3.8 will fix a few of these issues.


Legion TD 2 Multiplayer Tower Defense patch notes 8.00 (Season 8)

Progression Improvements

Now that the game is soon exiting Early Access and nearing full release, player XP, guild XP, essence, and cards are receiving a big boost.

– Players now gain x3-5 the amount of essence on average.
– Essence cost for some items x2-3. Essence cost of cards is unchanged.
– Essence can now be used for name resets, instead of requiring premium essence.
– Essence bonus from Guild Contribution: 1% –> 3%.

– Card premium essence price: 1250 –> 395
– Bonus card drop rate per Pity Point: 1% –> 2%
– Due to higher essence gain, players can now acquire x3-5 the number of cards from the Card Trader.
– Cards can now be shown off in game as monuments.


Cards were ultra rare items. They are still rare, but no longer like a unicorn or grainy picture of the Loch Ness Monster. Cards are now significantly cheaper at the Card Trader, drop slightly more often, and have more real value. Cards are collectibles that can be used as avatars, shown off in game as monuments, and donated for Guild XP. They also add to your collection value.

Collect one of every card, or collect multiple of the same card for special borders and pedestals.

– Players now level up significantly faster (x3 on average).


– Guilds now level up significantly faster from levels 1 to 5.
– Guild application cooldown: 6 hours –> No cooldown.
– Due to higher essence gain, it’s now 50% cheaper to apply to guilds.
– Players that are booted from guilds now get a partial essence refund.
– It’s now much easier to find active, recruiting guilds. Browsing guilds now shows recently active guilds with room for new members, rather than random guilds.
– Bonus Guild XP and Contribution during Guild Wars: x2 –> x3
– Bonus Guild XP and Contribution from donating first card of that type: x2 –> x3

Weekly Challenge
– Players tied in first place each week now receive a Challenger Elite trophy and 2500 essence.
– The “First Place Finishes” leaderboard is still reserved for the first player to reach the top score.
– The Weekly Challenge “Top 20” leaderboard is replaced with “Weekly Challenge Wins” which is now awarded to anyone tied in first place.

Game Improvements & Fixes

4v4 Dual Building
– Enemy tab screen (Tab + Space) now supports dual building, rather than not showing their builds.


Quality of Life
– You can no longer use legion spells on units that have zero effect (Villain/Pulverizer on Soul Gate, Sorcerer on units with no ability damage).

Pathing & Targeting
– Fixed a bug where King wouldn’t properly switch targets from its current target if a better target was available.
– All tank mercenaries now spawn slightly less in front to reduce the aggro difference when getting a tank send vs. no tank send.
– Fixed a case where ranged mercenaries would unexpectedly “snipe” backline fighters.
– Fixed a few other cases of pathing behaving unexpectedly.
– Fixed a case in the 4v4 map when catching leaks where fighters would keep trying to turn back when there were enemies in front of them.

Fixes & Improvements
– Fixed unintended interactions with Starcaller/Magician and Kingpin, Infiltrator, and Orchid.
– Fixed some cases where Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler didn’t play their burrow animation.
– Fixed a bug where Classic losses always displayed as 0 or 1 after finishing a game, instead of your actual classic losses that season.
– Fixed a bug where a client wouldn’t connect/reconnect to the Lobby server after finishing a game, which resulted in an unresponsive game client.
– Fixed a bug where alt + clicking a unit to ping it would accidentally select that unit, too.
– UI Scale (Experimental) capped at 200 instead of 300. Reminder that this is an experimental, currently unsupported feature. If you experience issues, set it to 100.
– Merged “Toggle Environment Assets” and “Enable High Quality Terrain” options into a single “Enable Full Scenery” option which provides similar performance, but retains more quality.
– When browsing Collection or Skins, it is now less laggy when scrolling up/down.
– Reduced ping spamming
— All players have more consistent ping limits. Max 4 pings stored, recovering a ping every 2 seconds.
— Chat banned players now have much stricter ping limits and cannot ping power score.


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