Legends of Idleon Update 1.56 Patch Notes (Official)

Legends of Idleon update 1.56 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Legends of Idleon patch notes, the latest update added new Nightmare Bosses, new the PLAYERS button, and much more.


Unfortunetly, since the last patch, some players are facing gameplay issues. Today’s Legends of Idleon patch 1.56 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Legends of Idleon Patch Notes – May 7, 2022

New Content

  • Added NIGHTMARE BOSSES: Radiant Amarok, Gilded Efaunt, and Blighted Chizoar!
  • Each nightmare boss has a rare drop for a UNIQUE CAPE! In other words, there are 3 new capes to collect from nightmare bosses!
  • Boss Tasks are now completable, since they require Nightmare boss kills!
  • Added the PLAYERS button, so you only need to click 2 times to swap player instead of 3! It replaces the old CHAT button, next to MENU.
  • CHAT button now takes the form of a small speech bubble icon in the bottom left, which can be turned off in Options.
  • Added “Lava’s Early-Game Guide!” to help out new players. Honestly if you’re reading this, you’ll never actually encounter this feature, but I figured I’d let you know regardless!

Quality of Life Additions

  • Added a timer to show when the next Dungeon Happy Hour will be!
  • Added Join All & Invite All buttons to Party Dungeon Lobby, to make grouping up easier!
  • ALL mini-bosses now have mega HP bars! This includes world minibosses (baba yaga, king doot, etc) as well as Dungeon bosses (grandfrogger, snakenhotep, galaxicus)
  • Changed Cacto Jones’ quest dialogue (world 2 main questline) to entirely revolve around Efaunt’s powers of cerebral corruption, just like how World 1’s quests entire revolve around investigating Amarok’s rampage through the jungle and forest.
  • Tasks in Quick-Ref now jumps straight to the world you’re on. I.e. If you check tasks from Quick-Ref in World 2, it’ll go straight to W2 tab instead of W1
  • Slightly changed the position of several Lab Bonuses / Jewels, as to prevent random Lab Line-Breaking
  • Copper plates in cooking are now much more coppery coloured, as to make Gold plates stand out more
  • Disabled “x2 tap on player to open info” when in dungeons. There’s never a reason to see someone’s info IN a dungeon, and it was kinda annoying. You do NOT need to re-enable it when leaving, it doesn’t actually adjust your options or anything.
  • [HARD RESOURCES] card category is now properly ordered: ores, logs, fish, bugs, critters, souls, in that order!

Bug Fixes

  • Edited the description of the Purple & Green “Tool Power” bubbles to include that they also boost worship skulls & Traps respectively
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t buy the last 2 jewels from the gem shop no matter how hard they tried
  • Fixed a Statue issue involving the golden “family shared” bonus not working in very specific, rare situations. 🗿
  • Made it so you can replay Mining minigame if you leave the ore pile without having to re-enter the map. This isnt a bug — I actually had it custom coded to require you to enter the map, as anyone whose seen the code could tell you — but I figure it comes off as unintentional and have since changed by mind on the whole thing, hence the chance.

Download the free Legends of Idleon update 1.56 on PC (Steam).