Last Oasis Update Patch Notes (Season 4) – August 5, 2021


The last Oasis update (Season 4) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Last Oasis patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, fixes, and quality of life improvements. Apart from this, the latest Last Oasis patch also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game.

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Last Oasis Patch Notes (August 5, 2021)


Clan cap has been removed from the official realm. Realms selfhosted or hosted through Nitrado can still utilize hard clan caps on their servers.


In replacement of the hard clan cap, we’ve greatly increased the soft cap water penalty. This should result in a much harsher experience on groups going over the soft cap on tiles which have it. Soft cap numbers have not changed (meaning they can be 25122550).

Proxy Walker exploits related to deploying on it’s side, and completely encasing it inside a structure have been fixed.

Grappling hook additive velocity (based on the difference between the current and desired rope length) has been limited this means when the player is stuck while reeling in his grappling hook, when becoming unstuck, they won’t be shot forwards at great speed.

Outside of when being stuck, this should not change grappling hook behavior much at all.

Implemented Repairing Station to the game. Placing damaged items in it’s input will allow you to fully repair the item at the cost of a % of resources based on the missing durability. Items made out of quality resources will require quality resources in order to repair them.

Wings for Walkers owned by players not in a clan will now have default white material. Should be a little more camouflage than bright purple. Applies not just to Walkers but all items which have any piece of cloth which takes on clan’s (or solo player’s) color.
Implemented traps into the game. Although for now there is a small variety of traps, it’s possible we add more of these type of buildables in the future, especially if community feedback reflects on these being good additions for the game. The design for the new traps is heavily focused on allowing nomads to protect their bases in more creative ways than just rupu sling spam. We like rupu slings, but these new defenses may prove much more effective and fun.

Trap Door:

Will close itself when a Nomad steps on it. Extremely powerful in combination with other traps, and mostly intended to be part of the interior of nomadic bases.

Tripwire Trap:

Rope and two small flasks containing lava prove to be a dangerous combination when hidden in a sandy environment. Will trigger a small explosion and set a nomad on fire should they step on the tripwire.


Sharp and deadly spikes that stick out of the ground. Will deal serious damage to any nomad unlucky enough to fall on top of these.

Spring Spikes:

Hidden spikes will stab nomads when they step on the pressure plate which is casually camouflaged as an innocent floor piece.


Ancient Fabricator machine animation resets fixed.

Ancient Fabricators can no longer be destroyed by roaming OKKAMs.

Addressed Walker collision issues on Ancient Fabricators.

Rupus will now know when players are on a Walker, and attack them when they get too close, or attack rupus from a distance.


Walker physical destruction has been disabled (this means they will no longer break into different individual parts, and rather stay in one piece when destroyed). This should greatly improve performance around Walker battles.

Tusker has received an upgrade to it’s mobility, the height of its Walker Legs, and climbing capabilities. We hope this update will help with issues such as climbing steeper hills without constantly hitting the terrain with its prow, and improved general mobility across different terrain types, now that the keel does not hang as low.
Walker judo is no longer a thing: Addressed lamps sometimes allowing players to throw Walkers away at crazy speed. It was fun while it lasted.

Many chest placements on Walkers have changed due to the latest improvements to Walker meshes.

Addressed Walkers sometimes launching into the air on destruction.

Addressed being able to build on destroyed Buffalo, Silur, Raptor and Hercul Walkers.

Addressed being able to build Raptor Sky Walker and Balang

Walker on top of other Walkers’ decks.

Addressed Buffalo Walker’s packing and storage interactables highlighting the entire Walker.

Addressed Dinghy Walker’s “Use” and “Assign Spawnpoint” interactables highlighting the entire Dinghy Walker.

Buffed Mollusk Walker upgrades scaling.

Mollusk Walker meshing has been fixed. Addressed not being able to place more than a few chests inside the cabin area. Should be better now, but no meshing is allowed.

Addressed Stiletto Walker meshing.


The Flobber at the Trading Station is now selling wares… if you have Flobs, or a voucher to exchange for them.

Addressed Walkers being able to go through the Trading Station’s outside barriers.

Addressed being able to sell items with better quality than requested in buy order: Lower quality items are now prioritized for selling.


Addressed wrong icons in Tech Tree for Nibiran and Ironblade quarterstaves.

Unified realm browser (now has private servers as well as official servers listed in the same place).

Debug information (aka watermark on the top right corner) is now also toggled off when hiding UI (Shift+U).

New structure customization option in Building menu (requires disassembling permission when in clan). Will allow to customize supported buildables, won’t work for all buildables, only supported ones.

Addressed murder messages for Xbox players (killers & killed).

Realms can now be sorted by player count.

Implemented description, MotD and Discord linking on realm screen.

Further improvements to UI for realm screen.


Addressed meteor particles sometimes not despawning correctly.

Killin Nests should no longer have massive burning VFX when they are set on fire.

Addressed broken textures on draggable loot crates.

Addressed some issues where wood materials would appear as burning in some structures.

Nomaintenance exploit with sandbag walls and Defensive Tower has been fixed.

In regard to an issue with players not being able to login to specific oases: Scheduled maintenance should now deal with that problem.

Addressed some issues related to not being able to grapple to the crown of some specific tree types.

Spectators in private servers no longer get idle kicked.

Rupu Shamans now properly taunt and attack players near them.

They also don’t crash servers.

Addressed missing materials on Wingsuits.

The latest patch improved materials on male and female gas masks.

Addressed several issues on realm additional settings functionality.

Hopefully fixed issues with broken UI on player connect.

Selfhosted and private servers, admin commands, and more