Larcenauts Immersion Overload Update Patch Notes – July 22, 2021


Larcenauts: Immersion Overload update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Larcenauts patch notes, the latest update added two-handed Pivot Aiming, native support for bHaptics TactSit vests, and more.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Read more details below.


Larcenauts: Immersion Overload Update Patch Notes – July 22, 2021

New Features:

✦ Manual Weapon Reloads
✦ Two-handed Pivot Aiming
✦ Native support for bHaptics TactSuit vests
✦ Spatialized VOIP in lobby


✦ New skin for Calima (login before 12PM PDT July 31, 2021 to claim)



✦ Fixed several spots in Hazard Pay, Excavation and Blight where the player could be erroneously killed by environment collision
✦ Updated some locations in Hazard Pay and Excavation where the player could get out of environment in an exploitative way
✦ Fixed a bug in Tutorial/Training where weapon Overcharge was not functioning correctly
✦ Fixed a rare bug where the player could fall through the world after grappling
✦ Resolved bug where a bot player could erroneously have the incorrect team color highlight
✦ Added ammo spawner to tutorial to prevent player getting stuck if using up all ammo
✦ Visual polish in Hazard Pay where some environment props were not displaying as intended
✦ Fixed a rare bug where the player could not select handedness in the tutorial
✦ Optimized Hand Cannon weapon, especially when dual wielding
✦ Updated weapon holster positioning
✦ Fixed a bug where the Refuel point ownership could get stuck
✦ Updated respawn timing
✦ Fixed a bug where bot players could erroneously attempt to pick up the Uplink Drone through geometry
✦ Improvements to player movement under high latency conditions
✦ Additional crash stability fixes


✦ Improved arm length stretching to more accurately represent different player arm lengths
✦ Resolved a bug where Bosun’s visor was not appearing in the correct location when activating armor in the lobby
✦ Resolved a bug where Bosun’s first person arm textures would appear incorrectly when deactivating armor in the lobby
✦ Fixed bug where Salters’ IncendiCharge Power Slate damage-over-time was not ending correctly
✦ Reduced VOD’s health
✦ Added additional visual feedback for VOD’s Grasp ability
✦ Fixed bug where the death screen would incorrectly report the killed by line as UNKNOWN when killed by Bosun’s ON-10 turret


✦ Fixed bug where Sniper Rifle weapon could flip around in player’s hand when releasing stabilization during Overcharge charge-up
✦ Fixed a rare bug where the Grenade Launcher could fire offset from the barrel



✦ 3 Reload Options (Style, Auto, Manual)
✦ Two-Handed Pivot Aim (and influence slider)
✦ SteamVR: Updates to default bindings — Players should review and update any custom SteamVR controller bindings

User Interface:

✦ Added new Welcome Message system
✦ Updated Power Slate UI to show correct number of levels
✦ Localization bug fixes
✦ Fixed a few more instances of overlapping text and other visual issues with localized text
✦ UI bug fixes and general UI polish

Download free Larcenauts: Immersion Overload patch on PC (Steam).