Kynseed Patch Notes (Hag & Slash: The Combat Update) – August 4, 2021


Kynseed update (Hag & Slash: The Combat Update) is now available to download on PC (Switch). According to the official Kynseed patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, improvements, fixes, and more.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements and fixes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Kynseed patch will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Kynseed Update Patch Notes


Simplewood is the first of 3 increasingly tricksy places to explore and test your skills against the first set of wonderful denizens we have cooked up for you in our development cauldron.

Within the glades you will find danger, but also some respite and intrigue…a sample of what is to come as we build out the ‘fungeons’, as we don’t call them.

Within this fabulous update you will also find new Reputation Perks for all your shops, and a lovely little new level to explore, with a very helpful new Master residing within, plus a bunch of fixes and other little bits & bobs.

So get your backpack dusted off, wear reinforced underwear, and prepare for a bit of the old Hag & Slash!


To experience what combat has to offer, enter the depths of Simplewood, the easiest of our dark forests. You will find Simplewood at the top centre of Rivermoor. You should bump into Jogon, who will teach you the way of the blade.
However, if you do not keep your wits about you, then you can be something’s dinner before you can say “Ouch!”
Within each ‘dungeon’ you can elect to go right and stay at the same difficulty, or head deeper in, increasing the difficulty but opening up much more potential for tasty rewards!

Bug fixes

Combat completely redone into a Reactive Realtime Combat system
ᅠᅠ🔷 Head to Simplewood, at the top of Rivermoor to meet Jogon, Master of Combat and learn the way of the sword
ᅠᅠ🔷 Fight against 5 enemy types with multiple abilties to figure out
ᅠᅠ🔷 Equip a loadout of two swords, a ward/charm, 10 combat items and a meal
ᅠᅠ🔷 Choose your strategy carefully where death can cost you fairweather tax years of your life!
ᅠᅠ🔷 Take your dog into battle for help
ᅠᅠ🔷 Pick Combat items in paused mode to aid in attack, defense and healing
ᅠᅠ🔷 Travel deeper into the forest for tougher difficulty with better rewards
ᅠᅠ🔷 Some areas allow for rest and little minigames for additional loot
🔷 Drownhill, a new region in Summerdown to explore
ᅠᅠ🔷 Includes Moon – learn how to use a bow from our latest Master
🔷 Can order some fresh goods for the good store
🔷 Good store selling table reused for storage when player owned (items will be placed out automatically each hour while the shop is open if you have a worker)
🔷 Shop reputation levelling reworked with perk points unlocked as reputation goes up with 10 perks per shop
🔶 Apothecary crafting adjusted to be easier. Branded or offbrand results from curing all or partial traits
🔶 Apothecary ailments/maladies based on season along with shop reputation level
🔶 Apothecary crafting with no patient and recipe set now crafts combat items
🔶 Setup for blacksmith orders to be based on reputation level and also cover all 5 available ore types
🔶 Ledger UI updated
🔶 Various level tweaks mainly for collision, nav and layering
🔶 Counter staff should display thinking dots while deciding the response to customers
🔶 Blacksmith orders collected with self service due to a closed shop will still provide some rep
🔶 Blacksmith shelf browser customers served by a worker when you have no shelf items will provide a placebo item with similar 50/50 chance of gaining a little rep and brass or losing a little rep
❌ Fix for blacksmith npc crafters mostly only making the first order in the list
❌ Storage shows star rating next to stock
❌ Fix for out of level apothecary workers being lazy to help patients
❌ Fix for some spelling errors in text
❌ Mushrooms have proverbs
❌ Radishes no longer have the gassy trait
❌ Offering points are retained on leaving the goddess statue prompt to avoid exploitation
❌Afternoon is counted from 1pm to 6pm to overlap with Dusk for one hour
❌ Speculative fix for rare crash when raining from certain level changes
❌ Heartroot icon correct size ingame
❌ Fix for shop skill and relationship appearing altered when setting different staff for the currently active shop hours
❌ Stopped customer countdown going up while bartering
❌ Fix for rare softlock in Evergreen at the end of the year
❌ Fix for Dusk Cherry being treated as a recipe
❌ Dusk Cherries and Sugar Plums spawn in winter as intended
❌ Prevented White Rose/Rose of Romance from being requested in favours
❌ Fix for good store and apoth shops where the camera would snap inside when close to the walls outside
❌ Tavern will still open if the player marries one of the staff
❌ Blacksmith apprentice crafting can use some ore from the npc owned store if they have any spare (one added per day). Any brass from crafting these is reduced compared to the player providing their own ore
❌ No pollen weather appearing inside shops
❌ On selling a Good Store it restocks when you next enter the level
❌ Prevented purchase of multiple recipes from sellers like Mellowbrook Apothecary
❌ No more freebie premade cures if the player serves patients!
❌ Fix for follow points of followers that meant they got in the way more frequently
❌ Count next to ore in ledger should be what is in stock for workers rather than include the player’s inventory
❌ Blacksmith worker should be able to craft shelf items if not all orders are complete due to missing ore
❌ Followers should follow in interiors
❌ Lemonade stand profit info should only include gains from the lemonade stand
❌ Shouldn’t be able to access the options screen while changing level
❌ NPCs should recover from getting into non-navigable spots
❌ Fixed many star rating placeholder gossip lines
❌ Babies shouldn’t start conversations

Download free Kynseed patch on PC (Steam).