Kingdom Come Deliverance update for Xbox One is now available for download. According to the official Kingdom Come Deliverance patch notes, the new update comes with various changes and improvements. The new patch also added improvements for animations as well as balanced Gaining money and experience.

This update is already available on PS4 and PCs. Check out more details below.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Update for Xbox One Patch Notes

  • Added multiple new events.
  • Added improvement in dialogue animations.
  • Balanced Gaining money and experience.
  • Balanced Weapon and armor stats.
  • General combat improvements.
  • Improved NPC reaction time.
  • Sound propagation adjusted.
  • Archery is now possible in stealth mode.
  • Added improvements to the Persuasion UI.
  • Plus numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

Check your game update and download the latest Kingdom Come Deliverance update for Xbox One.