King Arthur’s Gold Update Patch Notes (Halloween) – Nov 1, 2021

King Arthur’s Gold update (November 1, 2021) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official King Arthur’s Gold patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes


Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s King Arthur’s Gold patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


King Arthur’s Gold patch notes (November 1, 2021)

[fixed] water arrows can now be shielded consistently
[fixed] shieldbashes now work consistently
[fixed] ladder targetting is now consistent between teams
[fixed] fixed quarry sprite on staging build
[changed] probability of picking up a corpse accidentally significantly decreased
[changed] quarry becomes less efficient each time it drops mats
[changed] shieldbashes now scale with velocity
[changed] crates collide with players and arrows again
[changed] you can now shield cata rocks
[changed] mine radius to not fall in 1 block holes
[changed] fire arrows now die when hitting shield instead of bouncing
[changed] give more coins to winning team in CTF
[changed] set heart owner to killer (killer of player which drops heart will get coins when someone heals by eating the heart)
[added] functionality for crates with stuff costing gold to drop gold as well
[added] report reason to chat message about reported player

[fixed] works properly now
[fixed] builder can now hit crates
[changed] minor ballista rework: explosive bomb bolts are no longer a gold upgrade. Explosive bomb bolts are now a seperate material. Tap F while being in ballista to swap bolt type.
[added] more coin gain for killstreak
[added] killstreak messages
[added] halloween mood (Skemonde made the sprites)

[fixed] some minor HUD fixes
[changed] minimap now shows all blocks in different colours
[changed] you can now place backwalls on doors without opening them
[added] fishies now use inventory icon dependent on their growth level
[added] sharks drip water particles on land
[added] additional travel icons for tunnel

[fixed] added missing translation support for some displayed text
[fixed] fixed issues with bomb selection
[fixed] fixed filled buckets shown as empty in inventory
[changed] removed gold cost from boat shop
[changed] ballistae cost 50 gold and drop 50 gold upon death
[changed] moved burger higher in the trader shop menu
[added] hover over primed mine to check if its your mine
[added] Shift + num key to switch bomb/arrow type
[added] arrows stay stuck in blobs for maximum realism
[added] ban propagation functionality (bans synced on all official servers)
[added] Shift + Space to rotate blocks the opposite direction

[fixed] map name now correctly removes file extension if mapcycle doesnt include .png
[fixed] stop looping when doors are opened (performance improvement)
[added] spectator slots support (you can join to spectate when server is full)
[added] added -1 as a valid option for accolades
[changed] moved some scripts to client/server only (performance improvements)

[fixed] fixed image in boatshop where it displayed a longboat image instead of a warboat
[added] damaging stone and thick stone by knights drops stone at feet like gold does

[fixed] firing arrows now looks better (arrows no longer appear behind player’s head)
[added] GUI icons, killfeed icons now use team coloring

[fixed] accidental bucket splashing with inventory open
[fixed] fixed destroying backwall tiles at top of map

[fixed] workaround for swap class button not appearing on ballista sometimes
[changed] crates collide with each other again

[changed] updated mapcycle (Ferrezinhre)
[changed] updated accolades with: Tomiun Knight Tournament, Artoria’s OCE Tournaments
[changed] HomekGod, TheCustomerMan, kvex heads, renamed PrimalFear7 head to MasterOfCockFights
[added] Azazyl, Ni, RogueCupcake, Zelkatshi, xAtticusxx, PixelSqueegee, Nananas heads

Engine changes
[fixed] Possible fix for arrows colliding with platforms when they shouldn’t (Nananas)
[fixed] onBan hook correctly displays the reason (Vamist)
[fixed] onDie() crash fix (Vamist) => avoids engine crash when onDie() of a blob causes onDie() of another blob infinitely
[fixed] E buttons could disappear off your screen if another button has gone too far off screen (Vamist)
[fixed] setMousePosition server crash (Vamist)
[changed] Removed mouse moving to centre of the screen on launch (Vamist)

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