Just King Update 0.1.3 Patch Notes for PC – August 3, 2022


Just King update 0.1.3 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Just King patch notes, the latest update added highly requested features to the game. Apart from this, the latest Just King patch 0.1.3 also includes balancing changes and fixes.

Recently, a major update was released which added various quality of life improvements and fixed.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still facing issues with the game. Today’s Just King update 1.3 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details here.


Just King Patch 0.1.3 Notes – August 3, 2022

Core Systems

Hero Selection

After beating the first boss you will be allowed to pick any hero to start with.
After beating the second boss you will be allowed to customize your hero pool to keep only your favorites! Minimum of 12 heroes in the pool.

Adventure Map

Nodes to reach the boss increased by 2 after the chest. This change will allow us to better play with high level and equipped parties for longer, but it also means there will be a spike in powelevel before reaching the boss. We will monitor if bosses will need help in future patches so give us feedback on how the end game feels!

Heal Power

Heal Power no longer applies to both out-going and in-going heals, instead the highest source of Heal Power is applied.
This means that if a Cleric with 50% tries to heal a Berserker with 100% Heal Power, the incoming heal is only increased by 100%.

Special Effect Item Scaling

Tooltips will now properly display the real attribute values of the special effect items. This is a visual adjustment, they already scaled off the hero’s attributes.

Pet Collision

Pets no longer collide with your heroes.



  • NEW Precious Presence
    Periodically heals nearby allies
    • Heal 1
    • Cooldown 5
  • Majestic Benevolence
    • Heal 10 -> 5

The King now provides better scaling sustain for your party. Main healers are being watched for their dominance, but since this patch already touches into too many aspects of sustainability we will leave possible nerfs for the future.


  • Rapid Fire
    • Cooldown 3 -> 2
  • Barrage
    • Cooldown 30 -> 25
    • Now moves towards closest target after being invoked!


  • Even in death…
    • Nanas that stay alive are healed to full
    • Nana movement speed 1 -> 1.5


  • Holy Whack
    • Damage 2 -> 4
    • This should make it less likely that mad men take 1 HOUR to kill the boss

Deep Cultist

  • Reach of the Old Mother
    • Now only strikes when tentacle is in range of the target
    • Tooltip now says the damage delay
  • Gaze of the Old Mother
    • Now correctly applies its damage


  • Hurl Flame
    • Cooldown 1 -> (1.5/1.083/0.666)
    • Damage (2/2.5/3) -> 1
    • Range medium -> short

[Devil plays Dev, Author Unknown]


Items now sell for their half their value rounded up.

Basic Heal Power items got nerfed in half, but alternative sustain items got buffed.

Emerald Shard

Heal Power 50 -> 25%

Life Tender’s Cross

Heal Power 100 -> 50%


Emerald Light Crest

Heal Power 150 -> 75%

Heart of Ent

Heal Power 250 -> 150%

Pocket Cleric

Cooldown 120 -> 60s

Livine Corselet

Heal 2 -> 4

Diopside Ring

  • Heal 1 -> 3
  • Heal tick interval 1 -> 2 seconds

Bosses / Zones

  • Recovery delay after Heavy Cleave increased
  • Zone Bitter Cold base Frost per second 5 -> 2
  • Owl Frost/second increase in second phase 10 -> 4
  • No longer forces 100 Frost in mid phase
  • First phase movement cooldown 7 -> 10
  • Massive explosive eye thing now ramps up in velocity
  • M.E.E.T. now deals half damage to secondary targets
  • Corals now have a bluish background in their recharge bar for clarity

Smoll Things

  • Barkskin doesn’t trigger if damage is equal to 1
  • Ruined Saber Tooltip: NEW A blade from a bygone age used to rally troops long forgotten
  • Frost Plate’s Tooltip: No longer brings shame to my family
  • mSlow
  • Achievement Cleric Only Run: Text rewritten for more clarity
  • Block now says Blocked when blocking
  • CrushforceX said he did something but I forgo :skull:


  • Frost Plate’s aura now properly slows enemies’ haste instead of increasing it
  • Random Blackscreen bug fixed for good this time
  • Transparent units no longer lose their fade when receiving Frostbite

Download free Just King patch 0.1.3 on PC(Steam).