Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.10 Patch Notes (New DLC 3)

Jurassic World Evolution 2 update 1.10 (1.4) on PS4, PS5, and PC(Steam) is now available for players. According to the official JWE 2 update 1.10 patch notes, the latest update added Dominion Biosyn Expansion to the game. Apart from this, Jurassic World Evolution 2 patch 1.10 also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a major patch was released that added the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack to the game.

Unfortunately, since the launch, players are facing various bugs with the game. Today’s Jurassic World Evolution 2 version 1.07 (1.3.3) will fix a few of these issues. Read more details here.

JWE 2 update 1.10 (v1.4) patch notes – June 14, 2022

DLC 3 –  “Dominion Biosyn Expansion”

Biosyn Campaign

Immerse yourself in a thrilling new campaign inspired by Jurassic World Dominion. Construct the Biosyn Genetics Research Compound using a range of new film-inspired buildings. Send scientists to retrieve amber-encased DNA, synthesise and incubate stunning new species, and observe their diverse behaviours. Team up with iconic characters such as Lewis Dodgson (voiced by Campbell Scott), Ramsay Cole (voiced by Mamoudou Athie), Dr. Alan Grant (voiced by Sam Neill), Dr. Ellie Sattler (voiced by Laura Dern), Claire Dearing (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Grady as the story unfolds

    • Gameplay
      • Biosyn Genetics Research Compound
        • Participate in the construction of Biosyn Genetics’ new Research Compound in the secretive “Biosyn Sanctuary” valley
        • As each floor is constructed, you’ll gain access to new technologies such as Invisible Fences and Amber Mine Expeditions
      • Amber Mine Expeditions
        • Acquire genomes for new prehistoric species from the amber mines that Biosyn Genetics have dug out from underneath Biosyn Sanctuary
        • Each area contains different sets of species divided up into nodes within the levels of the mines
        • The underground mines are displayed in a new map interface (accessed from the Expedition Centre), and are split into a number of levels that players will need to unlock to access the amber within
      • Biosyn Genetics Hyper Loop Network
        • The Hyper Loop is run by the Biosyn Genetics Transport Division for use within Biosyn Sanctuary for transporting staff around the valley without the need for paths
        • The player can build Hyper Loop Tunnels beneath the terrain surface similar to building a monorail track
        • Tunnels are built underground between connection points on specific buildings;
          • Biosyn Research Compound
            • Situated in Biosyn Sanctuary as part of the Biosyn Campaign
          • Biosyn Control Centre
          • Biosyn Research Outposts
          • Biosyn Hydro Power Hub
      • Invisible Fences and Gates
        • While powered these will stop dinosaurs escaping, however if they lose power then the dinosaurs will be free to move across them as if they weren’t there
        • These fences will not be damaged by dinosaurs or storms and will only cease working upon losing power
        • Player driven vehicles can pass through invisible fences even when they’re powered
    • Audio
      • Added new Biosyn Radio station with a new host and 21 tracks
    • Environments
      • New map based on the Biosyn Sanctuary
        • Two unique campaign missions and sandbox
      • New Biosyn themed biome to match the Dominion location including –
        • Unique set of trees, shrubs, boulders and debris
        • Forest and ornamental shrub brushes
        • New terrain materials
        • Forest mist VFX
        • New day/night lighting and atmospherics
      • Scorched Earth campaign gameplay
        • Burnt out forest patches
        • Scorched terrain and VFX
        • Clearance/clean up.

Chaos Theory

Play through a gripping new ‘what if’ scenario inspired by the epic events of Jurassic World Dominion and build your very own facility to house dinosaurs in an all-new Sierra Nevada environment featuring majestic pine forests, snowy hills and sweeping plains. Use the new dinosaur-wrangling mechanic to corral herds quickly and ensure their safety with new security measures.

  • Added new Rustlers gameplay
    • Rustlers will appear and attempt to steal dinosaurs from the ranch
    • Rustlers will steal dinosaurs by tranquilising them
    • Rustlers will attempt to move through fences and gates, sabotaging them if needed
    • Rustlers are hidden from the map by default until they become tagged by a ranger team, a watchtower or camera
    • The player can use direct control of a Ranger Team to scare a Rustler into fleeing or by ramming them
    • The player can mark, damage or temporarily disable Rustlers using defence buildings
      • Watchtower – Tags rustlers in a large viewing radius
      • Camera Post – Tags rustlers in a small viewing radius
      • Floodlight – Lights up a large area visually
      • Flashbangs – Triggers in a tiny radius and temporarily stops a Rustler for 40 seconds and tags them
      • Heat Detector – Displays an icon overhead when it detects something in a large radius
  • New Taiga map based around Owen’s Cabin/Ranch location in Sierra Nevada
    • New sandbox based on same location

Prehistoric Species

  • 4 x New Species
  • Therizinosaurus
    • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
    • 2022 Variant
    • Pyroraptor
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Variant
    • Dimetrodon
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Variant
    • Quetzalcoatlus
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Variant
  • 2 x New Variants
    • Dreadnoughtus
      • 2022 Variant
    • Giganotosaurus
      • 2022 Variant
  • 6 x New Skins
    • T. rex Skin x 2
      • Cretaceous Age Feathered Variant
      • 2022 Scarred Variant
    • Dilophosaurus Skins x 1
      • 2022 Variant
    • Parasaurolophus Skin x 3
      • 2022 Variant A
      • 2022 Variant B
      • 2022 Variant C
  • Dinosaur Behaviours
    • Added ability for dinosaurs to perform “Shake” animations in storms
      • Affects the Therizinosaurus, Pyroraptor and Quetzalcoatlus


Added Biosyn themed buildings and decorations to Biosyn Campaign as part of the Biosyn Building Set for Sandbox mode. Biosyn Building Set contains all of the below + DFW buildings to provide a full building set.

    • Buildings
      • Repeater Substation
      • Power Station
      • Backup Generator
      • Fossil Centre
      • Research Outpost
      • Response Facility
        • Biosyn Genetics Ranger Team
        • Biosyn Genetics Capture Team
      • Paleo Medical Facility
        • Biosyn Genetics MVU Team
      • Expedition Centre
      • Staff Centre
      • Hatchery
      • Control Centre
      • Emergency Shelter
      • Invisible Fences
      • Invisible Gates
    • Decorations
      • 2 x Biosyn Genetics Fountain
      • 2 x Biosyn Genetics Lights
      • 4 x Biosyn Genetics Sculptures

Sandbox Mode

  • Added Biosyn Sanctuary and Sierra Nevada levels to Sandbox Mode
  • Added Biosyn Building Set which contains the Biosyn themed buildings alongside supporting DFW buildings
    • Biosyn Buildings
      • See list above.
    • Biosyn Decorations
      • See list above.
    • DFW Buildings
      • Operations – Arrival Point
      • Guests – Restroom
      • Guests – Large Hotel
      • Guests – Small Hotel
      • Guests – Amenities
      • Attractions – DFW Guided Tour
      • Attractions – Guest Attractions
      • Attractions – Viewing Platform
      • Attractions – Viewing Gallery
      • Enclosures – Lagoons and Supporting Buildings
      • Enclosures – Aviary and Supporting Buildings


  • Added 2 new achievements and trophies on Xbox, Playstation and Steam

Update 3


Game Modes

  • Added 5 new Challenge levels based on the Chaos Theory maps, available once the player earns 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9 stars across all maps in Challenge Mode
    • 1 – Isla Nublar 1993 (Jurassic Park)
    • 2 – San Diego (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)
    • 3 – Isla Sorna (Jurassic Park III)
    • 4 – Isla Nublar 2015 (Jurassic World)
    • 5 – Isla Nublar 2018 (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)
  • Added new Challenge conditions
    • Intelligent Dinosaurs
      • Found within Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Challenge maps
      • Random chance that some dinosaur species will gain the Intelligent Trait
      • Dinosaurs will extend an Area of Interest beyond their Territory and through fences they can break
      • Dinosaurs will attempt to break fences to reach Food, Guests or Prey in their Area of Interest
    • Fussy Dinosaurs
      • Found within The Lost World and Jurassic World Challenge map
      • Dinosaurs comfort thresholds are raised, so a higher territory satisfaction is needed for a dinosaur to be comfortable
    • Automated Dinosaur Shipments
      • Found within The Lost World Challenge map

At the start of a level, every few minutes a Narrative Events will pop up that lets the player choose between two (groups of) dinosaurs with specific traits to be delivered soon

      • Once the player has selected which dinosaurs they want a countdown timer will begin
    • Tour Areas
      • Found within the Jurassic Park 3 Challenge Map
      • Added new Tour Area where building rules are limited
        • Players can only build:
          • Tour vehicle tracks
          • Paleo/environment alterations
          • Electricity lines
    • New Species Appeal Bonus
      • Found within the Jurassic World Challenge Map
      • When a new species is released into the park the global dinosaur appeal is multiplied by a certain amount
    • Disloyal Scientist Trait
      • Found within the Jurassic Park Challenge Map
      • Unrest meter goes up more when scientists perform tasks. This is indicated in the panel on the right when a task is assigned

Park Teams

  • Added Dinosaur Wrangling feature to Ranger Teams
    • A way to move herbivore dinosaurs around without the need for tranquilizing or the transport team.
    • Two new pieces of Equipment for the Ranger Team
      • Players directly controlling a Ranger Team can now Summon or Send
        • Summon
          • Summon has two modes: Cone and Circle
            • Dinosaurs can also be summoned directly using lock on
          • Most dinosaurs within the highlighted area will run towards the Ranger Team
        • Send
          • Dinosaurs within the highlighted area will be sent to the point in the distance
      • Gates will open automatically – in certain situations – to allow wrangled dinosaurs to pass through
      • Note: all dinosaurs will be able to navigate through automatically-opened gates
      • Gates will be visually highlighted to indicate that they will open
    • Added a Sandbox Setting to enable wrangling for “All Dinosaurs”


  • Added a DFW Guided Tour ride and added it as part of the “DFW Building Set” for Sandbox Mode


  • Added 3 new achievements and trophies for Xbox, Playstation and Steam

Quality of Life Updates

Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

  • Added ability to lock the framerate to 30 FPS

Sandbox Mode

  • Removed the Operations Buildings Limit in Sandbox Mode
    • Allow for Operations buildings to be placed above their limits for decorative effect
      • Decorative Buildings are clearly marked to differentiate them from Active Buildings
    • Added Sandbox Setting to turn On/Off
  • Added Sandbox Setting to turn off Status Checks
  • Added Sandbox Setting to turn off Dinosaur Injuries

Transport Tool

  • Add ability for players to select multiple dinosaurs with the transport tool at any one time

Main Menu 

  • Replaced the “Newsletter” section of the front end with a “Community” page
    • Contains links to official social media channels for JWE2 for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Frontier Customer Support

Species Viewer

  • Added a “Reset Lighting” button
  • Re-ordered the Animation buttons to reduce glitches between movements

Dinosaur Behaviours

  • Prevent injuries from occurring as a result of alpha leadership challenges

Alpha leadership contests/fights (aka dominance fights) are now explicitly decided by dominance rather than combat stats reducing repeated fighting in herds

  • Rebalanced all the dominance values for traits, so certain traits make a dinosaur more likely to become the alpha than others
  • Removed poor cohabitation comfort values as a cause of Common Cold
  • Cohabitation Balance
    • Adding a Likes relationship between Hadrosaurid and Ornithomimosaurid
    • Reducing the neutral contention multiplier from 25% to 18% (making Cohabitation more forgiving overall)
    • Adding Likes relationships between specific dinosaurs that dislike each others’ categories:
      • Chasmosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus
      • Chasmosaurus and Styracosaurus
      • Pachyrhinosaurus and Styracosaurus
      • Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus
      • Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus
      • Parasaurolophus and Maiasaura
      • Chungkingosaurus and Gigantspinosaurus
      • Gigantspinosaurus and Huayangosaurus
    • Upping combat stats of various sauropods
    • Made it so more dinosaurs are needed in general to start jump attacks on Sauropods
  • Changing the “population needs” text to “Area Need Growth” and clarifying the trait effect in the gene editing

Tour Rides

  • All Tour Rides now function as transport, connecting separate areas of the park and improving the transport rating
  • Stations can now connect multiple areas of the park without path or monorail connections (or multiple arrival points) on a single connected tour
  • Increase the number of vehicles base on Tour Length and added a slider to allow players to adjust the distance


  • Added a “Photo Value” Contract to take a photo of at least a certain value

Gene Editing

  • Added the difference in price to Genome Editing if you modify the genome
  • Adjusted the Species Limit to a percentage rather than an integer and now warns you at 90%
  • Allow non-default sets to be chosen when randomising dinosaur cosmetics

Capture Mode

  • Added frame logos for Camp Cretaceous and Jurassic World Dominion

Game Modifications

  • Added notifications to alert players if local files have been modified


  • Nodes are now ordered vertically to improve readability in big research trees


  • Added new options for highlighting dinosaurs in Accessibility Settings
    • Added Colour Blind option for Dinosaur Highlight
    • ACU Highlight Distance
      • This gives control over the highlight radius when in ACU modes
    • Ranger Highlight Distance
      • This gives control over the highlight radius when in Ranger modes
    • Highlight Opacity
      • This will operate as a multiplier for the dinosaur highlight opacity
  • Added a button to toggle the accessibility dinosaur highlight on/off in view modes


  • Added time and cash symbols into the traits section of the staff assignment UI


  • Added Tour Fact VO lines for:
    • Buildings
    • Vehicles

Park Teams

  • Added ability to access the Map from Ranger and MVU Teams

View Modes

  • Amenities stats are now per-month rather than per-minute in Management View Mode
  • Dinosaurs are now highlighted in Visibility View Mode


  • Added Ray traced Ambient Occlusion on PC with Nvidia compatible graphics cards

Bug Fixes

  • Game Modes
    • Fixed which Film Cosmetic Sets appear in which levels. Main change is that all cosmetics are available in Challenge
      • DFW Campaign – NONE
      • Dominion Campaign / Chaos Theory – Era-appropriate skins
      • Challenge & Sandbox – ALL available
  • Campaign Mode
    • Campaign 1 – Fixed the Power Generator being “Incorrectly Aligned” if you place it in the tutorial box validly, but angled in a certain place
  • Chaos Theory Mode
    • Jurassic Park – Don’t allow the pre-placed generators to be moved/deleted until after the hatchery has been built
  • Challenge Mode
    • Fixed Challenge Rewards not being rewarded if you save/load your game as you hit 5 stars
  • Park Teams
    • Fixed Tours, Gyrospheres and Park Teams being able to be pushed through fences and buildings by dinosaurs
    • Removed flares fired by Ranger Teams into the lagoons
  • Dinosaur Behaviour
    • Additional fixes for cases of dinosaurs or reptiles getting stuck
    • Various animation bug fixes on dinosaur behaviours
    • Prevent dinosaurs trying to claim territory whilst they’re being airlifted across the level
    • Fix for predators not dying in a group attack and standing in place at 0% health
    • Modified severity of burn injuries
  • Buildings and Decorations
    • Fixed misaligned cursor when placing a lagoon viewing gallery on an invalid spot
    • Various art improvement bug fixes across numerous buildings and assets
  • JW Database
    • Fix newly added entries not being automatically unlocked if you already completed the criteria to unlock it, when the criteria is to complete a Chaos Theory career. This will allow the Alan Grant entry introduced in 1.3.0 to unlock without the need to replay anything
  • UI
    • Fixed “Ticket Sales Per Minute” showing as partly filled at 0%
    • Pressing enter on keyboard while inputting text in the save name will now confirm the save name
    • Don’t show the “Staff Busy” message when there’s insufficient staff skill on a task
    • Hide the Expedition Filter UI when assigning Scientists to an Expedition
    • Fixed invisible focus and direction issues on Amenity Colour Swatches Panel
    • Management View Colour Blind Setting now shows an example image of each setting
    • Fix for occasionally losing controller focus and getting stuck in the Species Viewer Animation picker
    • Fix for occasionally being unable to access the JW Database from a Dinosaur Statistics UI
    • No longer display the switch page prompt when using the keyboard
    • Dinosaur silhouettes now appear correctly for Remote Capture events
    • Fixed issue where Calamity Bar could appear visible during cinematics
    • Fixed issue where internal modules on Amenities could be double counted when editing them
    • Stop UI autocycling between amenities when pressing left stick with the colour picker and swatches open
    • Changed all references to PR to be “Publicity Rating” or Publicity” for clarity and consistency
    • Removed the 3rd Help Tile for the Jurassic World Database now that all content is available by default in Sandbox Mode without research
    • Fixed the Hatchery info panel stopping working when you enter and exit the hatchery bay rapidly
    • Fixed Hatchery hardlocking if you repeatedly pressed A on synthesis with Scientists turned off
    • Corrected information on Avian Pox as this spreads through direct contact and not randomly through the park
  • Terrain
    • Snow brush in Campaign 4 – Oregon now changes the terrain as a circle rather than a square
  • Audio
    • Stop playing new VO when the “Request new contract” button is pressed repeatedly
  • Animation
    • Fixed some sauropods getting up from ragdoll on their wrong sides
  • Localisation
    • Adjusted subtitles for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese so subtitles more consistently fit within 2 lines
    • Various localisation and text fixes for all languages
  • Various optimisations for game performance on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles
  • Various stability fixes

Bug Fixes – Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

  • Dinosaur Behaviours
    • Scorpios Rex now has a Hunt need and will kill more frequently
    • Monolophosaurus will now climb fences rather than attacking them
  • Audio
    • Added VO debut lines for Scorpios Rex and Monolophosaurus
  • Animation
    • Fixed the Scorpios Rex legs remaining static when it’s attacked by a group

Download free Jurassic World Evolution patch 1.10 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox One.

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