Jagged Alliance 3 Update 1.2 Patch Notes (1.2.0)

Jagged Alliance 3 update 1.2 is available to download on PC. Accroding to the Jagged Alliance 3 patch notes, the update packed with exciting updates that promise to enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.2 also includes includes a long list of improvements and changes.

Previously, Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.02 added quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunetly, since the release, players are experiencing issues with the game. Future Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.2.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Read Jagged Alliance 3 Patch details below.

Jagged Alliance 3 Patch Notes – October 3, 2023


  • Ricocheting shots are now simulated and have a chance to damage characters and objects nearby.
  • The remaining number of overwatch attacks will now be shown on the combat badge above the merc’s head
  • Various improvements to melee attack animations
  • Fixed some cases where conflicts would not end
  • Made the “Run and Gun” attack sequence more fluid
  • “Run and Gun” would no longer make shots against dead enemies
  • Enemies no longer redeploy when a merc retreats
  • Handled cases where melee attacks would fail to execute
  • Fixes to free aim melee attacks and melee attacks against objects
  • Melee animations connect better when the attacker and the target are on different elevation
  • Fixed some cases where the Surprised enemy state was applied incorrectly
  • Grenades that don’t deal damage will no longer destroy objects
  • Fixed some cases where the camera was in the wrong position or got stuck
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the “Remote Detonation” action
  • More fixes for combat effects never ending (incl. Zoophobic and Claustrophobic)
  • Fixed an animation issue causing enemies to sometimes start displaying a crouching animation before dying
  • Fixed a rare case of neutral units walking around during combat
  • Smoke objects will no longer provide a cover spot
  • Infected are no longer incorrectly considered to be in a crouched stance
  • Fixed some attacks being incorrectly labelled as Free Aim in the UI
  • Fixed cases where wrong firing modes would appear for weapons that do not have these modes
  • Made the AI units reload more visible (community suggestion)
  • Fixed the AP costs when using doors and windows
  • Improved performance on combat start
  • Handled cases when entering the overwatch area did not trigger an attack
  • Civilians killed by allies or neutral units no longer incur a loyalty penalty (community suggestion)
  • (Spotter talent) The Marked combat effect is now applied only during combat and on start of combat
  • Combat tasks that require something to happen in the same turn now work correctly when reentering combat
  • The “Put this apple…” and “Make them suffer” combat tasks can no longer appear together
  • Certain Combat tasks objectives (e.g. “Killing Spree”) now properly handle animals
  • The “Knife Juggler” combat task can now be completed only by the merc who has the task
  • Improved the logic for civilian units cowering during combat
  • Aim effects from weapon mods are now applied to overwatch and interrupt actions (community suggestion)
  • Fixed a case where applied wounds did not lower the max health
  • When using the Revenge perk, the damage is checked for the whole attack and not for each separate shot
  • Tired and Exhausted voice responses will no longer play during combat
  • Fixed some cases when prone units faced the wrong way
  • Fixed some cases where a merc will get stuck in an aiming pose when interrupted by another player in multiplayer
  • Improved how some terrain objects affect cover and line of sight
  • Light/darkness indicator is properly updated during deployment
  • Added spark FX when bullets hit hard walls
  • Fixed cases where the flare burning sound was not played
  • Added additional FX on buckshot burst
  • The burning FX on objects will no longer disappear after save/load
  • Visual FX are now properly removed when disarming landmines


  • The Suppressed combat effect no longer persists out of combat
  • Enemies are more likely to react to their buddies getting shot nearby
  • Fixed some cases where enemies would not redeploy properly when they are attacking a sector
  • Searchlights are turned off when defending a sector to not compromise sneaking mercs
  • Fixed cases where searchlights were not revealing mercs
  • Improvements to how/when mercs stop movement in Exploration mode when seeing mines (community suggestion)
  • Improvements to the Hyena roaming logic
  • Fixed a case causing mercs in Overwatch to teleport at combat start
  • Fixed interactable discovery not working occasionally
  • Handled rare cases where windows and doors became invisible
  • Fixed some appearance issues with electricity wires


  • Some stackable items like knives can now be scrapped (community suggestion)
  • The “Weapon shipment” item can now be opened from the sector stash.
  • Fixed the recipe for disassembling the TNT proximity detonator
  • Mercs no longer lose their special items when their contract expires
  • The “Cash stack” context menu option no longer appears for single items
  • Fixed cases where weapon mods that changed the magazine size did not update the remaining ammo properly
  • Removed the “Equip” option in the context menu for the “Weapon shipment” item
  • Mercs were are no longer able to equip or give items when they are too far away from each other using the context menu


  • Balance changes to shipments and enemy attack frequency
  • Fixed some rare cases when a conflict would break when assigning mercs to squads above and underground
  • Fixed timeline icons for shipments not updating in some cases
  • Fixed a case where defeated enemies were not shown in the auto-resolve UI
  • The route line of highlighted squads can no longer be hidden behind other route lines
  • Fixed rare cases when double-clicking a squad in SatView did not position the camera properly
  • Mercs that are being trained are automatically removed from the operation when they reach the highest possible stat with the current trainer(s)
  • Travelling from an underground sector to the above-ground sector will no longer trigger a voice response
  • Fixed some cases where the Well-Rested status was lost when wounds were healed
  • The R&R operation will no longer trigger a voice response on finish
  • Fixed not being able to un-pause satellite time in some rare cases when pressing multiple buttons at once
  • Opening the SatView when all mercs are dead no longer causes the game to freeze
  • Fixed an infinite money exploit based on starting and cancelling Operations
  • Using herbal medicine to remove the Tired combat effect will now properly update the timeline
  • Fixed incorrect timeline icons remaining in the SatView for aborted or stopped operations
  • Added an icon to distinguish inventory and sector stash items when selecting items for a Repair operation (community suggestion)
  • Repair operations will now also allow repairing items from another squad in the sector (community suggestion)
  • Fixed some cases where the Travelling voice response was played in sectors with enemies
  • Starting an operation will now properly play a sound effect
  • Quests and scripting (Spoilers)
  • Fixed a case where the conflict would not end if Biff was already dead when you enter Hill Station
  • Fixed a case where some of Pierre’s banters after the world flip at Fort L’Eau Bleu were not playing
  • Pierre is no longer unarmed when returning to Ernie Island
  • Stopped some of Pierre’s banters from playing when the combat at Fort L’Eau Bleu was initiated through stealth
  • Bounce will now play a banter when you interact with him after defeating Siegfried
  • Fixed conversations with too many options causing a freeze (e.g. Emma’s conversation in Port Cacao)
  • Characters killed by overwatch or interrupt attacks are properly counted by quests
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the written and voiced text in the Bounce conversation
  • Bug fixes and improvements to “The Docks” quest
  • Handled a case where the note about the machine gun in the “Helping Ernie village” quest appeared before talking to Basil
  • Fixed some cases where dead NPC would still play banters
  • Minor fixes to the “Twin Manors” quest
  • Fixed multiple problems in the Boss Blaubert conversation regarding Smiley and Luigi
  • Handled some cases where the “Voodoo people” quest would not progress
  • Fixed a note in the “Chalet de la Paix” quest pointing to the wrong NPC
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the “Herman is missing” quest
  • Properly handled the cases with the remaining treasures after the main treasure is found in the “Treasure Hunting” quest
  • Fixed some banters in Ille Morat not playing occasionally
  • Disabled the phrase for reuniting the Coffee Beans if they are already reunited
  • Properly show some disabled phrases in Headshot Hue’s conversation
  • Improved the wording of the notes in “The Dead Poachers” quest
  • Several voiced lines are now played correctly instead of being text only


  • Added a welcome message when starting the game after a new major patch has been released
  • The “Show More” info is now disabled by default
  • Added a different icon for mechanical traps (community suggestion)
  • Added Depth of Field sliders in Photo mode
  • Tutorial popups will no longer appear if the player has no controllable mercs
  • Player badges are now visible in the enemy’s turn
  • Added a fade-in to the end turn button at the start of the player turn
  • Fixed cases where quest and item badges would appear over nothing
  • An incorrect warning about multiple allies in danger no longer appears
  • Weapon and grenade damage no longer appears as 0 in the sector stash after auto-resolving conflicts
  • Enemy badges will now update properly when the unit visibility changes
  • Fixed some UIs that were not scaling properly in 4K resolution
  • UI improvements to the Mercs Control menu
  • Improved selection for some interactable objects
  • Typo fixed in the “Ice Storm” talent
  • Fixed a rare case where the melee attack avatar was not in the right place
  • Fixed not being able to get to 0 points in the IMP stats UI when using the arrow keys
  • Restored the Aiming article in the Help section
  • Added “Action Cancelled” notification when an action gets interrupted
  • Fixed shipment badges sometimes missing in tactical view
  • Disable the Next/Finish button when no answer is selected in the IMP test.
  • Stopped displaying scrollbars in the Conflict screen when they are not needed
  • Units will no longer change their color when they die
  • The keyboard shortcut for accessing the inventory works properly in the A.I.M. Evaluation screen
  • Fixed a case where joining a multiplayer game will produce an empty error message
  • Fixed how menus expand when the UI scaling is less than 100%
  • Fixed an issue with mercs appearing twice in the UI when a merc being bandaged dies
  • Fixed some cases where the Snype messages were getting cut off
  • The Outro images are now properly fitted to the screen


  • Fixed some cases where sounds are still played when the master volume is set to 0
  • The “Modding Expert” achievement will no longer unlock on a failed modification
  • The “Time Is Money” achievement is now unlocked as described
  • Many tweaks and improvements when using a controller including new QoL options
  • Desyncs fixed
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements
  • Added a functionality that checks for keybinding conflicts when new keyboard shortcuts have been added

Download the free Jagged Alliance 3 update 1.2 on PC.

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