Jagged Alliance 3 Update 1.03 Patch Notes

Jagged Alliance 3 update 1.03 is available to download on PC. Accroding to the Jagged Alliance 3 patch notes, the update addresses difficulty concerns, machine gun issues, and explosive mechanics. Additionally, Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.03 also includes various fixes, improvements, and changes to gameplay elements.

Previously, Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.02 added quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunetly, since the release, players are experiencing issues with the game. Future Jagged Alliance 3 patch 1.03 will fix a few of these issues.

Read Jagged Alliance 3 Patch details below.

Jagged Alliance 3 Patch Notes – August 3, 2023


  • Enemy attacks from guard posts on the First Blood difficulty trigger less often
  • Diamond mines deplete to 50% income on First Blood difficulty; 20% on Commando difficulty; 0% on Mission Impossible (Community Suggestion)
  • Mines now show how close they are to depletion in their tooltip
  • Fixed a bug that scaled mine income up when depletion began
  • Machine gun damage reduced
  • Machine gun number of interrupt attacks are now based on current AP not max AP (calculated at end of turn) (Community Suggestion)
  • Fixed a bug with Machine guns interrupt attacks getting aim bonuses when they shouldn’t
  • Grenade and Rocket-Launchers mishap chance and deviation now depend on distance to target (Community Suggestion)


  • Increased drop chance of black powder
  • Increased Scully Health so he qualified for the golden perk he starts with (Community Suggestion)
  • Savior perk no longer grants Free Move
  • Fix for bonus damage from explosives applying twice when using grenades (Community Suggestion)
  • Changed thresholds for displaying keywords for mishap chance with explosives


  • Fix for stopping the Grimer Hamlet quest too early
  • Fix in the conversation of the Grimer Hamlet quest
  • Fix for Sanatorium fail condition not to trigger when the quest is completed
  • H4 Fort L’Eau Bleu will launch attacks properly when retaken by the enemy

Sat view / Operations

  • Water travel can now put you in debt, and is available when already in debt (Community Suggestion)
  • Militia training operation – the button for training is disabled when there are 8 elite units already trained
  • R&R at Manny’s Inn’s sector is enabled (Community Suggestion)


  • Fix for desync when opening weapon modification screen in MP
  • Fix combat end turn ready/not ready state visually not updating when guest leaves in MP

General Fixes

  • Fix for missing merc silhouette when using melee Free Aim on an explosive barrel
  • Fix for mercs not being able to rest if there is a current active banter
  • Fix for Infinite loading screen softlock when loading during a setpiece or enemies reposition
  • Fix for load/save changing the ammo capacity of some weapons
  • Fix for an issue preventing Bandage to remove Bleeding out of combat if the target is at full hp
  • Fix for Mortar visuals appearing distorted
  • Fix for Sharpened Melee weapons reverting conditions
  • Fix for issue which would cause movement cost to not include the cost of changing the stance at the end of movement and fail the action as a result
  • Fix Loner perk activating at combat start instead of turn start
  • Fix for emails marked as unread after reloading the game (Community Suggestion)
  • Fixes to the shootable landmine count
  • Fix for softlock when a lieutenant dies on the start of their turn from a status/environmental damage effect
  • Fix for softlock after opening the laptop screen or Help Center during Split & Give item option
  • Fix for UI disappearing when pressing open the “command menu” in the inventory panel – when using a gamepad
  • Fix for being able to load a game while loading
  • Fix for Quick-Prism Scope giving max aim instead of 3 aim levels on activation
  • Fix for issue when refilling Medkit with drag and drop for single Meds drops the Medkit condition to 50% Bug
  • Fix for Overwatch kills not counting to “Automatic kills” combat task
  • Fix for incorrect visibility check leading to UI giving movement warnings when it shouldn’t
  • Fix for an issue that would reset the number of overwatch attacks to their initial amount when killing a unit


  • Inventory context menu – hide some actions for stash items that are in different sector
  • Fix for rollovers of underground sector (such as the Fosse Noire mine) points of interest
  • Fix for an overlap in floating text between skill checks and banters
  • Fix for Mishap chance tooltip not updating properly
  • Fix for exclamation mark in email tab not disappearing after reading all emails


  • Improved VRAM management to address various performance issues

Download the free Jagged Alliance 3 update 1.03 on PC.

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