Ironsight Update 07.08 Patch Notes (Summer Update) July 6, 2021


Ironsight update 07.08 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Ironsight patch notes, the latest update added Kalli’s Summer Event to the game. Ironsight patch 7.08 also includes various changes and fixes.

Previously, a minor update was released with gameplay optimizations. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Ironsight version 7.08 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Ironsight Patch 07.08 (Summer Update) Changelog

Kalli’s Summer Event

Summer Event Dates : July 8 – July 21
Another blazing summer has made it’s return to the endless battlegrounds of Ironsight.
All mercenaries have been issued a ticket to board the Cruise ship, and are invited to take a well deserved break from the heat. We hope you enjoy your summer vacation.
Agent Kalli has also prepared a very special, and refreshing gift for everyone. Shall we take a look?
Event Challenges
Complete the achievements below and earn special rewards!
Battle of Summer 2021
[1] Play 5 Games – 4,750 GP
[2] Play 15 Games – 10 Chips GP
[3] Play 30 Games – Paradise Store Title
For the Team
[1] Achieve 50 Assists – 4,750 GP
[2] Achieve 100 Assists – 10 Chips GP
[3] Achieve 150 Assists – Paradise Store Title

[Double Cone Emblem]

Reward for assisting teammates 300 times.

Battle for Cruise
[1] Win 3 Games on Cruise – 4,750 GP
[2] Win 7 Games on Cruise – 10 Chips GP
[3] Win 10 Games on Cruise – Kalli’s Summer Box

[Kalli’s Summer Box]

Reward for winning 20 games on Cruise.

Kalli’s Summer Box Opening Event
  1. After opening 20 of Kalli’s Summer Boxes, you will receive the title [Kalli’s Summer], depicting Kalli on her summer vacation.
  2. After opening 100 of Kalli’s Summer Boxes, you will receive a Selection Coupon for Kalli’s Summer Box, allowing you to choose a specific item from the box to receive.

Summer Season Selection

Summer GP/XP Boost Event

We have prepared a GP/XP boost event to go along with the summer season.


Boost Schedule : July 10 ~ July 12 (KST)

Details : GP/XP 50% Boost

Kalli’s Summer Box
  • Kalli’s Summer Box with it’s refreshingly cold, ice cream concept, will be released for the Summer Event.
  • The sales period for Kalli’s Summer Box may differ to the Summer Event schedule.


Download free Ironsight update 7.08 on PC.