Patch Notes

Iron Man VR Update 1.06 Patch Notes (August 21, 2020)


Marvel’s Iron Man VR version 1.06 (August 21, 2020) released on PS4. According to the official Iron Man VR update 1.06 patch notes, the latest update added new weapons, new modes, and more. Apart from this, Iron Man VR patch 1.06 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, an update added various tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Iron Man VR update 1.06 will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Iron Man VR 1.06?

New Game Modes

Added two new game modes

The much-requested Iron Man VR New Game+ will allow you to re-experience the story without giving up your Research Points and unlocks for the Impulse Armor. The Iron Man VR Game+ mode will only be available once you’ve completed the game. And if you’re a hardcore player who has already mastered “Invincible” difficulty, you should definitely give the new “Ultimate” difficulty mode in the new patch for a spin to see what you’re really made of!

New Weapons

The Continuous Beam Repulsor


Allows you to sustain a beam for several seconds, dealing continuous damage as long as it’s held.

EM Charge Cannon

A “fire-and-forget” intelligent anti-swarm weapon, great for disabling large groups of enemies.


The Gravity Bomb

Creates a singularity that traps multiple enemies in a single location and is perfect for setting up a devastating shot from the Scatter Shot or Anti Armor Missile!

New Custom Armor Decos & Challenges

Another set of eight awesome Custom Armor Decos by our character artist Chris Foster will be added to the Armor Station in the garage, along with new challenges to overcome for unlocking them. Among the eight Custom Armor Decos is the Iron Patriot, in case you missed our launch weekend promotion.


New Quality of Life Features

  • Fixed various crashing issues.
  • Iron Man VR 1.06 added performance and stability improvements.

Improved Load Times

Iron Man update 1.06 improved loading time across the board, including 20-30 second decreased times when loading into Shanghai missions.

Skip Cinematics without Loading on Replay

When replaying missions, either in Iron Man VR New Game+ mode or otherwise, you now have the option to skip an upcoming cinematic without having to load into it first if you’ve already completed the mission at least once before.

Skippable Side Missions

Iron Man VR update 1.06 has made two-story missions skippable. You can use the “Skip Mission” button at the globe to advance past these missions, which will count them as “completed,” but you’ll still need to go back and complete it if you want the PS4 trophies for them.


Download free Iron Man VR version 1.06 on PlayStation 4.