Idle Pins Update 2.08 + 2.08b Patch Notes


A new Idle Pins update 2.08 is rolling out download on PC(Steam). According to the official Idle Pins patch notes, the latest update added new pins, 2 new codes, echo set as well as various bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a major update added a hotkey to toggle the ‘Fast forward’ function. Since the last patch, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Idle Pins patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Idle Pins Patch 2.08 Notes – June 30, 2022



  • 29 Pins
  • 2 codes
  • Echo Set
  • T Set
  • Lotus Set
  • Reward Set
  • Libra Tier 11 +75% special drops
  • Spoil Tier 11 +150% materials
  • 7 Crafts
  • 1 Zone with 15 enemies (unlocked at Tower q10)
  • Lotus Set added to the filter list
  • Libra & Spoil autofuse


  • Valentines event over
  • Map 13 image and name
  • Autoprogress will now also change zones
  • Catching a slime will now add the pin directly and will show a notification
  • Melted Snowman proc% increased from 5 to 10
  • Revived Snowman proc% increased from 15 to 20
  • Tuning with the burner will trigger Stats Proficiency Achievements


  • Leaders ‘ready to fight’ notification on start when all leaders are in cooldown
  • Negative Pins values on the Drop Log
  • Truncated and decimal values will now be more accurate. Credit to community member Melraidin
  • Some typos
  • DBM Bill’s Palace description
  • Fixed Sniper formation critical damage
  • Fixed ghost Pins

v2.08b – FIXES PATCH


  • Lazy Fuse will not allow to fuse with double click, instead it will boost autofuse speed by 25%
  • Kills and M Bags will show on the collection after unlocking the Zone 13
  • Changed Water Tool craft description
  • Changed Watering Can Pin description
  • You will need the Watering Can Pin to start collecting Energy
  • Added more info in the Garden
  • Adjusted Derium Lord drops
  • Valentines Pin description (the pins have no use… for now)
  • Spoil and Libra Pins will take bag space now
  • Spoil and Libra T11 can now be fused into random support Pins
  • Added Echo and T Sets to the possible support Pins obtainable by fusing some top Pins
  • Decreased M Bag and M Bag+ drop chance
  • Increased 13-6 RCap amount


  • Lotus Pin after seasoning
  • Echo Set collection order
  • T Set collection order
  • Libra and Spoil T11 Top Tier ‘T’
  • Derium Lord damage
  • Libra and Spoil bonus lost when hit
  • Fixed some numbers that were not showing decimal values. They should be now correctly truncated
  • Game version in Options
  • Now the drop table in the collection will correctly show the Lucky 7 trophy boost
  • RCap amount will update after getting some on Zone 13
  • RCap and Energy given amount will be the shown in the table instead of always 1
  • New crafts will be unlocked also when autoprogress is ON

Download free Idle Pins patch 2.08 on PC(steam).