Icarus June 17 Update Patch Notes


Icarus update is now available on PC (Steam) players. According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update added a new functionality and personalization along with the entire Olympus map now being playable as a huge 64sqkm Outpost.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several issues. Today’s Icarus patch will address a few of these errors.

Also, check Icarus best graphics settings here.


Icarus Patch Notes – June 17, 2022

  • Adding new Difficulty Settings to Outposts so players can choose settings for weather and animal spawns
  • Adding Olympus-wide Outpost to the Outpost Screen
  • Can now modify key bindings from the title screen
  • Thrown spears/knives/etc are highlighted in world talents now correctly prevent the highlight being cleared when looking at the item and then looking away
  • Fixed various texture settings for consistency and compatibility with tooling
  • Optimized or deleted unused expensive (4k) texture assets.
  • Fix Stone Arrow having ‘None’ defined for Additional Stats which caused Komodo Bite modifier to appear erroneously in item tooltip. Add DT Validation to pick up on this in future
  • Fixed some blueprints using the wrong GetDifficulty method which was preventing correct difficulty scaling
  • Added a fix in to teleport players that fall through the map back to their last grounded location. Improved teleport fall-back case to pick nearest dropship/respawn pod spawn location instead of the assigned player dropship
  • Adding final sound for the egg nests. Adding removal of items from egg nest ‘gooey slosh sound’
  • Adding in the sound of ‘removing mission item from downed supply crate’ for delivery mission Styx
  • Implemented new icon for the Trained Hunter talent.
  • Added Wooden piranha statue to the project.
  • Added stone piranha statue to the project.
  • Added DCO_Candle_Holders_Wood_Carved
  • Added AMM_Pistol
  • Fixed Icebox inventory tag to allow all food, rather than only spoiled food.
  • Added difficulty setups for Outposts
  • Fix spelling of Scorpion in Stats description
  • Assigned SpawnRate types for Crocodile, Komodo
  • Separate ‘Hard Creature Stats’ from ‘Hard Creature Spawn Rates’ for better control
  • Added bounds mask in Generic folder
  • Small adjustment to gloopy egg sound based on mission play. Also adjusted positive affirmation delays for the mission
  • Small adjustment to the remove the flesh tear sound from egg sack removal
  • Improve AssetInfo texture checking methods.
  • Fix filenames on Pine02 burnt textures
  • Fix filenames on various textures
  • Making carry radar sound more subtle. Slightly less body to the sound and less invasive when running with a radar for a long distance
  • Updated the LOD Groups and LODs on certain Static Meshes
  • Updated physical material for the stone elephant statue.
  • Updated wooden deer statue textures.
  • Updated physical material on stone deer statue.
  • DCO_StatueBuffalo_Wood mesh, material and textures
  • Updated the DM_WallShelf_Wood assets as the texture update was look for an auto generated texture in Engine
  • Updating DMs an Mats for DCO_Carved wood Bookshelf and Desk Lamp
  • LOD adjustments for Desk Lamp and Bookshelf
  • Scorpion Boss tweaks to VFX biome switch, added extra biome scripts for Niagara systems
  • Fixed issue with repair hammer not playing hit sound on the Wood Hedgehog, due to missing physical material
  • Added new copies of existing Prospect Image textures to new folder with themed naming schemes for grouping
  • Added new Prospect Images textures
  • Changes to bespoke cave entrances in Blue and Green quad Styx.
  • Updated mission step in Husk: Extermination mission to say Textiles Bench instead of Armor Bench
  • Removed ore overlap in large G3 cave Blended cliff with landscape in D5 on Red Quad, Styx
  • Added Chamois transition, carcass, fur and textures
  • Added descriptions to the workshop vaccine modifiers.
  • Initial work overhauling audio quad delay system (WIP)
  • Moves quad delay to a dedicated PlayerReflectionAudioComponent
  • Can be turned on for dev testing by ticking a box in BP_PlayerEnvironmentalAudioComponent which will instantiate the new component and bypass the old system
  • Existing outposts now show the right difficulty level – or show Easy if they were made before outpost difficulty was added
  • Added Reward Display under Talent_Prospect.
  • Point Prospects to new images and minor DT fixes
  • Ordered FactionMissions DT to match ProspectList DT for easier maintenance/comparisons
  • Deleted Hard/Hardcore prospects no longer used since Difficulty refactor
  • Changed system to not validate image resolution if no image is specified
  • The Olympus wide outpost now points to the correct terrain and players can now launch the outpost successfully
  • Adjusted Reward Display color and size
  • Updated the LOD groups and LODs on certain Static Meshes
  • Fixed Compile error on UMG_ProspectRewardDisplay
  • Updated UMG_CreditsPage
  • Fixed WorldStatsSubsystem trying to add to the virtual Buffalo and Boar spawn rate stats instead of base stats. This fixes issue where BoarSpawnRate and BuffaloSpawnRate stats weren’t being applied correctly
  • Added stats to control spawn rates of crocodiles, komodos, and zebra
  • Fixed sorting of ProspectList and FactionMissions DTs
  • Fixed missing meta data info in missions
  • Removed hard references to images in UMGs
  • Pointed FactionMissions to new image files
  • Deleted old image files
  • Fixed issue where the UI and Selected Outpost Difficulty could be out of sync and be displaying the incorrect difficulty and stats
  • Checked that teleports players who fall out of the map now only considers players falling if their Z velocity is negative, instead of solely relying on a Falling MovementMode
  • Fixed a few incorrect subtitles and typos on various mission voiceovers
  • Adding base mission flow for Olympus Outpost unlock mission and relevant quest markers in D_QuestQueries data table, added in mission item BPs and Central Scanner Device BP which at the moment is a reskinned crash ship to retain base logic
  • Added Quest items, Crystal and Battery Items static, meshable and itemable setups for use in Olympus Outpost unlock mission
  • Added Talent for new Mission, Adding Character Flags for new Mission to unlock the Olympus wide outpost, Adding New UI to Outpost Selection, to show locked status
  • Added some collision volumes beneath ground in underwater caves to ensure the new out-of-bounds teleporting works as expected in those areas of the map
  • Added New UI of New Omni_Olympus Mission
  • Added Inventory tag queries and slot setup
  • Riverbanks/Cliff Underwater Assets Pass on Outpost 006, Forest Outpost 3
  • Landscape painting Decal placement on Outpost 006, Forest Outpost 3
  • Landscape Sculpting, Cliff Placement And Custom Cave Work, Outpost 008
  • Added Scorpion pack static mesh
  • Decal pass, foliage painting and lake/river edge spline points polish, Desert Outpost 007
  • Added foliage, PFS_Resources and hand painted resources, polished decals and cliff blending, in Desert Outpost, 007
  • Removed SM_ROCK_DC_LRG_10 from Outpost 007
  • Foliage and resources pass, Nav Modifier Volumes placed in the persistent level and polished decals around cliffs, Desert Outpost 007
  • Added Dropship spawning points, Ore deposits, polished landscape blending with cliffs and decals, painted voxels and added details to foliage, Desert Outpost 007
  • Checked all impassable collisions and fixed landscape blending with canyons, decal polish pass, and built underground cave, Desert Outpost 007
  • Delete unused Faction Expedition Blocker mesh
  • Fix dresser DM material warning

Currently, Icarus servers are down on PS(Steam). Check Icarus server status here.

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