Icarus July 8 Update Patch Notes (v1.2.6.98371)


Icarus July update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Icarus patch notes, the latest update added a long of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several issues. Today’s Icarus patch will address a few of these errors.

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Icarus Patch Notes – July 8, 2022

Changelog v1.2.6.98371
  • Changed how players return to Outposts instead of always returning by dropship:
  • If you leave by “Return to Character Select” button then rejoin you’ll return to the place you left like on normal prospects
  • If you leave by dropship you’ll return by dropship and bring with you the loadout you selected
Free Build/Building Update
  • Added ability for players to turn off auto building grid focus(Home Key), to allow players to place building pieces near one another without grid snapping being enforced. Buildings placed on separate grids will not provide structural stability to one another.
  • Added ability for players to manually adjust the height of newly placed buildings grids (PgUp and PgDn keys). Buildings must still properly touch an anchorable surface to receive anchored stability.
  • The Defocus Grid command (End key), in addition to starting a new grid, now also resets grid auto focus, and resets grid manual height adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue where terrain trace hits could fail to snap to buildings and also not allow new building placement.
  • Added double doors and windows to thatch, interior wood, glass, concrete and aluminum walls.
  • Added keybindings for building Unfocus Grid and Raise/Lower Grid
  • Reinforced Glass now comes with a health and wind resistance buffs so its on par with stone
  • Removed wood beam variant that is not yet implemented.
  • Increased concrete building pieces durability. [Suggestion] Concrete Durability should be higher than stone
  • Add average quad reflection strength audio parameter and use for some basic automation of reverb volume – audio team will do another pass for further tweaks. Renamed all quad delay FMOD parameters for better clarity on what they now do.
  • Adjusting quad delay from audio group feedback session.
  • Adding quad delay tweaks as a starting base point for testing
  • Adding new event notify for when a player launches a dropship
  • Updating Exploration and Recon missions with extra quest step explaining that launching their dropship will end the mission, removed the interact trigger that was previously used as it was confusing to players
  • Committing missing outpost file which was causing a build break
  • Fixing up missing talent widget which required pins to be refreshed after modifying underlying data structure
  • Adding new outposts table to store extra setup data such as mission / flag requirements to unlock
  • Remove unnecessary values from D_Talents json and pointing outpost talents to use the new outpost row handle for setup
  • Reducing outpost talent setup to be the base talent setup with the appropriate extra data so we arent storing information no longer required
  • Added a description to the crocodile and kea carcasses.
  • Fixed incorrect hardcore and insurance settings in Join Prospect screen
  • Fixed incorrect difficulty of Prospect shown in Join Prospect screen [Bug] Mission difficulty not visible when joining a session
  • Fix crevasse audio not working. BP_Crevasse needed an update in order to work correctly with recent changes to AudioListenerCollider.
  • New FMOD parameter which can be used to make mix adjustments when the player is under cover of trees. Updated existing FLOD overlap check behavior to perform an alt test using a smaller radius which seems to do the trick. Not yet implemented in FMOD.
  • Set grass density to 0 for unused grass type that was getting generated
  • Removed Wood Composter workaround as this has been fixed.
  • Further fixes to wood composter processing.
  • Fixed issue causing wood composter recipe to not process. [BUG] Wood Composter timer for making fertilizer is broken
  • Adding a system which allows adding extra stats to crafting benches if the crafting bench has an available resource of a specific type
  • The Glassworking bench can now be connected to a water network
  • Adding new stat for Reinforced Glass
  • Crafting Glass building pieces at a Glassworking bench which is connected to a water system will be produce Reinforced Glass which increases the building tier by 3 making it the same strength as stone building pieces for stability and weather damage
  • Take fractional millijoules into account across ticks. When ticks are very small sometimes the increment is less than one (an int). Also means we now track the displayed remaining build time in seconds more closely. Problems were specifically reported on the Wood Composter.
  • Adding some Hint text which displays on the Glassmaking Bench to let users know they can now craft reinforced glass buildings with an active water connection
  • Added blackberry item to the project
  • Fixed Rain Reservoir not resetting stored water when the floor below it is destroyed.
  • Fixed typo in Polar Bear Head Armor flavor text
  • Added MF_Dolerite to M_RockMacroMaster
  • Ensured all Knives and Axes are throwable, adding support to Shengong, Printed, Machete and Taxidermy items, Fixed some Physics Assets
  • Modifying Error Text when there is no stat description from No Stats to Undefined Stat Description and adding a stat description for Overencumbered so the Heavy modifier no longer displays No Stats
  • Tweaks to Meta Smoke and Explosion
  • Adjustments to Meta Mista and Eruption VFX, also set delay to 0 for SFX
  • Improved description on Healing and Strength Boost modules and their modifiers to clarify buffs do not apply to wearer
  • Add icons for new Thatch, Stone, Iron, Glass and Concrete Double Door/Window building pieces
  • Fix default settings for Icon Scene for Building Walls
  • Changed font colour and added background blur to bench description.
  • Tweaks to Meta Smoke and Explosion
  • Updating Glassworking Bench and Electric Extractor Power and Water Resource Connection Points so they make more sense with the objects they are connecting to
  • Fixed crafting bench description UI.
  • Fixed glass door texture when damaged.
  • Allowed glass doors and windows to benefit from reinforcement upgrade.
  • Re-enabling the in world tool tips for resource networks which where accidently removed during a previous refactor
  • Added first pass for SW_Cypress_Var1 2 and 3 SpeedTree imposter
  • Added validation check function for gfur components
  • Edited underwater LOD materials, added a cave, cliffs and decals, added ore deposit and polished riverbanks and landscape, Desert Outpost 007
  • Added SW_GroundCoverA with 4 variants
  • Updated collision, added RVTs to shaders and tweaked normals on billboard for SW_Mangrove_Var1
  • Fix several Enzyme Geyser misalignment with terrain in Olympus
  • Fixed landscape blocking cave in I7, Green Quad, Styx
  • Fixed shadow geometry meshes for angled stone roofs
  • Added missing physical materials to desert impassables

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